Star Trek

There is no path through space,
Foot steps vanish in the vast emptiness of space.

May the ships of Earth travel large distances,
In order to find sentient life.
Life with laws, rules and obligations.
Life with social and ethical behaviour.

Let Star trek be the beginning of a new era.
An era of brotherhood, between all kinds of species.
May war not be a detail of what will come.

Let the path be written in books and myths.
Let the foot steps be part of songs,
Being sung every day in the houses of the common man.

May Star Trek be the future of human times.

Space: the final frontier.
These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise.
Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds.
To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!

May the rule, not to intervene in new found civilisations be a rule
being honored by all space ships.
Giving new species the time to develop in their own pace.
Giving new species the freedom to learn, to grow, to be self-dependent.

There is the spaceship called star trek,
Which explore through space and made many new friends.
On the road trip to eternity.

As one was travelling through the universe,
and had to make a pit stop,
he landed nearby a hotel,
where the mentally ill reside.

As he asked for a diner,
he got the food of the stars,
as its a blessing for food to have stars.

While at the diner, he asked about wisdom,
and was with answer, the whole evening,
As asking the wisdom of the gods,
sometimes not need any agent.

As food was being eaten,
and energy was replenished.
The agent made the design,
of a nice symbol.

The symbol of giving eternity,
in every soul a goal to attain.

That symbol that is in the heart of
the visitor. as the visitor,
who was even only a couple of times,
at the diner of pit stop.

As the foreigner, the vistitor,
was a good guest on earth,
he promised one of the tableguests,
to give a good word.

Which results in the goal of the writer,
to have books, to have readers.
To have the wisdom being seen.

As for a writer, writes, and is
only living for writing,
others have to carry and handle the message.