Vedic Sources

Legacy for truth and saving lives

Source of Creation, Humanity, Life and future

Veda's in Sanskrit
an Important Upanishad
Mantra's for healing and saving life

As our life is being in guidance by a spirit of guardian.
As that spirit holds no name, form, or hierarchie.

As you guiding spirit is being appointed by
the Isa Upanishad, and gives you the lessons.

The vedic source, say that when dissatisfied with life,
one goes searching for relieve of suffering, and healing of
health inflictions.

As by searching karma grows, and the grace of a teacher
gives his wisdom to a good adept.

By studying the veda's looking at the sanskrit,
one heals from sins, and bad deeds.

By studying the translations,
one learns of wisdom, and points life
to a purpose in line with all religions.

So for a good life, a purpose of religion in life
is the basis of a life full of fruits.

Fruits of karma age, and give its result.
both bad or good. both pure or impure.

May the vedic source always be in reverence
to the ones learning about the lessons to get
wise. to get happy.

May i give the possibility to anyone or everyone
to make life wise, and happy, even when committed
very bad things.

For suffer needs an answer,
being found in Hinduism. (by me)