I say Telepathy

You think of an appliance

We both agree to a thought

We know telepathy is a method to communicate
as children learn how to do it.

as an example.
a boy says to a girl
i like you, i want to marry you.

The girl looks like in wonder and says
in the tone of the boy
really, i like you too,
and they marry.

During the relation,
the girl gets more and more angry
and suddenly kills her children and her husband.

Does one know what the problem was,
when telekinesis and telepathy are normal.

The boy, liked the girl, asked her to marry.
The girl said yes, did she?

Or was the boy telepathically influencing her?
He let her say the answer he wanted to hear.

Ofcourse, adult people know not to interfere or intervene
with some ones intelligent behaviour.

This is a example of children.
you can use telepathy in that direction.

As human children sometimes make such a mistake too.
as a test for psychologists, say to a child
to give someone the answer he likes.
or what is parents should say.