Star money

Better pay of debt than to be in deep suffer

Star coins for hire

As on earth we discovered to exchange goods,
through the use of metal, salt, or art.

As on earth we discoverend to rule each other
by the right to own money.

As on earth everyone is subdued by
the plight to have a job to pay for family.

As soon as a man has a child,
he is obliged to earn his living.

Because without child you can
even live by wandernig around begging food.

Star money is not a coin, not metal, not paper,
Star money, is not jewelry, gems, precious stones.

Star money is the act of exchanging life energy.
Not by a known method to us.

Star money is exchanged by putting your will power
outsidee your body, pointing awareness or attention to the other.

Star money is divided in two parts, the first is
pointing attention, which give one tenth of the
force of attention to where you point.

The second part is by a method not known to me.
but it works like folding hands in prayer.

As long as in prayer, life energy is send
to the godhead. with a standard form and intensity.

Star coins, are the force of attention,
by which you pay the bond between you and your family,
for the most of us, daily.

Star money, when we are in need of new methods,
of exchanging goods, the method will arise.
Arise in the heart of a studied economic professional.

Star money,
i daily pay my religious duty,
by folding hands, in the nearness of the All-Creator.
to Pay either for debt or virtue.