Electric Snow

A natural boundary

Go inside, and turn all electric appliances off

Electric snow,
i once saw in a daydream.
it was during spring and everything was normal.

As i was planning to go from school to my home,
as i was a kid in the age of youth.

Suddenly a snowblizzard began,
a bit unusual in the time of year.

Except it looked like snow, but was a kind of
electric substance. it looked like small dots of light or white snow.

In the daydream, the situation changed.
in the local store the lighting was turned off.
as all other electric appliances.

As the story was, all electric appliances
being on, or with current, was by the snow
either being influenced or read out.

So at the local store, they sold little lamps of oil
and natural sources of technology.

A snow of electric particles.
As a day dream its just a nice fantasy,
but the technology behind it is of a nature
i cannot interprete.

On our world we think of the sun being
with a electromagnetic pulse, turning electronics
to waste.

But what about unknown sources of such unknown technology.

So be aware, if a electric snow could exist,
take some candles in your home,
and make sure you have some food.