Person of interest


In the series on television of person of interest,
a little group of people by the use of intelligent design
solves case after case. saves many, and makes the world better.

either the good ai, or the bad ai.
as an ai it predicts where in society problems arise.

as an ai, its able to predict, something unusual because
in this time an ai does not have a function of feeling or ethical arguments.

Samaritan. in the context of this website.
it can be a kind of intelligent design,
by humans or by intelligent creatures.

As its a serie or movie on television,
it gives a glance on an ideal on how we can
in society make structures in a certain way.

This is a example,
as jesus as an example about the samaritan
who was an outcast and did save a person
being robbed by bad people.

As samaritan in the movie is an example
of what a computer can do even in a situation
in which it doesn't count.

Samaritan, a television serie, a proverb in old times.

As ET genesis talks about spacecake and cookies,
samaritan is a job on earth we all can take serious.

If we live in a poor country,
care for the local people.
as jesus said, if we support and save them
in heaven we get rewarded, because the poor ones
cannot repay their debts to us on earth.

Samaritan, an artifical intelligence,
a computer able to save many of thousands of different cases.

As jesus said, to be a samaritan, and act as a samaritan,
your name is told in the stories of the bible.
making able that Christ knows your name.

For when doing what Christ wants,
gives you the reward christ gives to his servants.

So be a Samaritan, to your local people, to strangers,
too unknown angels.