Space Religion

The source for universal brotherhood

Mama, geloven ze overal in god

As on earth we have religions, to ensure the
spiritual safety of each and everyone.

When someone gets dissatisfied with life,
a new goal arises, as the purpose in service
to a nation, religion, country or united nations.

As satisfaction is by giving your acts the grace
of intelligence, and the satisfaction of choosing
the better option.

On earth a reverent is a priest of religious leader,
so as the word reverent is used for it.
We can make the assumption that anywhere in
the universe they will call it a reverent.

As we have rules, obligations and plight,
as well as the possibilty of prayer, meditation
and the use of rituals for giving us
the feeling to be of worth for religion or the creator.

As its not unthought that a religion of the creator
supercedes the word and supercedes the person of the creator.

As the word creator in every language and culture
has a meaning and a method to reach out for.

Space religion is like ours on earth,
as i presume, and with rituals and obligations.

As we have the universal rights of human mankind,
we can assume such a declaration is as well in every
world with intelligent beings.

As the talent of self-awareness is the mark of the
intelligent beings. we as well as the universe
share alike that characteristic.

Space religion,
if you fullfill your duty for your religion,
and fullfill the obligations for your country,
and pray for your health, wealth and wisdom.
You may say, you as well as your spouse
are safe, in the thought that every religion
serves the universe, all in equality and freedom.

Space religion,
some have the job to write about knowledge,
and do not know what they write, except the words,
and the story.

Someone can write about china,
without ever having been there.
So speak of this as a job for a religious power.
The allcreator or allmighty one as you say.
with the source of mercy being the gayatri.