Water plight

The tax for the universe

A cover up lie on planetical taxes

Okay, there it comes,
we have to pay taxes.

They tell us our water on our planet is not pure
and is pure poison.

They tell us, we can be good, because currently we are bad
and a burden to the universe.

They tell us, there are prerequisites to an existance.

Okay we have to pay taxes, not to earn a position,
but because we have an eternal debt.

Okay the question what is our tax to pay.
Yes you get water, which is polluted,
and because we give the technology to provide
you rent the technology to use to repay a debt in taxes.

We call it rightious for you get a once time chance to
get into contact, if you reject your planet will be ignored by us.

You have to work on water. poisoned water from us
you have to make pure.

the machine we give you gives persons the suffer and pain,
and by that suffer and pain you make the water pure.
simple said from black to white water.

And by the effort of the many, you get the position to
be a slave planet to our multi-imperial regime.

And because we are migthy, you have the special chance
to know us and communicate with us as higher evolved and royal individuals.

So now you know the secret.
The only lie it was, it was just a daydream about somewhere else.