Honor of light

Honoring the light of consciousness

Wisdom and consciousness together give happiness

As the upanishads talk about the consciousness, the observer knowing itself.

As the vedá impart the wisdom at birth of society in the far past.
Wisdom as sages of old yore give through birth of speech.

As upanishads talk of sages of lore.
imparting wisdom by the utterance of mantra's

The honor of light is the basis of giving wisdom
to your self, your students, your children.

The honor of light is about the book untold,
and not spoken about, the book of the truest of religions

The book only given by a pure prayer to get the place
to wisdom even to religions being forgotten or being unnamed.

As Brahman in hinduism is without name and form,
and gives his name only to his adepts.
And gives his form only to those who see.

Brahman, the knowers of him,
they say in crypt message;
only not knowing him gives knowing him.

From Where Brahman resides in his reality,
one says he is above, others say he is underneath
And a third ones say, he is there, not overhere.
The truth is, the ultimate reality holds everything
that exists, that does not exist, the truth and untruth.

For Brahman, is seen by those who see not his form.
For Brahman, is prayed to, by those without saying a name.

For Brahman may be my guide, my teacher, angel and owner.
For he is truly a Lord of above all.

As Brahman is teached by the veda's, teached by the sages.
Who by utterance of a mantra impart their wisdom.

for Brahman is to the left, to the right, from underneath to above
From the west to the east, from the south to the north.

Some say uttering his name without honor is sin.
Others say when insulting the adept of brahman gives
a life of suffer.

Brahman, truly without knowing him,
i see him everywhere, he is ever in my awareness.
and ever praying to him, both his name brahman and his title All-Creator.
As both nirguna brahman and saguna brahman.

As i truly love him or her to be devoted.
When someone loves his wife dearly,
in that way i love Brahman, the All-Creator dearly
When someone loves his children dearly, in that way
I love the All-Creator, Brahman dearly.

as Brahman pervades all both real and unreal