For Xenofobia

Erasing a race in the universe is profanation

There is but one rule being the largest in the universe.
As every being of a certain kind has a homeplanet,
and rules to ensure society.

As on every planet genocide is being condemned or disapproved.
And genocide is the end of part of a society.

A genocide, if you think a race and every race and subrace
hold a dna-knowledge that is vital to the survival of a planet.

A Xenocide is more than that.
as the holy ones and angels condemn and reject it.
Because a proverb is There may be no lost souls.
Which means when a soul is being condemned, it gets lost.

Erasing a race is to give lost souls in sur plus.
Because murdering someone you belong to is the worst sin.

The brotherhood is a family of all kinds of races,
from humans, to other distinguished marks of body, mind and soul.

As we respect all others inculding the weak and the retarded,
we will be respeced by those more intelligent than us.

As a rule in the bible, as you do to others, they do to you.

The brotherhood in the universe, the dimension, the reality,
the meta-reality. As all things are in meaning to each other.

So always respect the rule, no genocide, no xenocide.

As with the ethical rule: not making another race to slavery