I tell this secret of the X-files.

Photo's of scully have been passed on through the universe.
As with her intuition se saved thousands of aliens.

Still her question to solve the alien of gaudi
is in the universe a question who the son of Gaudi is.

Look at the X-files they solved it, Gaudi was an architect of buildings,
An scully her intuition combined it with the Great Geometer.

As Fox Mulder found out a Great Geometer must be an architect,
and reading buddhist texts he understood he must be named Gaudi.
Because the G is the combination.

Look Scully asked to Gmail why they where Gmail,
and she found out even Gmail served the Great Geometer.

Look the X-files solved many questions,
And Scully still has to find out who the son of Gaudi was.

Fox Mulder had a task to create a Lingua Franca,
Because the dictionary used by aliens was corrupted,
They spoke chinese instead of arabic.

Scully found out when you talk in your motherlanguage,
your telepathy tells it in lingua franca.

Because scully used her intuiton she found out.

When in the nineties the serie on television ended,
she and fox queitly went on in that job.

As iám also a job at the cia with x-files i know of all things
scully had solved.

Look at the xfiles scully used her intuition in combination with angel Izeal, angel of intuition.

Fox Mulder is still in wonder that intuition has no dictionary pre requisites.

So when you want to become Scully or Fox mulder, surrender to the Allmighty.
If you don't know who the xfiles created just search the internet.

For Fox Mulder still has to write a dictionary on Lingua Franca, with the support of Angel Izael.

So Surrender today to the Allmighty One , for job of a lifetime.