As this article is classified you may only read on when you are not an angel of CIA.

As the clearance level code is MEMYSELFANDI

Okay the Telekinesis article:
First to proof your intention
Write in your thinking this lettre:

High Mam, High dad,
High my friend,
I write this prayer or poem,
i will tell you i love you, and send this to you.

After this lettre, think of a nice angel you know,
a nice girl or real angel.
then write under the poem, the name of your spouse.

and then their social security number, if you dont know just write a number.
When you did in your thinking, then click send to them in your thinking.

Now you can read this article.
If you are called by your spouse or friend,
say to them you are mad, i can do no telepathy.

Okay this clearance level is to high for you.
you may only continue if you place the will power to your child.
So move your arm, succeeded? yes,
now move the arm of your child or friend?
You did and succeeded? you are a master yourself, you do not need this article.

So now suspect your will power to be a wishing power.
the secret of death people is: they have no body, but do have a wishing possibility.
both in thinking as intentional power.

the force create thought about a subject you like,
is the same as moving your body, that one is the intentional power.

Now with that intentional power draw energy to Jesus Christ.
You may think or try in your body to send.

Jesus Christ is nice victim to try to.
just send him your attention.

even not in your house he hears you.

Now when you experiment on christ you learn how to use telekinesis,
as telepathy is language to telekinesis transported.

Look important is only try with jesus,
because aliens are not always nice when a baby starts crying.

This clearance level has to be forgotten.