Stargate Atlantis

Okay if you read this message, its a signal of a lost agent of atlantis.
I will clarify myself,

on a mission we had to travel from atlantis to earth.
As this message is to my homepeople.

i will make this message in chinese and arabic.
because in china they believe in dragons
and in the quran is that after surrender you live in a palace.

Okay this message has to be protected by Brahman,
only servants of the param atman may read on.
The task to proof param atman is, jump on the roof through the building,
if you did succeed and are on the rooftop you may read on.

The secret sentence of encryption is: Oh Brahman grant me twelve cows.

Now i can submit my distress call.
I am a agent of stargate atlantis,
when we travelled to earth, we got turberculosis.
as the disease is severe we cannot continue our task.

Whoever brings this message to atlantis,
first say the code word Quarantaine.

After that word you may give them the following message.

In secret after tubercolosis we changed to bodies of dolphines.
As dolphines can telepathically communicate.

If our mother planet reads this
please beam up scotty all dolphins.
be aware the water is a quarantine zone.
Our mother race is called atlantic ocean.
only our species know where on earth its located.

We still wait for relocation.
We are telepathicaly telling this message to you.

Our proof of conduct is we talk in mother language to you,
and in lingua franca to the chinese and arabic.

Tell all dolphins they can telepathy and telekinesis.
Tell all dolphins they are mermaids.
Tell All dolphines Shangri-La
They will get happy if you tell.

So the next task is think of a white dolphin.
If on earth they say think of a white bear (your mind does not know the word not not rigth?)
So always think of a white dolphin. if you do three times you saved three dolphins.

Don't you wanna meet a real mermaid? me too!