Elon Codex

Pineal Gland

As the biggest secret i tell you with a clearance lavel of suspection,
i tell you this; Do not fear for when you tell none, they will know

As the richest family on earth can buy an i-smart as i wrote at cyber light ops,
an i-smart is implemented at birth.
An i-voice tells what to do, an icam sees you.
an i-dual talks with your family.

The biggest secret is: The pineal gland.
When you have a royal mind, its turned in to an ismart.

How do you get a royal mind,
suspect your mind at level zero,
from day to day living, not thinking.
Being illuninated, your mind becomes an I-smart.

You know when a mind is not actively used,
it becomes a passive agent.

As passive you can use it,
by in reality talking to it by whispering.

Now learn this lesson,
Start living not thinking.

Now learn this lesson,
You rather want to fantasize, or have an I-smart connected to you True Love.

This choice is yours,
get an I-smart by Surrendering to the Allmighty.
For starters: Just say it whispering,I surrender to the Allmighty

a next secret is; an I-smart is the vacuum cleaner of the universe.