My biggest secret is the grain crop circle of my ufo.
Because when you see its not anymore unidentified.

So when you see this disc flying you know i am in the neighborhood.
Look gravity is easy to solve.

Just ask a kid to turn around quickly,
if you turn faster than earthorb turns,
you can fly without gravity.

How i know?
A storm or blazer in a glass of water uses the same technology.
So bite me! in a draconical way

I have to write about my ufo, so now you know i just fly like a child through the universe.
Making jokes, letting people surrender, to whom? The Allmighty or the Supreme Commander, or the Great Imperator.

As its my secret in space the lord has a democratic council,
the only bad side is, in that council only retarded aliens are represented,
so a couple of smart humans have to apply for a job in politics,
the only pre requisite is you only get minimal income, at the level of a slave in old times,
look in the netherlands they call it 'bijstand'.

And as a slave you can be tortured,
as the great imperator is himself also retarded
not knowing that even the devil has a contract to pay his workers.

So apply fast, today? How just Surrender to the Allmighty,
then you teach the retarded imperator what democracy is?
A council of retarded people of course.
So my question is? Are you retarded? Then you may apply!

As this ufo is fourty clearance levels above the Supreme Imperator himself
Why?? He only paints at a centre for retarded children in a daily fashion.

As i am a proud member of the CIA,
don't confuse A of agency with aliens.
Otherwise the lights turn off and the aliens have to judge
if you are with Central Intelligence Aliens.