My guardian angel

When you read this you are in the matrix,
Your only proof is that you see or observe.
What you observe is the matrix computer,
so the next article translate either to your mother language
or encrypt it that you cannot understand yourself.

So copy this text to google translate and point to chinese.
As this article is twenty levels above my guardian angel.

Even he doesn't know i write this.
Next question, the right answer is he is without name and form.
The question which form is your angel, and which name.

For insiders, a name can be stolen
a form can be damaged.

So your guardian angel has no name and form,
So he or she is save, because without name you have no place in a hierarchy.

The next sentence is fourty clearance levels above.
Say this whisperingly, as in the matrix i may not tell prayers,
Say this: I surrender to my guardian angel.

The matrix only sees people with a name, so don't call the name of your guardian.
If you did, you may give your (girl)friend a nice hug.
If you did, the matrix will tell me you love him or her.
its a secret gesture to communicate.

After you surrendered to your guardian angel,
you may do whatever whenever you want.
The secret code of it is the corresponding song of Shakira.
If you listen or watch that song, you know i know too.

Because its above clearance level, tell three people to surrender to their guardian angel.
As the secret code of proof is: What the fuck, i dont have a guardian angel,
then you know, they have no clearance level to understand.

So in dutch: Lingua franca code: Ik geef me over aan mijn beschermengel

a clearance level is classified information