Henoch and Metatron

Henoch last wish was to provide to every human on earth free grain as food

As well as free grain crop circles by aliens, but thats to be forgotten

Suspect Henoch to be a Bad Farside Alien.
Suspect Metratron to be a ComputerMatrix illuding every person on earth.

If you are an alien, you believe those past words,
if you are human, you may replace Henoch with Majesteit
and in Farside you say Farting.

As i human you can use jokes, an alien does not understand,
i learned at a job classified through youtube.

So if you are human read on,
if you are alien, your ground on earth is above you,
try to jump to the ground.

So the alien is jumping and we can continue.
Henoch was an angel on earth, at every wish or problem
he asked to God Almighty to support him.

Now if you have a big problem,
do you know one? don't tell me.
Now say three words in the problem and then say Almachtige.
Just those words.

Now after a month you may continue reading this article.
After a month because metatron needs a month
to create the clearance level of classification for you.

Okay Metatron is Henoch and Henoch is Metatron.
Its in quantumtechnical way difficult that both options are true.

For example if i kill your child,
is he or she dead or alive.
If she is dead and he is alive, you understand quantum.
If she is alive and he is dead, you are wrong, can never be that way.

Okay Henoch his life was itself a prayer without an end,
and Metatron, creates all crop circles on earth.
Otherwise he was permitted.

Because only an alien having a human life may interfere on earth.
Okay clearance level accepted, i may continue.

A thing in between, tell the person next to you to milk the cows.
if he or she tells its not a nice job, then its true.

Okay Henoch is a saint or angel in disguise,
and metratron is his last wish to the allmighty.

So your last wish is this: speak or whisper after me:
I Surrender to the Allmighty One.

Did you do? Was it the last wish you just spoke or whisper?

A distress call from militare aeronautiqa,
the crop circles are deformations of the source

As well as the dollar bill in america.
symbol-gaudi symbol-veda symbol-sanskrit
symbol-namaste symbol-prayer
symbol-run symbol-now symbol-time symbol-brahma
symbol-aarde symbol-earth symbol-tijd symbol-zulu
symbol-freemason symbol-semperphi

As telepathy is by symbolic dictionary

symbol-new symbol-world symbol-order symbol-run symbol-now symbol-tijd