Elon Codex

Cyber Light Ops

Suspect an alien being a special agent.
Suspect an angel from space to lead us as the guard of humanity.

In deep cover they are the retarded patients drawing in the shelters for the dumb.
In deep cover they copy the grain crop circles.

Suspect the black ops of america in every country,
checking for an opportunity to lead.

As with every science fiction story this is the start of a new era.
An era of immortality, An era of the I smart.

The question do you have an iphone, an ipad and an idual.
Now suspect you are royal and rich,
for one million you buy an i-Smart.
At birth implemented in the brains, because the skull is soft at birth.

The I-smart has functions like an I-Voice telling you what to do,
Like an I-cam, seeing what you see.
Like an I-dual the bond with your female or male boyfriend.

Like this science fiction story, the grain circles where copied by an I-smart.
If you take a photo of it from the internet and copy it.

These Cyber Light Ops are like in Hindu the God Rama.
Who was the police officer like archangel Michael.

Is Mahatma Ghandi an angel of Rama?
Who knows, Did he pray to Rama as the Lord, Who knows.

As this article is from the Cyber Light ops.
As a secret i tell you, become a light operator by Surrender or Sacrifice to the Allmighty.

By saying it you feel what it means. So Say: I surrender to the Allmighty

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