Babylon Five

Tell this secret to no-one in church,

Babylon the tower, did not fell, and was not erased.
Proof is the television movies from Babylon.

The tower was built in the mother language,
and everyone spoke in lingua Franca,

As i have ten clearance levels above the university of the universe i may tell.
As you want to learn Lingua Franca to, i give you this choice,

The bible was written and it was in language,
in it somewhere is that the characters kill and the ghost brings to life.
So just drop the bible in the water and forget it,
before surrendering to the holy spirit say this:
I surrender to the Allmighty.
Because that last one ensures that lingua franca is understood correctly.

When you throw the bible in the water it cannot harm your language.
Now when surrendering to the Allmighty,
you can travel to babylon five.

As babylon the tower still exist and your surrender,
it ensures they will not drop you from the tower on the ground.

Well the tower is big towards heaven,
as you did surrender you get the position on the right spot on it.
So as someone asks, say i work at the third floor of babylon.
If they want proof say the second floor was on television.
As Babylon five. did i lie? yes the movie was on the fifth floor.

So tell no church the tower still exist.
And tell no one you work in the tower of babylon.