Elon Codex

The atomized one

Suspect an ufo being as big as a centimeter,
Suspect a magician using his magic.

How large is his ufo.
I tell this secret,
a ufo is only a centimeter big.
Can you see it at night without any light?
Can you see it in daylight when you are not aware such a thing exist.

A ufo of one centimeter makes a grain circle in only five minutes.

State of the art pattern recognition is geometricry.
What they paint in grain, is everywhere rcognized in the universe

If you are scared of the evil eye,
search for the crop circle of the allseeing eye.

When you know how the dollar bill looks,
then search the graincircle which looks like it.
print it, put it on the wall in your living room.

Of course choose a photo of a grain circle of your choice.
if some picture gives happiness or good feeling its the one for you.

A crop circle of a symbol, in geometry if copied exactly
gives the grace of a function.

As the all seeing eye crop or grail circle is the one of Param Atman or the Alziener.

The dollar bill of the all seeing eye is a bad one,
as hitler had the svastika made evil,
if you have the right one, it heals you of everything.

With the crop circle of all seeing eye you are protected against aliens to.

The atomized one, makes geometry,
as a grace, compareable with the yantra's and sanskrit in india.

May the effulgent creator bless us with the grain circle,
and bless us with solving our fear for it.