Toelichting Graancirkel

Deep Space Command

As science fiction books sometimes tell
about deep space far away.

A fictive space command which
has its roots in all worlds.

As sometimes space command can
be the protection of our future

Militare Aeronautiqa is such a
service which will serve and protect.

The crop circle attached, is like
a icon used for identification.

As my science fiction book
is about all things under
the sun and in space.

This picture, found on the
internet is like a breadcrumb
to a future science fiction
book i will write.

Maybe an embassy,
a mutual benefit of trade
technology which enhances.

and the fruits of
sacred gems.

Paragraph II

Sometimes one says it looks
as if i'm cursed, as the evil eye
ruining my life.

As to have this crop circle can sometimes
give relief of uncommon suffering.

This crop circle is not from a
space organisation having airplanes
or having space-planes.

This crop circle depicts that
in the universe, a global law is in effect.

As it looks like a constitution,
giving all living beings like on earth

the right to exist, the right to
discover their life in light of culture.

As this symbol combines the total
law of freedom to give all beings
the right to live.

Therefore no space command,
but a reasonable law of freedom.