Toelichting Graancirkel

King of the Universe

As some long for being place or status inside
a good hierarchy, and look for farther than
just the king of the country.

As a planet like earth has kingdoms and nations,
As a planet has a diverted hierarchy to
give everyone its place.

As the king of a country, is to be respected,
because on earth its called a crime to
say bad things about a king.

So this crop circle is from or about the
king of the universe.

You can see that the symbol of united nations,
which is source in the latin Caesar kingdom.

As the other part of the symbol has a source
not yet in symbol recognized.

As you place this crop circle as art in your home,
you say that you respect the order in the universe.

In freemason they regard the Great Geometer as
the source of universal design,
as this is the seal of the king of the universe.
And Order has its rightfull place everywhere.

This crop circle gives the support of
the higher hierarchy to support you.