Toelichting Graancirkel

All-Seeing Eye

As the All-Seeing eye is a symbol which is highly
esteemed, and has a basis in some religions,

Like in the freemason its in the temple-room
where the adepts have their gatherings.

As in the old religions, greek and egypt,
the allseeing eye was a symbol giving
and asking for grace.

The allseeing eye, is a represent symbol
of the godhead, which sees all in the universe.
And even sees whats hidden for us.

The allseeing eye, of this one is the symbol
as being found like a grain circle, a crop circle
which gives its meaning that even far away
in space they know such religions.

Some say because its found as a crop circle,
and the source is in space, that this symbol
even protects from bad forces out of the universe.

As my vision is that crop circles, are all
in the language of geometry, that these symbols
all give a kind of grace, a kind of protection.

This allseeing eye, when using as art in
your business, living room or church,
gives its profit, by the time you
use it as art.

So this all seeing eye,
as the crop circle gives its meaning,
to all who are wishing for the
all seeing eye to be part of their life.

Paragraph II

As the Eye of Providence looks like
this one with the addition of the year of concept.
As of the four founding fathers.

As the Allseeing eye,
is in the symbols used for the Freemasonry.

As the Allseeing eye,
is used to abject the evil eye.

As the Allseeing eye is the
symbol of the Lord most High
as the omniscience of Him.

As the Allseeing eye
is the symbol that even
our consciousness and awareness
is governed by the awareness of
the Creator.

As the allseein eye
as a grain crop circle is a symbol
depicting the unity in all awareness
in this universe.
Everything bound by consciousness.

The All-Seeing eye as the omniscience
of the Lord most High and the Omnipotence.

Therefore acting for Religious goals,
and to attend a religion, as Hinduism.
Being part of the Universe, and by
ground of the world, planet, Hindu sages
brought their Veda as well.