Silver Centauria

Eternal flame from Atomic Kitten
Devotee of Brahman

The words of Sages for the Stars

The Light Worlds - King Indra

All experience from a star of silver light
Based on a language long forgotten

Give the past a chance to teach with
the proverb of a good friend far away.

Silver Centauria, where our roots are
hidden in the bare soil beneath the ocean.

Visit for a view on a subject with
a new chance of living in a day, a silver day

As a King of Stars bound to a religion
in the grounds of Creation, a planet.

Being source of unnamed, unformed Brahman.
Reaching out for a technological message
Describing the wheel to be found.

Deep and silent prayer; Origin

Moonlight sonata from Beethoven
Proxima Centauri (Distant Light)

List of contents:

City of Light
World Labor Cirx
Order of the Phoenix
Eye of providence
Religion of Silver
The apex of the universe
Planet system
Silver Lining
Reality breach
Crop by Signals
Lord of the Rings
Worlds of recurring life
Assistance Units

Hunter of stars from Sebalter
Magnetic Life forms of Orion

List of contents:

Language of stars
Code Alpha in Dimension
From Fall to Void
De Ouden
Church of Christ
Where to Christ
Levende formule
Encrypted books
containment a vision of netflix
The Boar, Incarnation of Vishnu
Mantus, verboden huisdier
Een flauwte, tijdsonderbreking
Een oordeel over cultuur

Earth of Michael Jackson
Antenna of Silver lining in Water

List of contents:

Emotioneel oordeel
De gouden denkbol
DNA Recombination
xDna maximalisatie
Recurrence enhancements
Gravity supercedes
The empire of Dehalon
Visible dimensions
Abundant energy
Universal Law of Spirits
Method of Languages
Planetical configuration
The Jedi Force

I'm gonna getcha good from Shania Twain
Transition to magnetic Life forms baked in computer

List of contents:

Non-directional Force
The fifth-element Aether
Elastic Fibre
Space travel
The Waters of Life
Cloned police: Sarconicus
The power of Mars and other Planets
in Controll;within or without
The journey of the Diskus
A storm of Snow
The matter of Water
The many-dimension model
Signal of peace
Brittannica space command
Mythilene, a greek kingdom

Immortality from Celine dion
Wandering through space with Silver Disc

List of contents:

Government Service
Solar Orb
Invisible pathways
Distant Awareness
The fog of nature
The chess board
Quantum Computers
The rule of the Opposites
Christ in space
United Alliance of Humanity
Osmosis body state
Allmighty One Gayatri

Touch the sky by Brooke Fraser
Atom size computer & Light speed through universe

List of contents:

Chemical projection
Humanity Guard
Deep View & the Evil eye
Indexing for Royal Families
Teleportation for Royals
Royal Karma
The Future by Asimov's Hari Seldon
Deep Space communication
Spherials Space communication
Catelaanse Heilige
Mens en levensvoorwaarde
Religious birth rights.
Third eye of Knowledge
Self Awareness All-Creator
Eternal law of sentient life

King of anything from Sara Bareilles
A far future humans leading a silver universe

List of contents:

The use of symbols
Essence of Veda's
Kingdom of Indra
The Light worlds
Close Contact
Searchin in-sync
Silver Light
Path over Earth
Photonic path through universe
The blue dynasty
The tree of Proof
Diverted maps
Country of Milk and Honey
Silver Universe

Unwritten from Natasha Bedingfield
A story of science still unwritten

List of contents:

Future's heaven
Purpose of heaven
The angels
Virtues to reach heaven
The traveller, a journey from far
Silver Centauria
Star Princess
My Icon and Symbol
The writer at hand
A citizen in the blue sky
Geometry and Symbolism
The moment of time
Hidden symbols in the sand of time
Angels without a name
Instruments of Time

To be human from Marina Diamandis
Silver diamonds give melody

List of contents:

Mankind everywhere
Roles upperside
Space time waters
Birth Form
Levens elixer
Donkere materie communicatie
Europe and America
Form Expression
Preliminary steps
Formfactor vessels
Decentrale ruimtelocatie

Eurovision Song Contest
A song for the last dance
Greece - Stefania

List of contents:

Small kernals
Photonic life
Force fields
Lingua Franca
Vaucan the Billionaire
Katvanger Catcatcher
Children of Earth
Children of the Sun
Bouwheren van het Universum
Maatschappelijke onlusten
Human bodies
Command Control Centers
Toucend telepathy
Energy compliant
Energy dimension

The last Supper
A good deed for everlasting grace
The prayer of surrender

List of contents:

Peacekeeper II
Peacekeeper III
Crop circle sign of Mother Earth
Instance Journeys

City of Light

The city of light, as on television in some science fiction series
a city in which knowledge is the basis of a fruitfull society.

A city where everyone has a living, including food,
includig housing, including a relation.

in the series the hundred its a city where every inhabitant
sees a lady giving the so called right answers in social situations

In my opinion, the symbol is a mainstream one and means that
you are in line with your other part.

if you are a body, concepted by mother and father,
you have two equal parts, one half from your mother
and one half of your father.

this supercedes the gender-question,
for the mother always genetically gives the X
and the father either the Y or the x too.

So in the city of light your male and female part
are in peace with each other.

so when this symbol is in your home,
you give your both parts to connect with
each other, and give you also more peace
in relation to your social life.

As most male and female persons have a
weakness to one of both genders this
solves the question.

So print it and use it in your home,
to remind you that male and female part
may be in good relation to each other

World Labor Cirx (foundation)

A worldwide foundation with some good goals.

First; a laborplace for all who want, without election.
Second; a free education of choice for becoming part of the workforce
Third; All equal salaries. with respect to the place of work, and consumerslife.
Fourth; all patents, rights, are transferred to the foundation.

This labor system gives a glance to a society,
with values being used for all those who are part of it.

All money earned by the labor workforce is automaticly
transferred to the whole foundation.

The foundation is not placed or situated in one country or one part of the

the foundation, and all its member are equal and
have the same plight and right on living, job, relation.

By using this symbol in your home, in a ideal way,
you are part of this foundation.

Except the foundation is not yet visibly implemented
by the politics of any country or nation.

The Cirx foundation, is responsible and carries its
right in idealistic way by the united nations,
but untill implemented the responabilty cannot be
bound to a organisation on our little home planet.

Order of the Phoenix

This order is not about a workplace, a religion or either organisation.
its a symbol of thr all-seeing eye.

Some think the eye is at the top of a pyramid,
but in this symbol its the eye of everyone being in the center.
And in the center of a pyramid, it means that
its part of the center of the hierarchy.

The circle is the whole of society,
on our country, nation, conglomerate of nations,
planets, you can make it as big as you can.

The triangle is the whole of the hierarchy,
from slave, servant, merchant, magister, king or emperor.

The triangle with the dot in the middle represents,
that the rigth spot in society is the place to be.

This symbol gives the affirmation that the right place
gives the right fruits to society.

The order of the phoenix, as the bird is an order
which in each time creates its foundation again.

In our world there are examples of the phoeninx,
arising from the medieval times to be at a
level giving the society a richness in technology.

The order of the phoenix; the All-seeing eye.

Eye of providence

The story of the newspaper-guy becoming a millionaire.
The story of the doctor, which grew up on the street.
The story of the infamous bastard becoming a lucid popartist.

When you put this symbol, this eye of providence in your home,
You start attracting divine guidance in your life.

And divine guidance, gives you both the riches and the peace.
Divine guidance, gets force higher than a human can reach,
As this symbol was concipated by the presidents.

May you use this symbol wisely,
as it can make you rich.

I wonder how many famous people
got famous by this neat symbol.

Religion of Silver

Everyone on earth is entitled to a religion or philosophy.
To enrich your life, to give life a meaning, or to seek
refuge for bad and evil times.

There are religions that concentrate on physical safety,
others to give a purpose to a societal goal.

Religons, that teach wisdom, others teach how to pray.

This religious symbol is a symbol of peace.
The circle is that all and everything is a balance.
A balance in all kinds of powers and talents.

The religion is based on respect and honesty.
By honesty every prayer is pointed to goodness.

And by respect; you forbid none to be religious
in any way and any religion.

This religion is based on the question how
to become holy or full of perfection.

By using this symbol you say;
you want both perfection in society and civilisation,
as well as personal health; wealth and happiness.

As every religion has a symbol, and putting it visible
in your home is proof of your devotion,
this can be treated likewise.

The circle is the society,
the quarter-circles are for making clear
that it stands independent of other religions.

When the symbol is in your home or office,
no one will doubt that you are religious.
For it sustains all other religions.

So by this symbol; you either get a symbol
of a normal religion, or the mark of
a wiseman.


A personal touch to religion and philosophy.
the question when enlightenment enters, starts, demises or disappears.
The question, is everyone entitled to enlightenment,
by choice, by mercy, by work or by punishment.

As i made the choice in the past to step on the path
of pursuit to happiness. the path of religion
the path of giving value to religion above all other

The choice to be a sanyasin or one who is devoted.
devoted to a higher religion. The Allcreator.

This symbol is my own design giving my
name as a symbol a shine of the wisdom
i found , i understood, i recreate.

The centre Apex of the universe

Everyone with astrnomy learns about the planets, the stars, the space.
and in astronomy you learn about the different speed of all objects.

In astronomy, looking at the border of the universe is abstract,
for space evolves, gets bigger, contracts and intensifies.

In astronomy you learn that earth is a habitable planet,
with prerequisites for living.

Like the boiling point of water,
like the gasious state of oxygen and other composites.

This article is not about astronomy but by the apex of the universe
a surrounding universe can be located.

The apex of the universe is like a formula being located
and being pointed, not by material speed or distance,
but by the relativity of the materials you choose.

A chemical formula always has the same result when proofing,
like mathematics always has the same answer to a problem.

By using a likewise method to proof the border of the universe,
in relation to what is out there.

Everyone suspects the universe to be filled with a vacuum or emptiness.
Everyone suspects the universe to have a border not to be crossfingered.

But what if another universe is not from empty vacuum space, but
filled with matter like ours as water and air.

What if another universe is gasious like Jupiter.
Ofcourse another universe can also be named another dimension.


As time travel is a subject of popular stories. in books on television.

Now take a mirror, two dimensional, you look and
see yourself in it.

A three dimensional mirror is not flat
and gives the total of your body in it.
in perfection from all sides.

Now a four dimensional mirror.
the fourth is time itself.

Step through the mirror, by
a timelapse being ended in the fourth.
and step out of the mirror on another point.

With teleportation stepping through is instant,
with timetravel, you step out on another time point.

A mirror in metal is being only reflecting it and
making a copy of it to look at.
a copy made of light and the shading of frequency.

With a three dimensional mirror,
you ought also be stepping above it,
and looking at yourself from different angles.

With time as a dimension,
looking or stepping in, ends a time line
and steppig into a new time line,

As a time line can be different from real time, or real history.

Just a little shed on the subject of travelling.

planet system

A planet with a load of technology.
a subsystem with each planet another kind of defense.

One planet, each ten seconds a loud blow, and
like a little meteorite entering the blue orb.
and crashing in an unknown force field.

If you are on the planet, and ask
what is that, what happens.
they say its war with another outer space,
and all the blows are weapons being
blocked by the forcefield,

I think its not war, neither a weapon,
but just as it is, meteorites.
otherwise if it would be war,
it would not be the same for more than an hour,
without any result.

Another planet, with a kind of human race
with blue eyes, and blond hair (its not discrimination)
as on earth in china live chinese colored people,
and in south america live indian red heads.

This planet with blond haired and blue eyed people
were past the time of war and violence,
they told, there was one big like collective ghost, mind or spirit
and all were connected to it.

This race, as being past the time of war,
had an automatic kind of defense.

With one word, the weapons by intelligent design
could neutralise an enemy, from without or within.

don't ask me what i did when i woke temporarily up in
their world, as a human seeing a world not imaginable
you try to like in a fantasy, do great nice things,
without wondering safety, health or other reasons.

Water lining

On earth, a fairytale start with that line.
On earth, a story of fairies yet unseen.

A water line is like water flowing downward,
A water line is like vaporating its contents to the air.
A water line is like space touching space.

A worldy fashion, two hundred years ago, still wondered to be existing.
A worldy technology, the antenna and the radio.

Small waves of magnetics to transfer music, and data.
Small waves, all in line to create a message
of books, movies, music, and art.

Small waves creating a life of satisfaction for
all those owning a radio or tv.

Now a step into the future,
a silver wire, and a glass vase filled with clean water.

Now a step into the future,
the silver wire, around your bedroom or living room.
Creating silver waves of calm water,
into the radiosphere.

So silver wire, sterling, of 15 metres,
and a vase like a normal one.
filled with half a liter of water.

Now watch your home becoming calm,
now watch to be fruitfull in your
life, being content with what you do.

So a silver wire with water, a calming radiosphere.
reducing voices, dust, snow and noise.

So a short line is:
A silver wire of more than ten metres,
a glass vase or bowl with a liter of water.
And your radiosphere is building with
the calmness of the water,
and the virtue of silver.

Reality breach

Reality, is like water a substratum that holds all that exists.
As reality is like a daylight in space quarter.
And reality is like real grounded on laws.
like gravity, magnetics and light speed.

A reality breach, only experiencing by
sleep at night. is a hole,
from some centimeters to meters,
and when you by accident find one,
are able to step through from this reality
to another.

A breach in reality,
when one is found in a store,
they suddenly close it,
or just put a block for it.

When in a dream stepping through one,
you immediately notice that others
don't see you anymore.
and that you are in another surrounding.

Sometimes when stepping through,
you cannot see the entrance anymore.

When this world, this reality
is like a matrix or trumanshow,
its the method to create borders to the
socalled fake world.

All actors can step through and know where
the borders are, except the patient,
or appointed head actor.

So a breach in a reality,
is for simple terms a method
to step into another world.

A breach in reality,
is for some method to
sustain a movie decor,
to ensure a smooth movie field.

crop by Signals

A difficult article, for it can give
both good or bad sides on a subject.

The subject is when you feel in
your bodily feelings when you listen
to your body.

As crop circles, grain circles are
all over the internet.

There are certain ones, that
influence your feelings.
In a way that even withouth knowing
you notice it in a couple of days.

I don't name them for i don't
want to give more attention to it.

A test to expose them to daylight,
by printing and using it as art,
a resulting experience will give
you a feeling that its either good or bad.

as the comparison, that when people
are scared of dogs, when they see one
they get scared immediately.

As i don't know the status,
of being allowed to write about it.
i hope not to be negative by it.

Lord of the Rings

As the rings were forged,
from gold so precious,

As the rings were given,
to the most important kings.

Still a technology unknown.
A language long forgotten.

A ring, to rule all others,
All rings to serve just one.

The Lord of the rings,
As the leader and dictator,
giving orders not able to abject.

But most people do not know,
that the language is at hand.
The language of your homeland.

Each language holds the concepts,
to be dedicated to a higher force.

Some name it a Lord of the Universe,
Others a Lord of Existence,
Or a Lord of Religions.

By designing you own,
by creating your ring,
in devotion to that High Lord,
You surpass all rituals
by the creative symbol.

Ofcourse, to be asked
in sincere prayer.

Worlds of recurring life

In hinduism the concept of reincarnation is the belief
that everything you do in life is being punished of rewarded
in a next life.

Each recurring life holds both good and bad things,
and the free will is deciding which interest in the next life
will appear.

In christianity they believe that after life you
either go to heaver, or go to hell.

In buddhism they believe you need more than ten lives of good deeds
to be granted a life with enlightenment.

If we compare it with movies on television,
there are movies about hell-worlds,
science fiction coupled with horror.

Other movies are sweet movies of infirmed people
being supported in other regions in space.
for example in bollywoord movies.

As in my opinion,
hell worlds are movies like alien, preadator and species,

and heaven worlds, i don't name.
Not because i not know of them, but
to be in reverence for all people going
to heaven after life.

So in my belief,
a hell world or a heaven world can
be anywhere in the universe.
and is marked by the use of technology,
and the mark of emotional balance,
and the raw feelings being silenced,
or being the source.

As the example is that in the universe,
are more than five hundred planets filled
with human race.

allowing for heaven worlds to be reached
by good persons

Assistance Units

Imagine a computer made by life tissue.
Imagine a computer, a pc of quad core,
being re-imagined in a tissue computer of 2 milimeters.

Imagine a computer coupled to a human body,
a computer assisting nurture of a new child.

This Assistance Unit,
is coupled to a body and
gives information that is important
for growing up.

Now imagine this unit not on a human body,
but in a science fiction story,
at some place elsewhere in the universe.

In that so called place,
children don't attend school,
don't attend education,
but are being educated at the place
of their staying.

The Assistant Unit,
is life tissue,
now imagine that its not 2 milimeters,
but a twenty centimeters by 3 centimeters,
and attached to the back of the head.

Because its life tissue,
it communicated directly with the brain.

Language of stars

We know every living being has a language to communicate.
communicating with others, and being boud to form
and function.

A human can communicate when language is the same for both.
An animal can communicate, to other animals but also
to the owner of the pet.

Now imagine that earth has a language to.
A language with symbols, energy, feelings,
and a language filled with a load of wisdom.

For earth is filled with an ecosystem,
with every specie in its own place,
never leaving the boundaries of it.

Now imagine that our sun, has a language to,
as mammals on earth need the sun to live,
the sun holds wisdom, no one ever has
asked or retrieved.
As in our solar system,
we have a language, the earth and sun have a language.

So we can depict that the whole universe talks
with thousands of languages.

as our earth has a language,
we still have to learn talking.

As our sun has a language,
and every ray of light consists
of the force of life, giving and healing life,
if you are able to talk and understand that language.

Code Alpha in dimension

suspect a journey to other dimensions,
loosing your protection of fellow collegues

suspect a journey to a new strange country.
Loosing every method to communicate.

As Code Alpha is a representation of a symbol.
A symbol used to identify certain important things.

A symbol to identify a policeforce,
A symbol to identify like Nasa or SpaceX

A symbol can consist of a name, a series of numbers,
or the use of a logo, like the logo of the english planes
in world war two. three circles with red blue en white.
Or the use of the wings of the logo of Militare Aeronautiqa.

Code Alpha, only people familiar know which symbol
is connected to a service, group or organisation.

So Code Alpha in numbers would be 85 at the end.
Code Alpha code would be six sigma.

Just examples not connected to a certain thing.

As a modern day example in the movie business,
a movie Gi-Joe retaliation, where an agent name is
Amy Vandervoort, as an informant in the surrounding of the president
Where the president was exchanged with some in the use of nano's
to pretend a body and function.

the use of generic names.

From fall to void

There is but one major set back for every civilisation.
A major set back, because there is a time being for all
creatures of intelligence to unknown.

A fall is when by disaster, war or famine a society
ends in functioning.

Imagine a famine strikes, and three quarters of
society dies and faints. all computers, chemics
and other technology gets obsoleted because
of lack of scholared people.

A fall is a time with a boundary that erases
the height of a civilisation.

A fall and void is even worse,
the counting of time in days, years
is also being erased.

Imagine we count by the years after christ,
and by disaster, we loose the counting of time.

Where is the point that a society crawls from
the debt of it.

A fall and void, a moment in time,
where by war or sickness the world stops

As we see in the past,
the holy books of all religions,
they all speak about other times,
We think times not existing,
but a higher civilisation precedes us.

And by a fall and void,
we live today after the dark ages and medieval times.

So a Fall and void, sometimes happens,
from eons to eons they mark the end of a time
and the start of a new one.

Burying the computers of old age,
as gold found with coins and nuggets
made by the exploring of a new continent.

As we dig up, from pottery,
to small iron objects,
and we think the oil in the ground is
like a source of energy,
without investigating what use it had,
in old times. suspecting plant material.


As a space between man and woman.
As a border between nation and nation.
As a boundary to time and time.

The conjoining of both, give the fruit of
it as a new and creative part.

Think of a man and woman,
to breath each others lungs
coming together what in greek was split

Think of two countries speaking
the same language, becoming conjoined
in the effort of technology.
And creating the source of a unified world.
A unified planet.

Think of two times being bound together,
by the experience of time.
As the bridge of times, crosses at
the crosspoint of a new world.
Making the source of dimensions
to make a bridge over two caverns.

For a name to conjoin is to
give the child the grace of both families.

for a man to conjoin a female,
is to breath each others lungs with
fresh air and the touch of conscious feelings.
Making intentions known without language
in its deepest function.

And with the highest of love to your born children,
at birth, exhale your air into their first
used lungs, giving them the mark of your soul,
your breath of life.

De Ouden

Sommige boeken verhalen over een volk van vroeger,
ze noemen het volk de ouden.

Niemand weet hoe ze eruit zien, of wat ze doen.
Niemand weet waar of hoe ze bestonden.

De ouden zijn een groep wezens die
zoals gezegd oud zijn.

De Ouden, die door gebed toenaderbaar zijn,
Alles dat je en iedereen fluistert in de werkelijkheid
wordt door hen gehoord.

De ouden er zijn er die op mensen lijken
op aarde knappe mensen zouden zijn.
en al miljoenen jaren oud zijn.

Zoals bejaarden leren om harmonieus te leven,
zo hebben zij door schade geleerd dat
je ieder wezen moet respecteren.

Deze Ouden,
door een vraag, om in meditatie
geholpen te worden,
krijgt wijsheid een forum
zoals ik heb geschreven.

Dus mogen wij genieten van wijsheid
die eigenlijk gratis moet zijn,
omdat ik er ook niet voor heb hoeven

De ondoorgrondelijke wijsheid
dat het leven in een systeem past,
zoals dieren hun functie hebben
zonder ze zelf te weten hoe.

De Ouden,
ik schrijf in het nederlands,
mijn moedertaal.

Church of Christ

As the bible tells us,
Jesus Christ came to the earth,
with a star of light guiding
the kings to enter the lair of wisdom

The angels telling the shepherds to
give thanks for such a high one.
Coming on earth not for himself but for us.

Jesus Christ said,
i come for the father, not for myself
And you love me for what the father is.

As i say, i and the father are one and the same.
So all love all dearness is not to me,
but to the father.

As i understood today,
as jesus said, i marry my church,
as he married his church,
it was a chance for every lady
who loved him to marry the Lord himself
as the lord was visible in him.

when saying the church is married to me,
as with egotism is to have the pleasure
of a marriage with many beautifull ladies.

But as i understood, as jesus did the work
of his father, and ladies loving him for it,
and longing to marry him.

He married them, not with sexuality,
but by a platonic relationship,
and because they loved the father,
he married them as the whole church.

For love to the Allmighty one,
is like a blessing for everyone.
giving genuine love and the fullfillment
even when the lord is not visible,
even when the marriage is not in a townhall or mayors home.

So for everyone loving Christ,
you may ask to marry him.
Even when not in a townhall,
even when Christ has no body.

Where to Christ

Christ came to earth and saved the many.
He came with a star colliding to his
place of birth.

Christ came from space,
say some people only believing in
the material side.

Three kings followed the trail he had.
and with a light on a visible heaven.

At his birth place, angels
were seen with the message
a new saint was born.

After the life of Jesus he
went to heaven, with a likely
view on a person travelling upward
in the sky.

During his life he was able to
feed a lot of people, and his
wisdom was like a superior one.

As an analysation of this story,
a saint coming from space,
with kings following a trail.
Looks like a ufo in our modern

Using his powers, even without his
direct influence. with the phrase
that his power came out before he noticed.

After his life, he went upward in the sky,
saying he went to heaven.

The story not of a paraclete but a
being from a higher civilisation,
where he learned his wisdom, which
he used to teach the earth.

As a sacrifice in prayer is better
than a sacrifice for a body.
he had a deed of compassion.

He saith they do not know
what evil they do,
when they damaged him.
his underwear was in one cloth,
without stitches.

For a normal human is
regeneration not possible.
All signals of a superior,
or nonhuman being.

Jesus gave his life,
and his wisdom, therefore,
he is to be praised.

Jesus brought wisdom,
otherwise we would have to live
in the medieval ages forever.

Levende formules

Levende formules.
Einstien had een formule eismckwadraat
en zocht een formule om god te bewijzen.

De formule zocht hij buiten godsdiesnt om
waardoor hij het niet vond.
de formule die hij zocht was
e is a-kwadraat.
de essentie is actie keer actie.
elke veronderstelde actie waar je de formule op los laat
bewijst zichzelf.

Levende formules,

als je uitgaat dat het universum met tien kilometer per seconde
uitdijt, ga je ervanuit dat je aan de ene kant groter
wordt en de andere kleiner.

Een formule over het universum bestaat dus uit twee delen
de ene wordt zoveel groter als de ander kleiner wordt.

een formule over een bol is al ingewikkeld,
maar als een bol dat spiegelend en omheevalt uitbreidt,
zou het zo ingewikkeld zijn,
dus kies je als tweede helft van de formule
een met de minimale hoeveelheid variabeln.
immers meer variabelen vergroten de onzekerheidsfactor.
en een formule beschrijft voor het doel, op de meest
envoudige manier, de kleinste hoeveelheid variableen
om een antwoord of doel te vindne,
of via een berekening een wijze met antwoorden
die de werkelijkhied het dichts benaderen.

Een levende formule,
een plant is ook een levende formule
met een variabele die door zonlicht wordt gevuld.
een variabele die de plant altijd naar de zon doet groeien.

Een levende formule zien,
we ook als we om ons heen kijken.

Zoals de zon zelf ook een levende formule is.
Zoals een formule met variabelen een werkelijkheid berekent,
heb je ook statische variabelen die als motor dienen voor
een proces.

bijvoorbeeld het getal pi, een getal dat bij vaste lengtes altijd
zijn eigen beginpunt vindt.
Een voorwaarde voor een proces dat dus uit lengtes bestaat,
en bij een uitgangspunt altijd zichzelf vindt.

Een getal pi, bijt zichzelf in de staart,
waardoor een proces met verscheidene pi waarden
altijd terugkeert naar een stasis of balans.

Als een getal groter dan pi is,
of veel kleiner zal het nooit op een
vast punt zichzelf hervinden.

Dit getal pi, is maar een voorbeeld,
waarbij je in een levende formule dus ook
eeuwige statische waarden treft die altijd
blijven voortduren en applicabel blijven.

Over dna is een korte methode om eventueel
een theoretische informatie weergave te doen.

Zoals op de computer een textbestand via compressie
kleiner wordt waarbij de grootste hoeveelheid
van een letter dat voorkomt in een rangorde wordt geplaatst,
en dan uit vier tekens een code krijgt die een letter of woord
Zo kan een reeks dna tekens, dus een vorm van een verhaal brvatten
die als je de encodering uitpakt een coherente vorm bevat.
die alle kenmerken beschrijft.

Doordat het ge codeerd is via enkele dnabaseparen,
lijkt het alsof en groot gedeelte niet nuttig is.
maar wij zijn mensen, en als je zegt het geheel
zit in het indidu en het individu in het geheel.
zou het noodzakelijke en praktische informatie inhouden.
ook als je de gedachte huldigt van een ramp
die tachtig procent vernieitigt, waardoor
via ook de onbekende dna in de mens weer
voor een groot metasysteem kan zorgen.

Over de zon en de dubbele helix.
Een dubbele helix is de basis voor de zon.
Een helix die door kernfusie energie sublimeert
en een andere helix die door kernsplijting energie geeft.

Zoals de formule die schoonheid benadert,
onder andere als optie een statische variable heeft
als het getal van de gulden snede.

waarbij een eenvoudige vergelijking is
dat een vorm uit cirkels bestaan waarbij zowel de diameter
als de afstand en de plaats in het geheel
door een deel of veelvoud van het getal van de gulden snede
wordt bepaald

Encrypted Books

Link to Encrypted books
Everyone knows about nostradamus the books which
give knowledge to the future.

As he wrote in french, italian and a fake language,
and writes in vague terms on the future.
Everyone reads the message they like.

A silver line is proof of trains, or proof
of a silver worm hole in science.

In that way, its called automaticwriting,
or in chrisitanty, talking in tongues by
the holy spirit.

As a vague message or a way to write in things
not being known, and just in attention,
writing words without meaning.

Its a nice thing to write,
and then copypaste the text
in google translation,
and you see in a full page,
three sentences with a meaning.

in languages like french, danish and latin
As some will write in that method,
things with a fantasy deep meaning.

The link on top is a link to
a couple of books.
like nostradamos did.

As the books are inspired by
greek goddess of Athena and Artemis,

Containment, a vision of netflix

A couple of years ago, i saw a series on netflix,
it was called continuum, and was about time travel

In one of the episodes the lady was hold in a chamber
with glass cages where they were held in close custody.

With a light ever shining they even had no chance of
getting in sleep to recover life energy.

As i saw that episode, it was named containment.
As i fantasize, this containment is a method
to contain very dangerous species too.

Allthough i have no image of it in my mind,
but with a glass cage and a force field,
and the light always on, and maybe sometimes
a burst of nitrogen when a being is out of th border
of normal behaviour.

This series of netflix, continuum, also is
associated with the movie of gi-joe retaliation
where very dangerous criminals where held in
water tanks, controlling their life functions
with tubes, with oxygen, food etc.

Containment as a word, giving a meaning
to more than i write about.
but is a kind of jail, with the purpose
of the contained individuals not even
being aware they exist, or where they are.

Another kind of it is sense deprivation.
Where the individual is in the dark,
with stretch fabric around him
so he or she cannot move, and does
not see anything.

This sense deprivation is to
even block all actions or intentions
compared to a human,
when you cannot see where you are,
and cannot move, its the cruelest
of jailtime to be in such hold.

The Boar, Vishnu incarnation

In hindu mythology there is a story about
the boar of vishnu taking the planet of earth
from immersion in water to above in a safe way.

Vishnu as the high lord god above,
a higher power or force.
And the boar as an incarnation,
who took the planet on its teeth to
pull it out of the water.

My intepretation is,

The water is the conglomerate of planets
assisting in processing water to a kind of
changed water with pure energy,
compared to how crude oil becomes gasoline.

This boar of Vishnu,
freed our planet from slavery to this
multi-planetary system of subservient
obliged work.

So this conglomerate used a lot of planets,
to work for them, like changing water
to a precious material.

This conglomerate even said that
water on earth was poisonious.

So Vishnu the Boar who took
the earth out of the immersion in water
freed our earth a long time ago.


Op een rommelmarkt, kwam ik eens een klein object tegen,
het leek op een materiaal van messing of goud.
en straalde alsof het van dure oorsprong was.

Het was als een soort vorm van een pissebed of kevertje
en een grootte die tussen de zeven en veertien centimeter was.
Het had wel een soort pootjes die ook van metaal waren gemaakt.

Er zat een gebruiksaanwijzing bij waarin stond,
dat een rijke man, die het apperaatje ervoor had gehad
er een paar maanden alsof hij in coma was had doorgebracht.

Het apparaatje had hij op zijn schouder gehad,
en omstanders wisten lange tijd niet wat er aan de hand was.

Toen hij na maanden wakker werd, zei hij dat hij een droom
had gehad waarin hij, zoals hij rijk geworden was,
alle kennis aangereikt kreeg om heel vermogend te worden.

Hij zei zelfs, dat alle trucs die hele rijke mensen kennen
om rijk te worden, daarin op eenvoudige manier aangeboden werden.

Deze rijke man, toen hij een tweede maal erin wilde gaan,
liet een knop naast zijn lichaam maken, om als hij
eventueel in nood kwam erop te drukken dat hem eruit haalde.

Een andere visie van dit apparaat was dat het mensen op een
bepaalde manier gevangen nam, en dat deze rijke man,
een brein implantaat had, waarmee hij de
situaties die het apparaatje voorschotelde met extra kennis
kon ondervangen.

In het apparaatje kwamen allerlei maatschappelijke situaties in beeld
bijna alsof het een computerspel zou zijn.

Dit apparaatje dat op een rommelmarkt gevonden was,
wie verhaalt over de mensen die erbij zijn betrokken,
en misschien nog in coma liggen in onbekende ziekenhuizen.

Dit apparaatje dat misschien kennis gaf, wie verhaalt
over de reden en oorsprong ervan.

De rijke man die erin gevangen was, beschreef het later
als dat zijn bewustzijn losgekoppeld van zijn lichaam
door een laag van chemisch biologische tissue heen moest breken
om terug in zijn eigen lichaam te komen.

Wie verhaalt over een apparaatje dat zulke toepassingen kent.

Een aanvullende opmerking,
de mensen die wakker werden, beschreven zelfs
een vorm van tijdreizen, immers door de elementen
die erin naar voren kwamen.

Mantus, verboden huisdier

Een mantus, een verhaal gekoppeld aan een
manier om de geest een element te laten zijn
van een technologie.

Een geest bij mensen, een denkvermogne
waarmee ze het verleden herinnenren, de toekomst
in beelden vangt,
en het heden probeert te begrijpen.

Een mantus zou een huisdier zijn dat
met de mens contact maakt via de geest.

In een bepaald oord, zou dit huisdier verboden
zijn in huis te houden, omdat het in verkeerde
handen iemand ofwel mooie of slechte dromen kan geven.

Een mantus zou op een hond lijken, en volgens hun wetten
verboden omdat een mantus in verkeerde handen,
mensen kunnen dwingen, zoals je iemand kan beinvloeden.

De geest, zoals die in dit artikel beschreven wordt,
zou ook een soot amber achtig kristal kunnen zijn,
die contact maakt met het bewustzijn,
en door magiers zelfs gekoppeld aan het ikgevoel
van mensen.

Een flauwte, tijdsonderbreking

Een beeltenis die ik in een film heb gezien,
zoals het soms in hollywood een uiting krijgt.

Als je in daglicht op kantoor zit
en binnen wordt het verlicht
met tl of led lampen.

Een gewoonlijke dag op kantoor,
met opdrachten om te doen,
en gesprekken met collega's

Opeens zie je het licht van enigszins
warmwit naar koudwit veranderen.

Je kijkt nog een laatste keer op de klok,
die analoog is en elf uur aangeeft,
de klok op de computer geeft ook elf uur aan.

Het licht veranderde van warmwit naar koudwit.

Opeens voel je dat je een flauwte had,
net alsof je een moment mist.

Je kijkt even naar de computer,
die nog steeds elf uur aangeeft.

Erna kijk je naar de analoge klok,
die vijf over elf aangeeft.

Je denkt, die klok moet ik maar vervangen
als die als enige afwijkt van de andere
wekkers en klokken.

Een gebeurtenis die je meer waarde kan geven,
maar eigenlijk een beetje ongewoon is.

Oordeel over cultuur

In deze huidige tijd kijken wij terug op indianen en simpele lieden,
die zoals toentertijd andere regels hadden.
van scalperen tot kanibalisme.

Als we over tweehonderd jaar terugkijken,
zien we dat in deze huidige tijd.
we vis en zoogdier eten naast andere voedingsmiddelen.

Als mens hebben wij als overeenkomstig kenmerk dat
we ademhalen via longen, gelijke pijn beleving hebben
en levend baren.

Over tweehonderd jaar zullen ze zoogdieren bij
dezelfde familie scharen als ons eigen menselijk lichaam.

Waardoor vlees van zoogdieren wordt verboden om te eten,
en vis alleen als vitaminetekort dreigt.
immers een stadium van een embryo is het vissenstadium.

Over twee honderd jaar kijken ze naar ons,
zoals wij afkeuren wat er honderden jaren geleden
levensgewoontes waren met de bijbehorende overtuiging.

Zoals over vijfhonderd jaar oorlog als ziekte nummer
een wordt gezien. een ziekte niet van personen
maar van een land, een natie, een samenleving.

Als oorlog niet meer plaatsvind, en conflicten
net als bij de olympische strijd tussen sporters
plaatsvindt, en vredelievende burgers vrede onvoorwaardelijk

Als oorlog geen schade meer doet,
hoe groot zal de voorspoed zijn in onze

Emotioneel oordeel

Zoals wij mensen als je het met de jeugd vergelijkt
als kind lelijke klasgenoten pesten, plagen.

of kinderen die mooi zijn bewonderen of
bij in de gunst komen.

Zoals in het verleden hele volkeren werden uitgemoord,
zoals ook zigeuners door sommigen worden geminacht.
Niet geheel zonder schuld immers zij zijn vaak
oorzaak van zakkenrollen of kleine dievenarijen.

Als je naar hollywood films kijkt en een robot die
op een mens lijkt, meeleeft met wat die robot doet.

Als je naar films kijkt en een robot van ijzer,
ziet hoe die beschadigd wordt,

Je op mens gelijkende robots ook als gevoel voor
een mens benadert. immers makkelijk bewijsbaar.

een film tonen waarin een robot en een normaal mens
worden bejegend, en het publiek vragen met wie
zij meeleven.

Zoals wij in de toekomst zullen merken, worden robots
die op mensen lijken als mensen bejegend.
immers een robot met een angstige uitdrukking
roept bij mensen ook gevoel op.

Verplaatsen wij de minachting voor zigeuners,
en de medelevende gevoelens voor robots,
naar wat wij misschien in de toekomst zullen

Als de mens onderdeel wordt van een handelsbuitenpost
voor een koninkrijk ver in de ruimte.

Zal het onze vreemdelingenhaat zijn die overheerst,
zal het liefde voor robots zijn die ons een
vals gevoel van menselijkheid geeft.

Een buitenpost voor een koninkrijk ver in de ruimte,
hoe gaan wij om met wezens die als mensen eruit zien,
of tonen als een minderwaardig ras.

De denkbol

Eens in een tijdje geleden,
zag ik terwijl ik in rust was gedurende de dag,

een soort messing of gouden bol
ter grootte van een honkbal of softbal
die voor mij zweefde,
ter hoogte van mijn eigen hoofd.

De bol zweefde en bleef even hangen.
De associatie die ik ermee had was.

De mens die normaal zijn denkvermogen gebruikt,
en inzet voor levensdoelen, carriere en
het omgaan met de realiteit

de bol als denkvermogen gebruikt,
natuurlijk vanuit de eigen beleving
als onderdeel van eigen lichaam.

Maar als de mens zijn denkvermogen
loslaat, niet meer gebruikt, geen
actie meer als opdracht tot kennisvergaring geeft.

Dit denkvermogen, zich als een bol losmaakt
van de mens, en zich misschien even laat zien
in een vorm die voor die mens een betekenis heeft.

Het denkvermogen dat ongebruikt, na een tijdje
afkoppelt en zijn eigen weg gaat.

De bol die zich afkoppelde een laatste boodschap gaf,
en op reis ging naar andere werelden om
zijn dienstbaarheid daar te geven.

Dna recombination

Recombination the art of dna changement.
Recombination the art of superior forming.
Recombination the escape for weakness.

It works in a fashion not very difficult.
Even a home set can change important
dna features.

if we compare to the human development,
an egg of a female and a spermcell of a male
in the womb of a lady
exchanges features to ensure the new person
to be unique.

Now suspect a female child of four years,
to have an extra male Y chromosom to
exchange features and changing the dna pattern.

For a male child of four years,
an X chromosom echanges features.

When the dna recombination is being
perfect and througly processed
the resultperson, changes for the whole body
within three months to the new person
even changing all bodily marks features
and identity to the features of the
changed dna.

Dna recombination,
end the misery of a chronic or diseaese.
end the misery of being less good looking
with a stunning new good form.

This recombination is being activated
by a normal RNA processing enzym,
resulting the dna of the person, being
recominated with the additation opposite X or Y chromosom.

xDna maximalisatie

Dna recombination, in het nederlands dus het combineren van bestaand dna
met nieuw aangeboden dna. waarbij de verwisseling plaatsvind
zoals bij de bevruchting van de eicel.

Door het gebruiken van dna van de opposite gender,
is het als een nieuwe recombinatie en geen
soort strijd om de beste genen.

Deze recombinatie, door een rna activator-enzym
zou als je films gelooft, ook door lichaamsvloeistof
overgebrachte kunnen worden, waardoor je
dus hele oude mensen, met nieuw dna weer jong kan krijgen.

Als je uitgaat van een samenstel van dna kenmerken
om een persoon te maximaliseren,
dan heb je het over elementen als spiergroei,
zintuiglijke scherpheid, instinct,
motorische vaardigheden.

deze kenmerken die waarschijnlijk allemaal
een griekse code hebben, zoals tau, omega, alpha
naar gelang de kernmerk.

Als een persoon uit uniek dna bestaat, is het
een normale menselijke geboorte en heeft dan
een naam die door de ouders is gekozen

heb je een gemaximaliseerde persoon,
dan krijgt een naam griekse codes mee
van de kenmerken die gewijzigd zijn
vanuit het oospronkijke dna

kenmerken van gemaximaliseerde dna
worden dan ook xDna genoemd,
omdat het door naamloze uitselectie gevonden is.

Als je uitgaat van een rna-activator-enzym,
zou bij het overbrengen van het enzym,
ook de eigenschappen worden overgebracht
om theoretisch gezien, dna schade te repareren
met binnenkomend dna.

Dit geeft weer de gedachte dat zoals in films,
vampirisme een wetenschappelijke methode is geweest.

Door jong dna, en de enzym te gebruiken,
schade aan oud dna wordt gerepareerd.


Recurrence is the art of unlimited energy
in a size of a human.

Recurrence is the art of replenishing when
the energy depletes.

When a robotic exoskeleton would be used,
and the energy to make able its moves
is continually replenishing.

This would make the robotic technology
fit for far away missions.

There is even a choice to replenish
by oxygen, by light or by water.

Recurrence is the art of making a robot figure,
to hold a human inside who controlls.
and make it a soldier abel to fight
not for days but for years.

Even when a robot exoskeleton would be
made of biological chemical tissue,
and it would replenish by oxygen and

Gravity supercedes

Everyone knows gravity rules all.
When a material object weighs more
than some grams, it will fall when without

By a certain liquid and a double helix form,
gravity is countered by it and the result
is an object holding still in air.

The liquid as it is has characteristics,
which make it a expensive material.

Most sciences see the gravity as a passive force,
but sometimes something looks like passive,
because it is a stable force.

If we see gravity as radiance,
as a radiance with boundaries.

When something is in the range,
the gravity pulls things to a
point of reference.

Gravity is a force,
comparable to the frequency of light.

As light makes things visible
by shining photons to objectboundaries.
By the frequency giving
all object with their colors a supplement
of both passive receiving and active shining.

The gravity is a supplement
of a shining radiance of a frequency,
and the object as passive anchors.

In this model of gravity,
you can either, measure the active
force and by calcaulation,
and the use of precise subjects
to manipulate this force.

Gravity as a force with a frequency.
Like light with a frequency,
giving objects a different look.

When talking of earth,
the orb has a stabel force of gravity.

Like we see the planets bound to their course.
As they do turn around the sun in a stable manner.

The sun having a radiance of gravity too.

Withouth this radiance on a frequency,
all would be taken off course to the inner centre of the sun

If planets would not have passive kind,
they all would have the same course on the same distance.


All scientists wonder how to travel faster than light,
and if by speed a implosion occurs.

When travelling faster,
and faster unto lightspeed.

When comparing to a fountain.
As long a fountain gives water,
it is visible, if its mounted under water
and it appears above.

Now if the fountain doesn't burst,
it is not visible.

When an object travels,
on each point passing by it
gives it light
as rays building up current.

When travelling faster,
the current has less time to build,
and the object travels past the next point.

The faster flying,
the less time to build up current.
less time to build a current of
photons, to give visiblity.

So travelling on lightspeed,
makes an object almost invisible.

So nearby lightspeed,
the current builds up minimal,
and is seen like a fainting spirit,
or just a glitch in the eye.

Travelling at lightspeed,
gives an invisible path of passing by.

Travelling at lightspeed,
is a safe way to cross the universe.

As with science as we know.
the more one advances in science,
the less influence of bad emotions
or evil intentions.

So when travelling at lightspeed,
if seen by others the chance of hardship is minimal.

So when travelling at lightspeed,
the path through space is not detected.


As i was travelling through the universe,
and was arriving at earth, a planet in the far future.
It was a chronological date different than the past.

As it was the year 1335, thirteen thirty five.

As it was a planet with the use of all advanced sciences.
And i was there to study thair habits, their intentions.

It was a planet, full of the marvels of what is named
in the science fiction books.

It was a planet, full of science, and their own beliefs,
that morale and ethical grounds were valid.

As on that planet earth,
aroujnd fivehundred dimensions were exisiting,
they were used from jail places,
to spheres of enjoyment.

As the spheres, the dimensions, were used
to entertain.

As an old man, who always attended the rule
to only exist in reality, without
regarding those illusionary things.

This old man was persuaded to enter a sphere,
as he had no knowledge and always warned for the evil of it.

As this old man, was deluded and brought to a jail sphere.

This old man, was like living in a life of some
basic or simple one. as he changed from his personality.

The jail sphere as its called, gives persons,
hardship without the chance to escape, or protect.

As all these dimensions are being crafted out of
the material of the known planet.

As even religions were malformed and teached,
with the preliminary intention that it would
never give the blessing of the reali religions.

This old man,
in the jail dimension,
was with the force of his life full
at reality, being in surrender to
the holy force.

As this old man, gave the knowledge,
that dimensions are like islands in the see.
That dimensions are like gardens in a city.

These dimensions violate reasonable law,
for people, real humans are lost inside the
illusionary dimensions.

These dimensions violate religion,
for giving a false direction to it.

As when praying to a illusionary god,
and in dimension being fullfilled by a computer

This planet earth, from the future,
is like a dream of a distant time,
is like a dream as it can be of a distant space.

Is this story a preliminary, or a presumption?


The empire of Dehalon,
as all on earth know of the All-Mighty One,
as being the Lord most High,
and the Highest power having a name

The empire of Dehalon,
is like a nation on the roadmap of the Allmighty One.

As Dehalon is about a thousand stars
and is habiting a million planets.

As only a nation being un unity can
exist in that size, its a surity
that the Allmigthy One exist.

As Dehalon is an empire,
serving and in religious service to
the All-Mighty One.

As the Allmigthy One,
is believed to be created by
the All-Creator.
As He being the first known

As Dehalon, a million planets,
reside in space, like a farm
holding its cattle in a barn.

As the Allmighty one,
reachable by asking Him a life-ordeal
in prayer.

Visible dimension

As i saw in a dream,
at night as the day would begin in an hour.

As technology tells about dimensions,
subtime and subspace.

As we see subspace as a hidden room inside a building,
as it can be coupled to for example a car,
and no one sees that in the hidden room
like a big room can be stored tons of things,
while the car just looks normal.

As we know of dimensions,
as an example,

When you draw on a blank page a starship,
a fictitious ship with a form like a space shuttle.
And now you put the page behind a blank one.

The question is do you see the space ship?
The answer is no, but now suspect
the blank page another dimension,
and now you see, by using dimensions you
can hide from small to very large structures.

As in the dream another subject was used,
the gravity.

We know that airplanes kept in the air,
but the power of engines and form of wings.

If we now enlarge gravity to a triple force.
Everythig hold in the air now falls onto earth.

Now suspect there is a technologt which
is anti gravity, and is used like elektromagnets.

Now you have a spaceship with the appearance in another
dimension, and its kept in the air by antigravity.

Now when enlarging gravity,
the very vulnerable instruments are
being severy damaged which results in

the visiblity of the ship as
the method to dimension is a continuous effort.

And second the anti gravity anchors fail in their task.

So as a joke you now above a big city as florence
you see a very large sized spaceship becoming visible.

A space ship the size of a soccerfield.
You can say, why normal airplanes always
could fly there,
and why not even one sensed the appearance when it was hidden.

The use of dimensions you could say.
Now the idea is that about thirty large space ships
are above big cities on earth. as a description
of a science fictional story.

As in a movie you can see the ship at
the side being drawn to earth, like the
shipwreck on a cliff.

Abundant energy

As a technology not yet seen and discovered,
the ability to use gravity as energy source.

Take the symbol of a windmill,
with its wings by which energy is

The wings turn by the wind,
and the dynomoes create electrical current.

Now use this technology,
with on the downward part
a force field, changing the material of the wing
to the opposite force-current.

The gravity turns the wings down,
and at the point below,
the force is opposite,
making it turn upward again,

This method is not dependent on
both wind, water or electricity.

As it creates energy
in a stable way, and without prerequisites.

As i would vision
in the barn of every house
a small energycreator,
and no one ever needs to pay
their energy bills.

To compare:
in the nineties the costs
for calling bulletins and internet
were a bill with at some
houses a worry keep coming back.

As the internet now, with only
a small fee for being attached to the network.

Universal rights of Spirits

As we as our human race,
all share the gift of having a spirit.
As the source for both intelligence,
consicousness, and the use of the mind.

As we humans have the universal rights of human
which is provided on the united nations website.

The rights to ensure safety for those
who abide by the law.

The rights to ensure the free speech of meaning.
the free right to ensue religions at free will.

As a small voice telling me about things
which are ethical not justified.

What if a human which has a spirit
by a disease loose its human face,
and looks like a robot or golem.

When a human is not recognized as a human,
and they think he is very evil.

When a human, does not look like a human,
does he still had human rigths.

The next question the rights of a person
is based on the country of birth,
and the country of residence.

What if by law or by will of a leader
one looses his citizenship,
does he or she still have rights?

or without citizenship no rigths,
means justifying the means
like in security services
that a person may only by justice
be sentenced to jail.

With what we know of the things in
world war two, that people were
persecuted and subject to means of interrogation
not normal for us.

if we compare our humans to dogs
as dogs all kinds of sizes and forms are visible.
and all are dogs.

Now as a small voice tells me,
what if a neighbour human race
contacts us and is on earth,
either by accident like fuel outtage,
or with other reasons.

is it justified to treat them
with no reasonable law.
or by interrogation methods,
we as humans would strongly abject.

With a sidenote.
if they have the same form and kind of spirit
with intelligence and consciousness,
and the sense of emotions.
do they share same rights?

As universal rights are
applicable to living creatures
sharing the same kind of consciousness.

As its hard to ensure rights to
creaturs who are themselves dangerous,
and are not respecting law for themselves.

The rigths of all things consisting
of a soul, with consciousness,
and a source of intelligent behaviour.

The right ought to be bound
by law, and as a creature understand
reasonable law, and is willing to stick to it,
it should not be treated with lawless actions
like pain, nagging or other methods of false
influence. In short a humane treatment

As well every creature captured is bound
by the law on prisoners of war.
With the right on healthy food,
the right to be captivated without

As well the right when they
are under investigation for
their body-features, that
a reasonable pain-relief is given.

As creatures,
of spirit and intelligence,
we can compare to dogs,
as they have all sizes, forms
and all with the shared capabilities,
by which they are all recognized.

Like on earth, both white as red people,
both chinese and asian,
as well as american from south to north,
we all are recognized as humans.
In the same way, as some science ficiton books
describe when a diplomatic embassy of outer space
is located on earth, a constitution is to be written.

As an addition

Without reason, no damage may be done,
to any creature.

Without reason, every creature
has to be treated with respect.

Violation of reason,
as the law that every action
has a source, a purpose,
and the common good is
the main interest.

The use of Language

We as humans know our language with a subst of 30 characters and ten numbers.
As well as the possiliblty to combine and change the meaning both
by gramatics as intonation.

As we have english as an international language.
We can express our meaning and intention or goal
in the words we choose.

By the genuine education in youth
we all learn how to say something
which others in a relational expression understand.

Now suspect, we have a set of reference
we build in the youth,

if you say i saw a red cat on a fountain.
As the sender you have an image of one you

the receiver sees a red cat, but not the one
you talk about.

The sender and receiver both talk about a cat.
but do not see the same.

Now make a talk about wisdom, a very difficult concept.
For most people without additional education is not possible
to understand or have the right concept.

As we use for communication english for example
we have about half a million words we use.

As we compare it to an idea of a superior intelligent specie.
It has not 30 characters but two hundred.
and as numbers not a decimal one, but of a double dozen.

As we are dependent on our education and our intelligence
if we can communicate the right meaning.

when a language has more capabilites, its more
reasonable to express the right meaning or intention.

with a comparison, if in spirituality enlightenment
is a word with a certain view on it.
Most humans, first hear the word, have a basical concept.
and by study, and education you learn what it means.
and as third you learn how to reach it.
three levels of understanding.

Now in a perfect sense,
if a language is total effective,
you would when hearing the word enlightenment
exactly know what it means, and to reach it without
problems in the time as short as can be.

As we compare the use of symbols,
to the level of intelligence.
as we do experiments with apes and monkey's
they have a limited posibilty to use
symbols in communication.

As we as humans compared to them,
there can be a specie higher than us,
with the same relevance as we to monkey's

As we think on language and communication.
the first superlative is the perfect communication
of the reference of subjects.

The second superlative is the immediate
transfer of purposes.
as the example of enligthenment.

The third superlative is
by perfect communication,
to be effective in the purpose of social situations
For example in a war between two countries
a peace treaty is needed.
with the example, the treaty with communication
will always be succesfull with the best conditions.
And the question how hard to make peace or to
level the intentions is not applicable because
in perfect sense the right words have been choosen.

With this insight
when communication is always effective.
when a certain person would have evil intents,
he always could be persuaded to cancel his intents,
and to heal to an accepted place in society.

Because when knowledge or wisdom
of lifeinsights is transferred effective.
the reasons to be evil can be taken away or reflected.
as well as the message that evil does hurt livign beings.

This gives the use of higher language,
a society with more peace and more tranquility.
as by communication solution is always possible.

For example a little boy as a game
tortures a earthworm, and the parents
when noticing, explains not to do.
As a parent can commuicate this level of insight
by the use of language and the education
how to teach, the boy leaves its game.

The more effective communication,
the higher chance of a effective society.
and society is effective in peace.

Planetical configuration

We all know when a planet is habitable,
we know when we can or could live on it.

As theire is oxygen, sunlight
and water, which provides carbonbased

As we know planets with life on the outside.
And when there is lack of any required stuff,
its not anymore for us to be interested in.

These planets are exo-planets,
as they are on the outside filled with life.

Another kind is an endo-planet.
not of natural kind but of sophisticated manner.

By the use of gravitational devices,
the use of mining,
and the use of concrete substance,

Large areas on the planet are being
changed to halls underneath the surface.

these halls can be used for all spaces
an intelligent specie needs.

Under the surface, an atmosphere is not
needed or required.

under the surface a planet from the outside
looks as if unhabited and with harsh conditions.

The question is how to travel unseen to
those planets. and there is a force field,
space ships fly to four kilomters heigth,
and a force field, like a saucer
is underneath the coming ship to
move it in less then two seconds,
from four kilometers to the entrance.

As a joke even when they would exist on
planet mars, nobody would notice their existence.

As this is an example of a endo-planet.
As natural planets of endo-kind
are not to be seen from the outside.
but there is a method to
check whether a planet is exo or endo.

The question about the use of
endo planets is that sunlight is to be
transferred to a lightsource on the inside.

and that greenhousing is more difficult.

The Jedi Force

We see the most famous people
at one time where in the grace of their hearts.

We see the most warm people
as having their heart in the right place.

We see the most wise people
doing the quest in their heart.

The heart does warm up the surrounding.
As the head cools down as Leonardo told.

Living with your heart,
does benefit the whole society,
and not the selfish interest.

Living with your heart,
gives a good message to the society.

As the Jedi with their lightsabers,
they were studied in the heart
to fight and to be rightious.

The Jedi their force was visible
when they used their heart.

As the heart is source of many
good things, including
justice, constitutional laws,
an honest fight, wisdom
and the source of religion.

The Jedi, as the advertising
for the use of the heart in living.

The Jedi, as a wisdom told to
the public by the method
of entertaining.

May the force be with us.
May the society benefit from the Jedi's

As the Jedi where soldiers,
almost soldiers of a holy kind.

Living in your heart,
gives many talents,
one becomes a soldier,
another one a statesman,
a third one a musician,
and a fourth one a scientist.

As the heart unfolds,
the person can get difficults,
the insecurity of not havind
a normal education, job or
place to live.

As the heart unfolds,
things can appear not being
written or stored in the
history of mankind.

As the heart unfolds,
the loneliness of the one
among the many, as all others
live in their head, but the effort
to reach out for a personal goal.

As the jedi, a holy soldiers group,
fought against injustice.
shared the expertism on fighting,
and the expertism to search for
the evil side, to contain it,
and to enlarge goodness.

Non-directional force

We know about laser its a beam and its directional.
As you point the sourde of light in a direction,
and the light in a straight line
points to where you aim it.

The same with all kinds of particles
from small to large.

From the arrow of a bow,
to a large cannon of 10kg balls.
As to a ship with a passive
method of movement.

As a directional source,
has to be a force with a start and
end point. as well as between the
two points a visible way, pathway.

The nondirectional force,
is a different one.
As its induced in the end point by
an invisible point of intention.

As an example if you want to communicate
you are bound by the speed of light,
and the path in between has to be clear.
otherwise the signal is blocked.

A second example, to neutralise
a dangerous animal, and you shine
with a laser in its eye. on ten meter
distance. you need a laserlightsource
and a method of aiming, and the laser
must be strong enough.

If you would use a nonedirectional force,
you need the method of inducing,
and the method of placement or locating.

This non-directional force can be
utilized in a way far more complicated
that on the first idea or sight.

As communication it can be a loss-less signal,
as well as a method to operate robotics on
a large distance. as the signal is immediate
making it usefull for example a robot on jupiter or saturn.

As a non-directional force, can be used for
energytransfer as well, giving robotics on
a large distance the source of power
to be operated.

This non-directional force,
can be used for communication,
power supply and defense structures.

The theory at this invention,
is as well hard to find, because
you are bound by both the intention
as well the place where to appear.

Quantum mechanics is a method,
more simple than this one.

The fifth element Aether

We know about medieval science that
four elements were posed to be the ground
of all beings, all reality, all substances.

As the substance made of fire, water, air and earth.
As the fifth element can both be aether or spirit.

This fifth element is the source
of highers wisdom and higher science.

As its both space and both trancending space.
As it holds all elements as its the ground for it.

This fifth element is Aether,
As the essence of it is a field
or sphere made of an element unseen,
un-experienced as its transgressing all.

When using matter in a nondirectional way,
you use Aether as the medium.

Aether, in the common word its
the radiological communication,
but the meaning is more complicated.

To make use of the Aether,
is to have a field thats
not based on path, distance, or
field, but of a the essence,
making all things inside it
with equal distance, with equal accessability.

Aether, if you send a point of communication
for one kilometer or a thousand,
the same time is used to let it happen.

Aether, the use of a sphere yet to be

Elastic Fibre

We know an elastic to stretch and with more resistance while longer.

Now suppose an elastic of photons is used for an intelligent

The elastic each time does the same stretch,
and at the longest distance releases its photons.

This elastic, in short distance like a ship
loads its cargo,
and at the distance unloads.

This elastic each time does the same thing,
so its a supported data carrier.

This elastic transferring photons
is not depending on a lighsource,
and the elastic is not from plastic.

Now suspect an elastic of a
high density carbon fibre.
and its not a kilometre
but a billion kilometres.

As it has the same path each time,
it can be used for travelling with
ships through space.

As the ship is a passive use,
for it has no engine.

And the elastic,
each time moves ships
to the same destination.

As this elastic is not from planet to planet
in the same solar -system but between
point in the known universe.

Space travel

As on earth as an orb
you can never travel in direct line,
and always both by streets as the
diversion of rounded diameter.

To travel among the stars,
in direct sense you could travel
but always need a coordination system.

As a method to travel space this is one

the starting point and the destination point,
as a straight line,
and the formula of the circle
on both points of the journey.

This circle with both points on it, on the outline
and the circle with its base point in the middle
and the diameter or radius of it.

To travel, you only need the base point
the radius, and both the points on the circle.

Waters of life

When a child is born,
its created in the womb of the mother.
As you can say the life water of the mother
is giving the baby its life.

Because before a child can breath,
the core of life has already to be in it.

The water of life,
of a mother to a baby is through the blood.

As blood for humans mammals etc.
is the carrier of life.

Water for living beings,
is the needed substance to keep alife.

As mothermilk is the substance to feed
little children (babies) and young animals.

As a myth goes, that there would be a substance
which looks like normal clear water,
which would heal all life by which it comes
to contact.

This water would heal wounds when poured over,
and would heal even severe diseases
when drank.

This life water would exist on earth
on a secret and sacred place.
As one told, by sincere prayer it is found.

Is its life water, mixing it with normal water
would make the normal water life water as well.

Cloned police:Sarconicus

An article on a kind of police force.
As its ofcourse a kind of technology or function
not possible untill cloning and dna-maximalisation
is available.

We know some, not many, agents are able to
do a kind of telepathic communication,
Either by reading thoughts,
or by transferring messages by distance.

As telepathy depends, both sides able to
have the same language.

As the police force, is always
educated with four or five years
to face all possible crime situations.

As a vision i had, was that a person,
looking like a human, but with
different facial expression

As the surrounding was in fear,
as the person was known as a police agent.

As is said, eight of them are enough to make
the world, the planet safe.

As they in their mind can oversee half the planet
and with the power of the mind, can intervene
in a quick and sharp way.

They are made of dna from humans as well
as of snakes, with the explanation.

Humans always are bound by feelings,
of love, hate, fear, and pleasure.
And snakes, in their core
always search the fastest most perfect way and method.
making able intervention without delay.

As eight of these police agents are
enough to safeguard a whole planet.

As these police agents were named
As a police force.

The power of Mars and other Planets

In the past, we as we know from history,
The empire or dynasty of Rome.

Caesar and its descendants,
Had one of the biggest empires possible.

As in the primitive world they lacked
the means of communication we still have.

When looking at the source of their dominion,
the God of planet Mars was giving
the power to assimilate.

As in christianity, the lord and his trinity
is to be subject of faith, and other
gods are demi-gods.

As every planet has its character,
if compared to a human.
And mars as the planet of war.
Gives a method in responding
to all situations, resulting in
taking power of all in the surrounding.
As the roman empire was the most
visible example of it.

As an example that planets all
have their powers. and like a human
character use their radiance.

If mars would be a demi-god,
and is subject of prayer.
its giving his followers,
a kind of power, thats
influencing all.

The question arises,
if worldreligions,
can contain the power
of planets when appearing on earth.

by the promise of christ,
and the use of hindu gods,
it should be, shortly after
coming be under control of major religions.

In Control

An article on a concept as a dream at night.
As a message about something to be understood.

Some humans, have the abilty to hold controll
over others. by the act of presssure.

Now suspect that in the mind,
as its an instrument, you can hold
the name of a person, and by that act
you have a bond with him.

As now your mind, with the name
of the other, by pressure you can
either direct the other or influence
his basical behaviour.

Now this name is not verbal,
but a transcript of his consciousness.
As a bond with the soul of the person.

Now this transcript of consciousness,
prevents the one from acting outside the boundaries.

Now there is a queen,
and by this act she holds,
members of the senate in her mind
and under her controll.

As the members of the senate
hold their descendants in controll.

Now the philosophy is,
by holding more and more in the mind
under controll, a kind of
being allmighty can appear

With the opposite
to totally be extradited to surrounding reality
as others have total controll over you.

As a question is,
which kind of reaching the goal
of allmightyness is true.

The answer is,
not by total control,
neither by total extradition
is the goal reached.

The goal is reached
by Bhakti Yoga,
as the Gods supercede all
even all personal acts.

By contact with the gods,
through prayer, you supercede
your own controll, as well
the question at hand.

As every human has the birthright
and is endowed with intelligence.
as the question for what is true
is the quest everyone makes.

Some questions already answered
by others, some to discuss with teachers.
And the ultimate quest to unite with
the ultimate godhead.

As the final act
to surrender, and say
thou may act.

As not becoming the Allmighty one is the goal
but to reach serving Him, either by prayer,
by devotion, by surrender.

As all natural functions of a being
is thereby through surrender in prayer
at the right directions used.
neither by total control
neither by total victim.

The journey of Diskus

As a journey from far away through the vastness
of the universe. the task to explore the
existence of new and sentient life.

As the journey is to both recognize them
as well to analyse them to place them
in the hierarchy of how intelligence is created.

As we on earth have the journey of star trek,
and the movies about star wars.
As the ships are being guided by human persons
as they have the life expectancy of a hundred years.

As the first task for space travel is to create vessels
able to regenerated energy and to heal the damage done
by the path through space.

The next task is to create an intelligence that holds
it learning path up to date as to grow and learn
with all species being captured.

As this intelligence, as it grows is to be more
than just artificial intelligent.

The task for a energy source of perpetuum mobiliee,
the task for intelligent analysation.

The third task is the art of communication,
some say quantum mechanics come close
others say little identiefied space ports
come close. as no one can predict knowledge
more than ten years in the future.

As this all has to fit in a small device,
able to travel for centuries through
space. to intercept all life and
index all living beings.

As this advanced device,
one can ask how it operates.
and how it can analyse when on a planet
for example electromagnetic force is
used to power up all appliances.

Or when radio-transmission is used
for communication, a weak signal
of such a device could leave the atmosphere.

And third if the device is small
how it survives weather conditions.

This special device,
the computing core is of life tissue.
Its machinery is advanced in one piece.

This device as thousands have been
released about a eon in the past.

As this device released by the thousand,
is filled with their top technology.
And we still don't know if the source
civilisation is still existing, and powerfull.

A storm of snow

As our technology of luxery is based
on electronics and electric current
is the method to make it available.

There is one disaster to fear.
with the result that we cannot
use all appliances for short or
longer period.

A disaster which turns off all
appliances, computers even refrigerators.

A disaster, not by a beam of the sun
with an electrmagnetic force.

When it starts, one sees when walking
on the street or in the park,
a snowstorm or snowshower with
snow particles about a centimetre
and the particles emit a light
radiance of white light.

When such snow begins to fall,
in about a three hour period,
all electronics fail.

This snow is a signal that
the appliances can be
disfunctional for more than a month
up to a couple of years.

This snow forces people to
have light by candles, and
use all things neccesary without
any electric current, and without
any electronic equipment.

This snow, even is said,
that all communication monitored.

Such snow can be a disaster.
As its not known how large the region
can be, from a city to a planet.

The matter of Water

As a rainbow predicts future peace.
As a rainbow gives sign of the bond with God.
As a rainbow depicts a weakling.

Water is used for many appliances.
One to store memories,
a second to reflect beams of entertainment.
A third to feed the lifeforce to soldiers.
A fourth to build a radiosilent field above a planet.
A fifth to create the anti-matter engine.
A sixth to communicate by spheres.

As water when in a winternight creates
crystals on the window.
By which children are amazed.

As water with classical music,
arranges atoms and molecules
in a more harmonious way.

As water holds a secret power to
have a kind of storage.

To store memories in water,
is in some worlds used
to store criminal records.
In another world to store
the legacy of the wise.
As well to store energy for the soul.

The reflection of beams
for entertainment.
Is like having a lake
And in a region of luxery housing,
one has a lake to swim and to reside
at its shores.

As the reflection is like being
in a sandy field and looking
at a gladiator fight, except not
with humans but dinosaurs.

And when closely watching they use
the same kind of excavators and earthmoving
machines. as they are used to prepare
for a battle between dinosaurs.

As a child is in wonder by it,
and the purpose is not clear.

As the third example to give
soldiers water to regenrate body tissue.

This water is ofcourse with a complex
method changed to be capable of
sustenance of soldiers,
even when without food for twenty days.
Or without water for ten days.
Or when heavily injured.

This water of life, is by chemically
influence changed in life water.
With an example that
when children upto one year get
milk of their mother. and grow by it.

this life water is far more
feeding and nurturing.

As the fourth example.
when a specie is emerging from
the communication field of radiological
fields, to a sphere to have immediate contact.
Outside the sphere may not be monitored.
So above the sphere a layer of water molecules
is used to prevent communication to leak outside.

As the fifth example of an antimatter engine.
Is based on the material of water with a second
component. As this second component is held secret.
As its the basis of far travel, and far communication.

This anti-matter engine. even is able
to be used in interactive computing giving
humans and machines a bond to communicate.

The many-dimension model

As in contact with many dimensions,
one can doubt what is real.
As for in a one-reality model,
you always know when to be present.

As more dimensions are being
investigated, one can doubt
where to be present and what is
most important.

The many-dimensions model,
poses the theory that some dimensions
can use the same names, or qualities
but differ in date from small to big,
and from which big situaitons occur
in reality.

As in one dimension einstein was a
big physics scientist,
and in another he was a poor man
who barely earned his income.

As in one dimension a king is
a bad king being a dictator
and in another he is the favorite
of the whole world.

As with dimensions, the question
what is real, or what is important.

As when investigating,
more than twenty dimensions
are being prooved by science.

As we see sometimes in movies,
they show contact and have qualities

For simple understanding,
dimensions are like movie sets,
with the main actor not knowing
to be in a movie.

As with the movie sets, without the
facade but with real buildigs.

As some dimensions have movie sets,
of half a planet big in size.
As well as the abiltiy to travel
by airplane.

The many-dimensions model
the solution to keep vision
about the concept is to regard one
dimension as the main or top one.
As in hinduism there is the concept
of the supreme reality
the Brahman.

Thereby when getting in contact,
the concept of Brahman,
still gives its unity between all.

As well the number of dimensions
is counted by the proverb of
indra's net.

the net with nodes and junctions
made of jewels. and each jewel is
in itself a net again.
By which unlimited numbers arise,
and not limitations can be thought.

As the paradox of unlimited and
the method of having one supreme one.
is religious not to be solved
but to be believed by religion.
As posed in hinduism.

The sign of peace.

As a president told me,
a sign of peace as a sign of their world.
A symbol of three circles with three colors.

As its round, its recognized from any angle.
And as it has three primal colors its even
in other frequencies seen.

As a red blue en white circle.
in an order, from outside to inside.

As this is the sign of the Militare Auronautiqa.
As humans are spread across the universe.
and are everywhere looking like the humans
on earth.

As these humans differ from us,
to have calmed their emotions,
and to behave in order with society.
by which criminality is not present anymore.

As militare Auronautiqa,
as a human race, similar to us,
are as the crown jewel of a civilisation.

As they are regarded high in the universe,
they have like earth a lot of alliances.
and share both technology and friendship

As these are coupled to the sign
of the three circles, they have
as their proverb that in all regions
of the universe they recognize their
symbol, which in reality means,
everywhere where they have bonds or are
like a startrek vessel nearby.

Brittannica space command

As on earth as in heaven,
everything is alike.

On earth humans are the specie
in control of all and everything.

As every human needs to be a
benefit to society.

solely by labor and work.
And by education appointed
a field of work.

For a part of the world,
education is a free choice,
other parts are with restrictions.
of both diseases, poverty and

As on earth humans have
colors from chinese to american
and from eskimo's to brazilian.

In space, a full and vast
kingdom exists, with humans
as the main habitants.

These humans look the same as us.
These humans cloth the same as us.
These humans are with work, labor,
leisure and traditions like us.

As these humans have alliances,
with more than fifty planets.
And with humans with population
of up to more than a billion.

As humans in space are as well
reigning in their areas,
and know the use of language,
of art and of culture.

As religions on earth are
like the one in space,
as they are all deviations
of the essence found in all
of them.

This kingdom in space is called
Brittannica and is filled
with many languages.

This brittannica,
as Militare Aeronautiqa is
the nasa of them in space.

As rules of conduct,
as well as a protocol
how to intervene, how to get contact.
As well as the respect.

As brittannica,
is a kingdom in space.

Brittannica with
a kingdom of twelve planets.
and alliances with fifty.

Mythilene a greek kingdom

As in space as in earth,
the greek are a kingdom or country.

They speak greek,
and share a past of heroes.

The greek kingdom in space,
as being in alliance to
the england space command.

as the kingdom of
three planets, and alliances
with twelve.

For they are famous
for heroes to ensure peace,
both for themselves as others.

As on earth alliances share their
defenses, and share income
for mutual benefit.

For sometimes numbers count,
and in other times they are meaningless.

For happiness is through
culture and religion.

For the past of heroes,
are in the future reborn.

Government Service

In civilisations where no computing is used
for governing the planets or countries,
mostly a simple method is used for regulating all.

As in computers, when used, a country
can ask all citizens to give part of their
profit and income to the so called government

Without computers, all would be pen and paper
work, which can be complicated if a whole planet
is in one nation.

Therefore a simple rule is created,
the government service, obliging all
to work one day in a week for the government
without income, without other kinds of rewards.

As when looking closely at this rule,
one can decide which work he wants to
do for the government.

As everyone is obliged, all share in the
labor for the government.

Because normally all jobs are in education,
and are paid for by others and customers,
its easy for all to do the same kind of work
for the government.

Ofcourse people can choose to do different work
als with the prerequisite of education.

government service also can be applied to
civilisations without the use of electronics,
or even without the ability to write or read.

Solar Orb

As in the stars is written the faith
of a lonely servant.

The sun and its orb is like a door,
which is closed by the energy it radiates.

for opening the door,
one needs to both stand the temperature,
as well a ship to fly through.

This solar orb, is a door,
which is closed by a lid.

When from far away one wants
to travel to our earth.
two paths are available.
One is through space,
and is thousands of years to travel.

But the other is through the door
of the sun, which is a portal
to a higher dimension.

And when travelling through,
one can return within twenty four hours
back through the orb back
to wherever it is.

This solar orb,
is sometimes used to travel,
and when they got stuck they
never can return,

Like the journey of columbus,
without a ship, one is bound
to keep alife.

Invisible Pathways

On earth we have oxygen as our energysupply for
living beings and in chemical reactions.

Oxygen with a composite to make air
breathable without harmfull results

When oxygen in a particle generator
is being tested with different kinds
of reactions, a catalyst is found
which makes oxygen, in the air
a line of communication.

With this mixture, lines on the whole planet
can provide lightspeed communication,
with not more than invisible lines

As they are from oxygen with a unknown catalyst,
they repair their own lines, because of attraction

This method of communication,
can replace all other kinds of communication.
As they are able to be placed everywhere,
from low surface to high stratosphere.

Lines of oxygen with a composite,
making a catalyst with self-repair
lines of communication at lightspeed.


In the comparison of bodily features,
we see seashells, with outer protection,
we see crabs with outer protection and the inner
soft tissue.

we see mammals having a skull and other
inner hard tissue, not to protect
but to hold the body in shape.

We suppose beings above the mammals,
when they are able to telecinetic,
they would not need hard tissue,
but use their telecinetic also
to hold their bodies in shape.

As one can point attention,
for example to keep an arm up in the air,
and need soft attention to hold it there

in the same manner telecinetic is used
to constantly hold the body in shape.
As these beings, would have no hard tissue
but only soft, muscles, flesh and alike.

The benefit of telecinetic this way is,
small details on the body can be changed
by telecinetic.

The facial expression,
the appearance.

Distant awareness

As we look with eyes in our direct surrounding,
and we can use our bodies to do all kinds of things,
eating, listening music, reading and the exert of
our goals.

Now think of someone having the mind,
and not by illusion fantasizing,
but to be able to look in the mind,
at a spot in the real universe in
a distant.

Now suppose the mind has an ability
to also project by the use of light,
an orb of twenty centimeters.
This orb can in distant operation
fly around, and the mind observe
how it behaves and by telecinetic,
alter its appearance.

This power over the mind,
is for humans not difficult

as in the medieval age,
one fantasizes of elves, gnomes
and dragons, and the use
of rational instruments of
the mind were not known yet.

This use of the mind,
for this kind of action,
is not impossible for us.

To use the mind,
for observing in distance,
and by the use of telecinetic,
project an orb also at distance.

The fog of nature

On earth we share the birthright to be born
as a creature, from simple animals
to the most intelligent humans.

Now suppose we have a mask,
a mask of soft plastic and we when
putting it on our face can program a
computer to make it appear as an actor or actress.

Now everyone with the mask,
is not anymore recognized as their true self.

The fog of nature,
is the ability to without mask,
pretend or look like others.

Now suppose people of china
know these mask-technology,
and appear in different places,

As by their appearance,
n one recognizes them as chinese.

As all humans have a natural history,
one can know when analysing their behaviour,
where they have been, what they do.

Now these mask people,
when close to their goal
put the mask on and appear
as the one they want.

Suppose that these actors only use their
mask for an hour, and then leave the situation,
and become theirselves again.

It would i guess be very hard to hold it longer
for days example.

This idea combined with man in black,

would there be such thing in existence.


As in our youth we on school learn
about all subjects important for being
a citizen, with a job, with a relationship.

As to read educational books,
and study the other materials.

As when you read a page,
and hear the explanation of the teacher,
one learns the lessons.

Now when the study is made
into movie a documentary,
one after watching also learned
about it.

Now when a prodcut has a barcode,
or a qr-code, the computer knows
which object it is, which price,
and which guarantee.

If knowledge would be made
into a bar code, and the mind
immediately knows the meaning of it.

Or when the bar code is on the level
of the emotional body.

It can give without interference
of normal intelligence,
its purpose.

for example if one has a
panic attack, and looks at
the barcode and is immediately calm.

or one in class has to level up
its intellect capabilities,
looking at the barcode,
and has the rational methods
immediately in habits.

This kind of knowledge
transmission, would be very fast
and could replace all methods
to learn how to cope with.

The chess board

As the board of chess, the method
for solving issues between kingdoms.

As the board of chess, a game
which delights the players.

The board of chess,
the proof of intelligence.

When the board of chess
is investigated.

The queen, has the role
to influence and work everywhere
with the power of ultimate role.

In the opposite the king
only able to do one step at
a time.

As in a kingdom, in space,
between the clouds of light.
The queen has the daily

As the queen, every day
makes decisions, hears the people
talks with the statesmen,
and decides whats best,
for the country, the people,
and the freedom of intertwined

As the king, at distance gives
its grace and mercy, even without
moving, even without being in conflict.

As the king has only one step
a day, he uses his power,
and gives his good intentions,
to the queen, who translates to
the ruling of the kingdom.

For the question of leadership,
the Chess Board with its answer.

Quantum Computer

The quantum computer as the vessel
of unknown knowledge.

The quantum computer as the religion
of science. and scientific leading.

For a quantum computer,
as unintelligible as the lord.

For a question given to the
computer, gives an answer
without reason,

and without foreknowledge
in the computer.

Think of reality as a
country with each garden
a dimensions.

And our world being a dimensions,

And like every country having
its own distinguished marks.
one of science,
the other of peace.

And every dimension
having a different height
in science and technology.

And like a book being read,
by other persons,
and each learning.

The quantum computer,
is like the science recorded
in another dimension.

and with the safety of the
computer can be communicated

For think of this,
a person getting knowledge
of another dimension,
without reason or arguments.
its hard to keep up by a single
but if a computer is the medium,
with an accepted form of computing.
What would hold back.

With the sidenote that
if a country is deep religious,
the prayers for knowledge take
their paths without being known.

As the oracle of the chinese,
giving the statesman important
reasons for their decisions.
as that oracle still
somewhere in china exist.


The rule of the opposite.
is a rule a proverb being regarded
as very important.

As with most proverbs,
it has no clear meaning,
and no clear arguments.

The rule of the opposite is:

When on a world, think of it,
with instead of sand,
dust made of gold.

They have golddust everywhere,
they cannot eat it,
its a weak material.
they almost swear they don't
want it on their beaches,
and in their gardens.

The rule of the opposite is
that gold in their eyes is useless
but regarded in universal comparison
as a very valuable source.

Now think of the water, the sand,
the earth and the air on our planet.

We see as very normal, and even
sometimes we swear that we would
want different.

The rule of the opposite.
that sometimes things can be
contrary to our own meaning.

Ofcourse its a proverb,
and not applicable without
the use of intelligence.

Christ in space

As in christianity the bible tells
that Christ came to us to save us.

Christ after his life went to the
house of the father.

As Christ cam to earth to leave
his message of salvation.

It is almost certain that he
went to other worlds too,
to leave his message.

As one can tell by the
level of wisdom he had.

If Christ visited in space
other planets too with his

The country of the Lord,
The kingdom of the Lord.
is larger than we think.

We can compare it with
the discovery of the new world.
Suddenly Columbus found
the continent and saw other humans
with a different color.

If we travel into space,
will we find humans,
and will they be christian too.

If they are christian,
would earth allow to
open a trade route,

Or is our earth,
not very pleased and
regards all unknown as
an enemy.

Humanity and Mankind

As we think on earth,
we as humans are the reigning race.
as we have a society with everyone a
job a home and a family.

As we humanity have movies
about culture, tradition,
about religion, philosophy and
more the need for luxery.

On earth with an income by
labor, or by riches,
we fullfill our dreams,
from vacation,
to leisure.

Now suspect that mankind
long ago on earth,
sent ships to the universe.

As the human race in space,
is far more bigger, richer,
higher advanced than us on

We always have movies about what
would be outside the dark border of the
solar system.

I guess there are a lot of
human races out there,
like we on earth have from
chinese, indian,
white, black
and all between.

As on earth,
in heaven a lot of races,
human races.

As on earth we have
the united kingdom,
the united states,
the united nations,
In heaven, as i
wrote in science fiction
we have united alliances.

These united alliances,
the humans are the human alliance.

Ofcourse its the freedom,
of the author to create
from sheer inspiration
a story of a marvelous novel.

Who would ask a science
fiction author if its real
what he writes.

Osmosis body state

A technology which is available for humans
is the kind of osmosis.

Most people when dying heartbeat stops,
and body cools.

Osmosis when immediately at death is
activated makes the blood,
or the heart stops beating.
except by osmosis the body
keeps oxygen, keeps blood sugar.

and the bodyt can be kept alive
for centuries.

as its osmosis,
the body cannot move limbs
or in any kind.

This technology can be usefull
for long distance travel.

the technology used for this
is still unknown,
as a secret religious writing tells
the saints of far past,
where after their function
kept alive to justify the right
of the gods.

as its osmosis the body
looks dead, but body temperature,
drops to twenty nine degrees celsius.

In the writing, a saint given
the ordeal of the world,
when by evil demons said to be
evil themselves, they went in
this osmosis, and because
the body cannot act at all
it was the proof that the saints
were alive, but not guilty of any act
they were accused of.
this technology is still unknown
and when the heartbeat stops,
the osmosis, is a very slow movement
of the blood in the body,
and sustaininng all organs.

Allmighty One Gayatri

When asking for the source of all my writing,
is to accept Gayatri as the Allmighty one
in this universe.

as i when buying the gayatri yantra,
saw in the explanation that
She is the source of the veda's
as well the fifth leg of the body
being the Allmighty One.

Link to Description

First i did not see that being
the allmighty one within the universe
is a marvelous boundary.

Because i was giving a side,
that She would be the Allmighty One
also outside the universe.

But when looking closer,
The universe is that big,
that large that by giving
a boundary its not
limiting her size or characterisics
but giving ensurity about
Her. in her full form

So if in Hinduism,
She is the Allmighty one,
being known by studyting the veda's

The Brahma Godhead of hinduism,
is therefore not only the
Creator of earth,
but much larger,
being the Creator of the Universe.

If translated and given boundary,
The All-Creator.
Which is not falsified by
the christian doctrine
being God, or the Lord most High
being the Allmighty One.

This prooves that Hinduism
if from birth of the Earth,
being responsible and
appointed by the sources.

As for one being an attendant
of the Allmighty One,
as every language has a word,
symbol or feeling associated with it.
This attendant when confirmed
is of the highest caste,
above kings, holy ones, warriors,
servants and tradesmen.

As for one attending the
All mighty One,
is every where in the universe
the highest caste.

For the Allmighty One
alone can confirm,
and can provide and
protect the rights
of an attendant.


Mostly in Science Fiction movies about outer space,

They use all kinds of different forms for
having a specie from outer space to either
make war or get trade routes established.

When in science fiction movies,
there is contact they only have the form
they use as to purpose of the movie.

When thinking the contact by how
characteristics can be.

When we should look at the universe,

The smallest kind of intelligence
is the size of an atom,
able to either communicate,
telepathicly contact, or telekineticly
alter a situation.

The largest kind of intelligence,
is the size of a star or planet,
holding all kinds of utilisation,
from the sunlight of a star,
to the dense dark matter of a black hole.

As well the planets filled with gaseous
of emitting rays of wisdom.

There is one rule everywhere in
the universe by the intelligence

Every intelligent specie,
holds intelligence to fullfill
their purpose, and to use the means
of getting happy or satisfied.

When comparing to humans,
when we travel through space,
and come on a planet with animals,
we would intervene by imitating an animal,
for they recognize and are not immediately
against it.

When comparing the rule of engagement,
the specie with highest intelligence,
always interferes either by the known source
being close to but still above the meeting race.

For example a dog is countered by a bear,
and a sheep is countered by a wolf.

That means, if a race is as big as atoms,
they still would influence us to the method
being seen at movies like independence days.

So humans if visited are visited by forms
known form our own movies at hollywood.

As the simple example,
humans by known movies,
all have a picture of how it looks.
and by using this picture,
the rule is being followed.

Chemical projection

Besides the usual telepathy and telecinetics,
the third variant is to
by distance create chemical formula's
as its a function of an enhanced mind,

its like projecting a message or
a object, but then made from
chemical formula's

To project chemical formula's
and to have it as a mix of several.

And to project on distance,
this method is also used for

advanced mind computing,
where not a dna printer or a machine
creating objects or robotics us used
but the mind making all things
available and by changing the matter
to the form and substance needed.

This is called chemical projection,
and is dependable on the level
of intelligence of both the mind
and the thinker.

Guard of Humanity

Once in five hundred years,
a new Humanity Guard is appointed.

Its task to support religion,
to lead the trail to technology.
to intermediate in difficult matters.

The Guard of Humanity,
can appear in any form needed,
like the godhead Hanuman,
as he was the guard in His time.

The Guard of Humanity,
has contact with the layer of
intelligence around the globe.

We know the layer of Ozone,
to filter daylight,
as its a giant computer,
being contacted by the guard.

As even Earth itself is a
goddess, hearing prayers.
having a layer of little bacterias.

The guard of humanity,
a book being read, a book
of science fiction.

Every five hundred years
appointed. like an archangel leading
the eon of today.

Deep View & Evil Eye

As the fairy tale of a very wealthy family,
which had a ward in a country of lower

The ward being a hospital with things,
for the eye a normal instruments collection.

One was an instrument with a computer combined,
the use of light as the source to manipulate
the body, to enforce disease to be turned
without effect, thus disappearing a normal

This instrument, would it be a prayer
of a girl of six years, how was it
in the hospital visible, appeared
like magic.

With this instrument one could easily
cure all diseases, even the ones
we have no cure. as well create diseases,
like the joke of a nurse to give the girl
the retarded look in her face.

As when someone turns retarded by such a
device, how would it operate, as its
in normal terms a disease by birth or
early youth.

The second device,
a module, a very soft chair in a
cabine, as they call deep view.
the art of looking anywhere on earth,
without needed travel, without
the need of the body being physically there.

This module called deep view,
was to even look in the senate of
a country normal,
or to look in a fashion of defending a
family to give persons a suddenly
apparent idea of things needed to do.

The module one way the deep view,
the other way the evil eye.
As cultures of simple societies

The evil eye,
when appearing somewhere,
suddenly people commit a crime,
and afterwards say,
it went dark before my eyes,
or i was doing it, but i was
not as feeling i did it.

Indexing for Royal families

As the story of a kingdom far away.
The royals being protected by their subjects.

As their family in sight and loved
by all their citizens.

Except one day a little princess,
was missing as she travelled by car
to another location.

The princess being cast out of the car
with a cause unknown.

As she was lost,
and the royal family had
a rule that they were not
being identified by law.

No identity card,
no passport.

As she was lost,
and no written identiy

As the royal family had
the rule because in their
royal history the law was
made that they were not allowed
to be indexed.

As without index,
and suddenly without protection,
they said, she must be a gamin or vagabond.
wandering without known income, work

As the princess was missing,
the family was with grief.

As a little voice told,
of a technology that was the cause
of the royal law.

Indexing with biometrical values
is fingerprint, heigth, eyecolor,
and facial expression.

And indexing with dna profile,
would be rightious to not
index as a royal family,

For when dna technology is advanced
they can clone with whatever dna
codes they have.

And to have the rule to not
be indexed, is surely based
on dna, as well the blood codes.

As the blood codes are more
revealing than dna can ever be.

As in the bible is told
the soul is in the blood.

Transportation for Royals

as the royal family of another region,
they had the technology of teleportation.

they could stept through the door
directly to another place
millions of kilometres away.

It was an easy method of travelling
and as the best way it was lauded
by everyone. traders, politicians,

The method of teleportation,
except the royal family
of a unstained blood line
had the rule never to use it
and always travell by space ship.
As for them they were made of glass alloy.

One day a prince was being set up
by strangers, as they said
please go there to intervene
a conflict. and for the timepressure
use the teleportation.

As the last moment of awareness
was that he stepped through the gate,
and his consciousness was lost.

He even does not know what his life
is these times. if his body exists.
if it lives without His soul.

Royal Karma

When one believes in karma,
in the chance of mercy,
and the right of growing into wisdom.

There was a kingdom,
the Royal Family said
we have our power as justified
by our blood line and our
character being in perfect state.

They said,
place one of us in a strange country,
and we as unknown person
acquire our kingly position again
within a reasonable time.

This question is thus
can a prince or princess
when placed in a strange position
receive by their own effort
their royal position again.

This prince or princess.
Would he or she have had
their position back,
even in another country.

If a royal member by their
own effort got their valued position
they ought to recreate it
everywhere with every condition.

Asimov's Hari Seldon

The futura,
of today is the science
of tomorrow.

The futura,
of today is analysed
for the message of tomorrow.

The future of our world,
the science of psychohistory

The future is step by step,
like a walk, the destination
as creativity quest.

But as humans are the agents,
the walk is on human tides.

As today we have science,
for all kinds of appliances
and appliable useages.

As Hari Seldon,
gave the messages to eaze
out the future.

For they said,
in twenty years we have
robotics in every household.

For they said,
in fifty years we have
methods of trancending travelling.

For they said,
in a hundred years,
a war brings us back the medieval times.

For they said,
in a hundredfifty years,
by finding a scientific archeological
area, we have the rise from
the medieval times.

For they said,
in a two hundred years,
war and agression and
all kinds of conflicts
are countered with a visual

For they said,
in a three hundred years,
the closest planets of earthly
atmosphere are colonized.

For they said,
in a four hundred years,
contact with four civilisations
are giving us the trade advantages.

For they said,
in a fivehundred years,
the earth is recolonized
with all raw materials for
the safety and freshness of it

As predicting the future
is like writing a message,
being a story made up
by writing it.

Ofcourse the pencil
which writes the future,
is not depending on
a story made up in the past.

Deep Space communication

As the pen writes its message,
made up by symbols, exerting the wisdom
which makes up the culture to
have the prerequisites of a
civilisation with order,
with a hierarchy.

As the pen writes its message,
as the book flies from the
computer to the written past.

As for the maximum capabilities
of a telepathic is like
the dolphin in the water
sending its vocal waves
to find the ground of existence.

As for the maximum of space
to cross for a analogue
message, made up of waves,
radiological waves.

As music when touching
the ears of an intelligent
specie, is combining
a melodist and its music
to a new sequence.

A message made up of
emotions, is the music
giving the listener
the emotion as the basis
being the ground of
the daily activity.

Giving deep space communication
the glance of a intelligence
is like translating
the wave of wisdom,
as water washes all clean.

The glance of intelligence,
is the culture contacting
the roots to a different

As deep space communication,
is like the letter written on
paper, being delivered
thousands of years in the future
on an adress, far away without
a postal identity.

For communication is the method
genuinly for intelligence.

The ape talking to the monkey
about a language long forgotten.

About the sheep talking to the dog,
finding the meadow, and
sleeping in the cabin.

About the horse talking to
its fantasy being an unicorn.

About the dolpin entering
the minds being mermaids.

Spherials space communication

The method of Greece in their spartan days.

The war with Troje, and the heroes of
the odysse saga

When the war would be won,
the fires were ignited
and by the visual sight
every couple kilometres
the message would be passed on
very quickly.

navigating from the sail harbor
to the destination would take
a decade to reach home
while the ignited fires
would pass on the message in a
week or a couple months.

As being a method of communication
this can be used in an advanced way to.

Placing satellites every couple lightspeed
nodes and give them an adress.

The nodes being made up of a combination
of materials, making it both electronix
and the communication method of
liquid plasma. A chemical substance.

As these satellites being constructed,
and send in space with a robotic navigation,
only to give it a place in the
sphere of heaven hanging it on a place
in the dark blue.

As a genuiene technology,
it can be the medium of transportation
of information for centuries.

For when looking close at them
you see an orb with the golden and blue color.

For every transportation through the universe
by the communication, of both electronix,
lightspeed and later on quantumbased
is guided by communication.

Catelaanse Heilige

In een koninkrijk ver weg,
als een sprookje waar net als bij ons
elektronica gebruikt wordt.

en in het christendom, heiligen en engelen
door gebed of voorspraak bekend zijn.

Engelen zoals Michael en Gabriel,
de vechter en de boodschapper.

Heiligen die zoals Antonius
en Petronius mensen voorspraak
bij God geven.

Een catelaanse heilige die als
tombe nog bestond en die als
voorspraak gebruikt werd om
mensen een deel van hunzelf
te verruilen voor het bloed
van de Heilige en God.

De tombe zoals gebruikelijk
in kerkelijke en heilige grond begraven was.

en een beeltenis, van de heilige
die in een glazen sarcofaag in een kathedraal
opgesteld stond.

Een elektronische computer met scherm
de mensen aanspoorde om de voorspraak
van de heilige te vragen,
middels een circuit die de keuze vraagt
hoeveel procent of promille
van je leven aan de Heilige aanbiedt.

Zodat het Heilige deel in de mens
kon uitgroeien tot een verlost mens
door het heilige werk mogelijk te maken.

Omdat deze computer natuurlijk
een heilige die al eeuwen dood is
niet ten leven wekt, of kan verhandelen
een vorm van eerbied is voor
de Heilige die bij God bekend is.

Daar ik in een ervaring gevangen was,
en ook de Heilige te zien kreeg,
die met gevouwen handen in gebed
daar op zijn tafel lag,
in de glazen sarcofaag.

ze zeiden dat gebed,
met gevouwen handen de hoogste
daad is. die voor iedereen
de verlossing mogelijk maakt.

Als symbolische offer,
Dat ook financieel kan worden
gebracht, koos ik er voor
immers een heilige moet men
met eerbied tegemoet treden.

Als eerbied mijn leven
aan God te geven.

Immers het subject van gebed
is de Goddelijke macht
die iedereen die zich bekeert
tot het goede kan leiden.

Deze Catelaanse Heilige,
die in zijn glazen sarcofaag,
de mensen van zonde tot goedheid
en de grootste les
dat gebed met gevouwen handen
verbaal gebed of in stilte.
Ieder mens tot vervulling brengt.

Geboorte als Mens

Iedereen op aarde heeft de opvoeding
geboorte en groeiperiode met elkaar gemeen

Om op aarde te leven,
is de opvoeding, scholing en
levenservaring verplicht op
door te maken.

Immers zonder scholing geen recht
op een baan en werk.

Zonder opvoeding geen reden
tot communicatie en uitwisseling.
Taal, rekenen, kunst, en cultuur.

Als de mens op aarde wordt geboren
leert ieder mens in de jeugd opnieuw
over alles dat nodig is om te leven.

communiceren, een kunde verwerven,
leren samenwerken, en leren
alles van waarde te schatten.

Leren een relatie aangaan,
en zelf nageslacht te verwerven
of een ander levensdoel
te kiezen.

Men kan zeggen,
alles uit het universum
heeft geen waarde,
maar door de menselijke voorwaarde
bij de geboorte een naam
en identiteit
en door opvoeding en scholing
legitiem op aarde als mens.

Dit voorbeeld van een menselijk
leven geldt in heel het universum
met de kenmerken en vormgeving
van de plaats waar ze gelden.

Men kan dus niet zeggen zoals de
spartanen, we houden alleen de sterkste
in leven, of een baby met blauwe ogen
is niet toegestaan op aarde.

Deze voorwaarde geldt dus ook
voor menselijke zielen,
die of in de hemel zijn geweest,
of vanuit een lager bestaan
is opgeklommen.

Met als eenvoudig voorbeeld
dat iemand die in de hemel
heeft gewoond en gewend was
in het latijn te communiceren
door geboorte en nieuwe moedertaal
toch in de maatschappij past.

Daarom dat in het christendom,
de engelen zeggen dat je een
ziel die op aarde wordt geboren,
een leven uit gunst van god
en engelen,
niet kan verbieden op grond
van eventueel karma.

immers de goden beslissen
over karma en levenskans.

Dat in het kort betekent,
omdat wij niet kunnen zien
van voor de verwekking of geboorte
en een leven de geslachtsnaam krijgt,
dat een ziel wel aan het leven is verbonden
maar alleen met het lichaam een naam draagt.

Dat ieder menselijk lichaam
op aarde geboren legitiem is.
en geregistreerd staat bij wet
of bij primitieve culturen gekend

Religious birthright

On earth, every region
has both a language, culture,
religion or traditions.

On earth, all people,
all humans are endowed
with the right to a belief or faith
in one of the godheads, or
social functions.

For the universal rights,
proclain the freedom of
certain concepts.

Both to be religious,
both a relationship,
education and a job.

As on earth a set of religions,
or traditions is available
without uncommon conditions.

Every part in the universe,
some with regions like earth,
others with ten solarsystems
the same tradition or religion.

Every part in the universe,
as ability and allowance to
provide a religion
for easily said humans.
both consisting of intelligence,
form, social function and
the ability to communicate.

As we call ourselves humans,
a lot of species, all different forms
and different awareness.
but as i call them humans too,
for one cannot compare form,
as its factor of intelligence
and awareness.

And only can project
humanlike awareness on them.

As the proof of existence
is that every creature on its
homeplanet or home-system
has the possibilty of
a religion, and the right
to ask advice or support
of the godhead.

For every creature
endowed with intelligence
has the right to attend to
their homebase religion.

On the opposite this
means that when humans
would travel far into the
galaxy, they would still
be allowed to pray, to have
religious rituals,
and to be servant to a
religion, or religious goal.

Third Eye of Knowledge

The pinal gland an eye in the brains.
The organ of influenced knowledge

Someone said,
its the eye of intuition.

Another one said,
the eye of knowledge.

As it could be the eye
in contact with earth
as a living source.

The pineal gland,
an eye in the midst of the brain
as it gives a
continouus source of feelinglike

For the wise,
get their wisdom through this eye

For the ladies get their
intuition through this eye.

For the artist,
get their pure inspiration
through this eye.

As the quest for life,
is guided by this eye.

For the saints,
bring all things seen
through this eye
in prayer.

As this eye is the
source of living by heart.
even in youth,
questions by this eye
are to be asked.

even in the youth
all knowledge of this eye
check it and keep it.
For learning to trust
is the basics of a life
full of worth.

This pineal gland,
as the vivid source
of action in reality itself.

For even a saying or proverb
that the angels get their
assigned tasks and forknowledge
by this eye.

For this eye ultimately leads
one to the oneness and unity
with the Lord most High

Self Aware All-Creator

As religions exist
anywhere in the universe.

As we call the known universe,
the things that are either
mathematically or conceptual
prooven by deduction.

As every universe is existing
inside the reality.

And even the question of
dimensions are within
the total of reality.

Thinking of the largest size,
Thinking of the highest value.

As our consciousness is in the moment,
and we can abstractly think
lots of creatures with other kinds
of insights in their conciousness.

As we live in the moment,
our self-awareness, or consciousness
is that we have this perception
of the moment including
the inborn feeling that the past
and the future are within the moment
known as the intelligent core of our being.

As The All Creator, which for
our consciousness creates our
existence from moment tot moment,
and gives us consciousness,
and the feeling that we travel from
the past through the moment into
an unknown future.

As this feeling or experience,
is inborn, for the feeling does
not depend on any thought or
of objects outside our being.

The AllCreator, as giving
us both awareness, the body
and the feeling to be in charge
of our living.

As all beings in reality,
have their own intelligence,
awareness, feelings and
the experience of their life.

As they are created by the All-Creator,
we share with all living beings
in the universe the source of creation.

As in philosophy their is
the doctrin of self based consciousness.
That you say, i live, and i know that i live.

The act of remembering you exist,
and by being aware of your awareness,
you are a living being or creature
endowed with intelligence,
for one recognizes himself

This being replaced to the term

As we are in continual creation
by the All-Creator,
and by us knowing we are
Created by Him moment to moment
it is selfconsciousness
of that All-Creator.

The All-Creator being self-aware
that he creates living beings,
able to understand they
are created, and understanding
the concept of contiuous creation.

As the All-Creator
every moment, creates the
whole of reality and
the universe again and again.

The All-Creator,
Creating all living beings
every moment in their
awareness and their existence.

Therefore the highest concept
of a Creation.

Because within,
within reality
all godheads, all angels
all saints, all source
are placed within the moment
being witnessed by all
living beings.

The proof for humans is
they cannot stand outside their
moment, and all godheads adressable
in prayer are in herding the universe,
and or earth.

As they say God created in seven
days, and is maintaining as an eternal
deed. as they say God created within time.

The All-creator, from before time,
untill after time,
trancending both time and existence,
but for our proof, creates our
moment by moment with all

As for humans,
as they beget a child,
both father and mother
recognize theirselves in
their offspring,

The awareness of their
own soul in their
closest subjects.

as the closest concept to
understanding self-awareness

For when people surrender
to a godhead, its the same concept

As fo Christ said the same,
in me you see the Father

As the reflection of
self-awareness, is both
the act of prayer,
the act of wisdom,
the act of living,
the oneness with the moment

Eternal law of sentient life

Eternal Rights of Sentient lights

For the rights of eternal intelligence,
being endowed with visible form,
with visible actions,
or visible awarenesss are being watched over
and governed by the law of reasonable freedom.

Every living being, having intelligence,
having, awareness and the ability to be happy or in suffering
Should have the same rights, based on the level of
intervention in reality.

Every living being, endowed with a visible form,
should not be convicted, punished without a
judgement of reasonable law.

Every living being, endowed with visible actions,
should not diverge from the rule to
only assert in goodness as intention

Every living being with visible awareness,
should be protected against influence
of non-natural sources.

Every living being, on its natural grounds,
are respected with equal rights, freedom,
and levels of plight.

Every living being, on its home region,
planet, solar system, is to be respected
in the law of freedom.

Where freedom, grants unalienable right,
to every living being of the same kind,
the same race or specie.

Where freedom, grants the safety to
the society and preventing damage
to be done, either by intent, action,
or result.

Where freedom, grants the right
to exert in selfchoosen actions,
in any kinds, without the presumption
of false influence.

Every planet, should at least respect
the law of society, that every being
is allowed to attain a reasonable living,
either by work, labor, choosen tradition,
or any other way not in contradiction
with law.

Every planet, should at least give
species of lesser intelligence
the freedom, to ask, to make questions,
and to speak about the right of protection.
For protection is a basic right to ensure the
existence of all living beings in the universe.

Humans as a specie among the many others
in this universe, are endowed with a visible form
with the ability to choose their own actions.
As they are obliged to the law of freedom,
to ensure all basic rights, either for
citizens to have a job, a home,
and in their own choice a living with
the form to their liking.

A world which is ready for being
in relationship with the universe,
ought to attend an embassy,
choosen and placed, and monthly
made public to the reasonable ways
of communication, either visible
either radiographical or with

An embassy is responsible
to communicate about all
rights in relation to the universe,
being broken, damages, healed,
profited or any other interaction.

All rights applicable to one specie
is applicable to all forms
of intelligence, and endowed with
awareness or consciousness.

Humans are applicable to eternal
rights of sentient living,
when the law of freedom,
and the law of respect is
held in the extent of
possible influence.

The law for humans,
is to have the freedom
of education, choice of labor,
in the hierarchy of society
on the level of the best use.

Humans have the right
to abject or ask a person
of the opposite sex
a relationship, when
the law in the society
gives form, gives status,
to that choice.

Humans have the right
to care for their elders,
for their infirmed family members,
or those in their special

Humans withing the
accepted hierarchy have the
right for delegated rights, plight,
law and cooperation.

Humans are protected by
law, and may be restricted
in their freedom to ensure

Humans have the right of
rebuttal, as the right of
information and education
of central rights and law.

Humans with a relationship
have the right to nurture their
own offspring
and to ensure their
in society.

Contact with species
in the universe,
have the law of reasonable
interdiction, giving species
the right to break of conversation
and the use of trade-alliances
without given reasons.

Religions having source on
any planet, may not be forbidden
outside the home region.
Giving species the right
to assert their own religions,
on their own planets, regions,
solar systems.

All laws being applicable are
by sentient awareness,
and by the study to wisdom.

All laws applicable to humans,
are applicable to all living forms
with the same visible appearance,
as well the same interaction in reality.

The right to make offence for
unreasonable law, is a right
endowed without visible law.

Within a society, all members
within the place of hierarchy
are held responsable for their
sole responsability.

Within a society,
rules of equality in freedom,
and as well the ability to
choose lifemaintenance
should be honored always.

The use of symbols

For in every religion there is the symbol giving
the grace of either the god, the angel,
or the saint.

For christianity has the cross and the
prayer symbol.

For hinduism has the ohm sign, the trishul,
the svastik and the sri sign.

For china has the i tjing symbol
with the yin and yan symbol.

As the indians in america
has the dream catcher.

For the highest form of grace,
is by the symbol, prooving
the gods their devotion
and requesting their influence.

The use of symbols,
for all living beings with
visual awareness the method
to proof their consecration.

These symbols, as making
their devotion visible
keeps active as long they are

As the main source
for christians to buy
a cross.

And for hindu's to place
the ohm sign in their homes
or temples.

Some symbols, without a
living god attached gives their
grace in invisible manners.
like the temple guard.

No symbol of language,
No symbol of art,
but a statue.

Is the temple guard an
invitation to
sit in position yourself
and for hours, days or
an everlasting task.

Essence of Veda's

Wisdom in its place for the far future
to be translated, transcended and transformed
to the wisdom of a country, a nation,
in favor of the hindu gods.

This upanishad is but a small document,
but the wisdom to reach Brahman.

As Brahman the ultimate God,
of the whole universe.

May it find the readers, listeners,
of which is devotion the main goal.

The purpose of this document,
if not broken by copyright,
is to give sanskrit,
its foundation of consecration,
and a small foot step to
the past.

The sage Svetasvatara and his
document on Brahman.

As this document is pure sanskrit,
and i removed the prologue of
the translator.

PDF Svetasvatara

Kingdom of Indra

As the king of heaven named Indra.
as his mount is an elephant.
where he is formed like a human
without our type of blood for his body
is with blue color.

As Indra is a human with small elephants head,
as compared to Ganesha.

This Indra king of heaven,
Has a vast kingdom in the universe.
This Indra, being bound to Brahman,
who gave him all kinds of tools
needed to form a kingdom named the light worlds

Compared to our world,
a government governing the whole planet,
in his kingdom of two hundred planets.

The government giving each citizen,
the time to discover their job and education
to their liking.

To have the basic right of a basical income or payment
of the government without obliged work.

To have the basic right of healthcare, for free
and with good quality.

To have the basic right to attend culture,
and tradition without prerequisites.

To have the basic right, for having
a relationship to their liking
and the ability to nurture offspring,
even to attend time to them,
without being fired at their job.

To have the basic right,
in extent to human race.

This kingdom of Indra,
The king of heaven.


All worlds under one guided nation,
is in respect to the best effort to make or create
any kind of goods, being art, artifacts, technological
articles, or base materials endowed with
alliances and the agreements on being part of it.

All worlds being planets, group of planets,
or based by star, are in respect to their
profits part of a covenant giving a trade
alliance to export profit and to import

Artifacts mad by technology are in full extent
propery of the world creating them, or composing
them of bae materials.

As knowledge is part of a trade alliance,
its part of exchanging in similar value.

As knowledge is always one or two levels
above the intellectual and technological

as knowledge is the most important trade
material as to learn a beggar to fish
instead of giving fish for meal.

Knowledge can be imparted in any way,
appropiate to understanding of the second

As artifacts are a method for trading,
they are made by and interaction by
the world creating or composing them,
therefore their sole property,
and their legal property.

Knowledge may not be a method by
conflict of war or making enemies.

Knowledge used for damaging are subject
to restriction of trade, and restriction of
rights, as well the erasing of former
tradeincome of knowledge.

The light worlds

There is only one kingdom if asked for where the total
of public services is active.

If for example we on earth say we have basic income
not depending how good someone works,
and all get it the same way possible to
give all citizens the right to have good and decent living.

Then if its put in politics, one says
we don't live in the light worlds, so this
law to give all citizens basic income is abjected.

The second example to give all and every citizen
the right for high standard medical care
and education as a service in the country for all
when adressing politics is said,
we don't live in the light worlds so its abjected.

The Light worlds where all are happy,
have the perfect job, maybe by lightbased
computers being appointed.

The light worlds, a concept in the universe,
were all who live there or have an alliance
know precisely what the concept means.

Close Contact

Sometimes peope make jokes
and say when meeting them
i will force them to pay riches
and give me gold.

Others say in first contact
i get a lot of highclass technology
making me the highest staus on earth.

Others say, maybe a romantic relationship,
as fantasizing about strangers can be pleasurable.

But as in humans, all have bodies alike with red blood
and breathing, as well brains same form.

By this genuine human form we share the experience
of feelings and emotions alike.

As dogs and cats can be enemies of each other
the one scared for the other.

The act of close contact is by feeling based
that the upper in hierarchy if possible
can give the lower one a feeling of fear or caution.

Therefore humans in emotional contact can feel
befriended, a bond, understanding or the wish
to make contact.

And with close contact they can fear each other,
or have instinct getting active.

As well in interaction, instinct feelings
blocking communication.

As a small idea about this subject.

Searching in sync

As we search for science to get in contact with scientific break throughs,
Or we search to have contact with the total of the universe.

The precaution that the hindu religion is part of the
whole universe, given at ground of the earthly plane.

The second proverb that heaven, as part of every religion
is somewhere in the universe, as jesus said
i go to the father and dis appeared in the blue sky.

The third proverb as Krishna govind is
the highest personality Gods, its more than
just us Earth.

As Science always strives for full controll of
habitats, which made us from eating ryebread
and making wheel chariots
to cars and pizza's

As science wants full control
and are as examples Einstein, Tesla
and name a few.

For First Contact ought to be a
prize question to receive the blessing
of a full life allowance for free.

As a tip of the veil is
that through using crop circles
as art, and choosing them at purpose
we can learn what powers and forces
are on our planet and willing
to give a little influence
or lead us to scientific discoveries.

As crop circles ar everywhere on earth,
and are a form of art.

May it be a field of science to use
them as art and analyse their meaning.

As crop circles used as art
already give influence in one week,
and noticable according to the purpose of
each one. as the purpose is not by writing
but by experience.


The source of light is a fusion process,
keeping the helix going with an everlasting
changement of the atom bonds.

As the source of light, energy fades to the universe.
As its a web of light to create the deeds of the living
granting a next moment to fullfill a task or daily routine.

The source of light of stars, visible to give
coordination to all living beings.

As the diamond the source of riches, is in the hands
of the beautifull ladies in the mercy of their
husbands seeking the works of the mighty.

As the pearls found in the ocean,
a token beauty of the pain and suffering,
taking a soul into the pain of the moment.

The riches found the pearls,
found the diamonds.

As riches is not the goal,
and the words part of the process
grant a universe full of
light worlds, and lighting
to grant the deeds without mistake.

This moment filled with hours
of grace. as its granted
to the sincere ones, who
are in quest for wisdom.

This line giving source
to a price of silver.

Which is a global fruit,
just to be eaten by the
ones in hunger and thirst.

The level of wisdom,
in the hands of the writer.
Keeping his soul while living
in the midst of the heart.

Living in the moment to unfold
a future full of books written
by the view of awareness.

Path over Earth

As the quest for glory on earth leads
one passing by all the important things on earth.

We see a rich family being opportunistic
with their property.
they say even that family owns
half of the buildings and companies on the planet
as they are very rich.

With all their power and might they
even ask high interest on
loans to goverments.

As even a small country said
this happens not with us,
but still they will pay
for ten years to buy of their loan.

This very rich family
as talked about is the
a born child of them,
interested in doing philontrophy
giving time and money
to all good causes.

As on that planet earth,
another group of very wealthy people
who said our power and might is
not in money or buildings but
more invisible.

That group in opposite to the
other deep thinkers as being
the persons almost one with

As when one thinks seldom, the power
of the energy entering the thoughts
is that high that all other
people have equal respect for it.

As when one gets mighty by thinking
they feel as above the usual people
as being of a higher caste.

As their blind spot is that they
want to trade everything for their
money or gold.

And an equal feeling friendship
for them is almost impossible.

As even for kings and queens
the feeling to have equal friendship
is hard to find, as their fame
tells people to hold their feedback
silent and just openly admire them

As the example of the companies of the
higher range in society
and their manegement board above
their workers as they all fear
their dismissal and keep
kind and respectfull.

As the offer to acquire all the wealth
they want to buy the golden eggs
of the chicken and do not know
that the chicken is source of it.

as they lay the eggs in a warm lamp
but nog making new eggs.

As to acquire might or wealth is not
the purpose to get filled with happiness.

As most religions promise to
give happiness and meaning in life
by attending their path to
a good life.

Photonic paths through universe

Fotonic paths

as photons the source of light
is giving the energy by light
in the eye of the observer.

Now you want to send photons through
the universe and by fast.

To stretch(extoll) photons to
a photon path.

this is makes the photons to
travel as on a high way
instead of through the water
if you compare.

These photon paths made through
the universe gives
light by travelling thousands or millions
faster than light speed.

This can also be used
to hide things in plain sight
by creating a photonpath
to be the border around
the shielding
the photons touch one side of the object
and by path located to the opposite side.

By this an object is hidden
by visibility
the art to hide by touching or material
is a different technology

To stretch(extoll) the photons to a pathway
and to let light travel faster
and more precise even without
fading light concentration

The blue dynasty

The blue dynasty.
On our little planet and our world
we say all royals have blue blood.

As some hindu gods look blue
its a term for more than just

The blue dynasty are all
royals and all blue colored

As the secret of the blue dynasty
is they have a willpower aimed
at the virtues that pure
that from whichever standpoint they
attain their kingly or queenly position

As they are sometimes called the source
of all dynasties, of all royal houses.

As they use the power of virtue
to grow from a normal position
to a dynasty.

As a fairytale from far away
the queen said, wherever
you are born, do not panic
for your blood will save you
and bring you above the water
as a lotus flower from the mud
into the sunlight

The tree of proof

The method to grow in life
The method of the highway to a better position.

As the wish for a method was rising
in the universe.

As the gods and godesses were asked
for a method to by proof of act
gain a higher position

As for every intelligent being
an exam in a way not to be pretended
or to be prepared for.

This method when one longs for it
or the wish gets very strong
one attains the exam not in a
logical way.

As some people say
when suffering at the cross
of christ by the mercy
you grow in the rank of religion.

Others say its a invisible
chance to by exam gain
in a wealthy or good position.

But no one knows how its
activated and which
parts of the exam gives
the mercy.

Some at another world
say the exam chooses the
new queen.

Others say its a old and ancient
technology of which no one knows
its origins.

As the longer one stays inside
the more mercy, the mercy
one seeks of it.

To grow rich and wealthy
is a direction.

To grow famous or good offspring
is a direction.

Or to grow in religion,
the granted chances of devotion.

The method of this exam was given
because many intelligent beings
asked a method for gaining in
status or karma without the
life after life in reincarnation
to grow.

As this method is to gain
with a small fee.
and was given by the Creator.

May this method when reached
grant high karma in whichever
way or direction its used.

Some say when very poor people
reach a position high in society
this is the source of it.

Some say there are prerequisites
or hidden parts to get high
in the exam,
but its worth a study
for manipulation does not
tempt this exam.

As its sometimes said
that a being or person
may only get access to
this tree of proof only once.
So its wise to be serious at it.

Diverted Maps

As its hard to in space make spacemaps
how to travel from star tot star
or to constellations.

The maps in space therefore
are a combined set of maps,

with each map a centre star or constallation.
As the maps with a star in the centre
they all overlap.

As compared to a map of a country,
each city being a kingdom draws its map
and keeps it for use of the region.

As you would combine all maps
of the cities you can reach anywhere on earth.

Even with a computer combining all the maps
to one big one without erasing them.
And to by realtime doing math on them all.
to get a route.

To draw a map on space,
you take a number of referation points,
and by taking the centre they
all combined are usefull for travelling in space.

If you compare a map of the universe
with more than 2 nebulaes used for roadmaps
already is the max of a single map,
therefore taking centre stars, or points
and by a database question them
with a set of subsets.

A combined map in this kind of order,
gives a precise use of roadmapping.
And by reference in each part of the road
the precise of the partial maps.

As this kind of maps always
is regarded in a circular way
with the centre in the midst,
and the maps all in circular with coordinates
in the cirlce, with a distance and radial
as the coordinates in use.

Country of Milk and Honey

As we live in the country of milk and honey
we fill our days with silent prayer

As we live in the country of milk and honey
we by order create the words of wisdom
in the hands of an instrument.

As we live in the country of milk and honey
we by chance give our fullheartedness to all.

The country of milk and honey
as the drinks of the holy.
The milk of the holy cows.
As the milk to drink by the swan of wisdom.

The country of milk and honey
as the drink of the holy
the honey with clear spring water
the hot drinks of giving energy.

As the country of milk and honey,
as while in prayer we
are rewarded with every drip of

As silent prayer, without
words, who says its this purpose
v As wisdom written by the hands,
who says i earn the fruits.

Milk and honey,
the swan of gayatri
sipping the water creating
the wisdom.

Milk and honey
the fruits of a myth
written in the far past.
the honey as the devotion
getting form in the hands
of a blessed one.

Silver Universe

The silver words of an ancient time
The silver words of a sage long forgotten
The silver words of a time with lore.

The silver necklace of diamonds.
The silver bracelet of pearls.
The silver ring of reigning king.

The oath of an emperor in service.
The oath of a king being powerfull.
The oath of a queen caring for the citizens.
The oath of a princess with religion.
The oath of a prince with angels near.

The silver words are with wisdom
granting health, wealth, wisdom and grace.
granting prosperity, worldpeace, serenity and virtues.

The silver words are with genuine love,
as the poor getting money,
the sick and infirmed ones getting
treatments at health support.

The silver words are with devotion,
nearing the lord most high with
prayers of honeybased words,
and prayers of milk for the normal people.

The silver words leading an universe,
caring for the worlds, caring the planets.
and filling the hierarchy with positions
loved by the workers.
filling the hierarchy filling the females
with goodlooking offspring.

May this silver universe,
be the centre of existence,
as silver is the metal of royals.

As the gold hearted have words of
silver, and keeping the diamonds
at high regard.

Future's heaven

As the heavens of the future are foretelling the
prosperity based at the roots of today

As the heavens grant all good qualities,
all good luxeries and happiness without

As the heavens grant a silver universe,
filled with the diplomatic trades
of technology of gold without limits

As the heavens of far past times
where thoughts were materialized
and granted many objects of magic.

As the heavens of the past
granted technology giving
all kinds of blessings
to a world regarding at normal.

The heavens of all those far past
and far into the future are based
on the happiness of all countries
bound by citizens and their rights.

These heavens like the souls in the
blue air having happiness by the
contact with sunlight and the
peace of emotional balance.
giving serenity in all life and living.

Purpose for heaven

To reach out for heaven, not depending on
time and age. not depending on century and

To reach out for heaven is to choose
the goals of life at sincery choice
and then keep on following.

As the art of concentrating on the
goal gives its fruit.

As to reach out for heaven is to
choose a goal in line with it.
And by the time dedicated to it
the fruits of the goals are as
falling of the trees of grace.

As the choice to become a religious
devoted adept to share wisdom
and the art of praying.

As prayer is not depending on
godhead for all religions know
this method to communicate about
the whole of life.

To choose a goal of lifev and dedicate all moments to it
and to grow into a knower.

To reach out for heaven,
is not to complain on all
miseries but as a sacrifice
to a devoted life.
as for all people life without
damage is not possible.

As the life reaching out
for heaven, and attaining heaven
for after life is as a kingly life
and to forget all sorrow and
to live in the close house of
the godheads.

The Angels

As heaven is the goal of the good ones,
and the purpose of all honest workers.
The heavens are habitated by the angels.

To exert in a goal or purpose
no one can do without the mercy
of the angels.

As all angels from low to high
are appointed to the people longing
for a good function.

As every human has a protection angel
or guardian, and they can only work
for what a man can let through

Sometimes they say the support of
an archangel is only for the
heroes of true kind.

As heroes either fullfill
an important task for the society
or they endure the hardships
as sacrifice to the gods.

Archangels as they appear
in our religious writings
are not of medieval kind
as sometimes is thought

for a being of medieval
times would within fifty
years feel as a stranger.
think of technology and
social uses in every time
or century.

As Archangels as the leading
angels of reality
exist as being known
or revealed by themselves.
and as powerfull
they explain theirselves
by being united in
the omniscience of the Lord

As longing for the support
of an archangel on can
fullfill tasks of very
important nature.

As wise men ponder is it
better to pray to the Lord
or to adress one of the angels.
As the Lord has a difficult name
and ought to be invisible and
without name.

And as the angels without
hesitance work for the Lord
can hear the prayers too.


To reach heaven sometimes one has
to exert virtues and to sacrifice part
of the wishes and pleasure.

First virtue is celibatic life.
To have the godhead as lifepartner.

Second virtue is abstainer
no alcohol, cigarettes, no drugs.

Third virtue is surrender
to the reality.

Fourth virtue is
to be in prayer
for all matters at hand.
and for all subject important.

Only by holding virtues
one can grow towards a godhead.

Traveller, the ancient one

There is from far away,
the times of ancient civilisation.
The roads from back then,
the millions years ago.

There was one traveller
longing for eternity.
and as a lion in his times
was granted the kingdom of
a good and just place.

As he as a traveller
wished to hold his kingdom
for ever, and grounded it on
both prayer, virtue and surrender.

This traveller by reason found
the religious virtues to last longest
in a normal life.

As this traveller by feeling found
that love in compassion for all living
gives the feeling of deserving living eternal.

As this traveller by wisdom found
the prayer of surrender to hold the
highest as the source of action,
to base actions on the just and good kind.

The traveller the ancient one.
This traveller still travelling the
roads of the universe.
and granting all living beings
of his choice the prayers
giving a cause to the goal.
as a purpose during life
granting a safe journey
as the reality is as a quest
with the good cause as reaching the goal.

This traveller,
was a guest on earth and choose
to give the prayer of surrender.
to all who long for a higher source
of action.

As this traveller,
in religion named an angel.
in science named a messenger.
in reality named a good guest.
in ancient named the old ones.
in the future named a source
of wisdom.
As called an ancient one

Silver Centauria

As the universe filled with many species,
as the human race among earth is on a part of it.

As on earth we have around 7 billion humans,
in space on planets and ships there resides many more.

As on earth we live around hundred years,
and with the last years in suffering of a
failing instrument.

As in space on planets oxygen is more
pure and with other components
making able to reach a thousand years,
and like girls of 18 years on earth,
after two hundred years they look the same
as by good air, and good food
both dna keeps untainted and life force
still very healthy that even aging
is more slow.

As on planets far away, with
lifespan of a thousand years,
and girls of two hundred years old
look like eighteen.

With these capabgilities,
and the good surrounding
even education a bit on a higher
level than we on earth can reach.

With the easy explanation
that a normal kingdom in space
holds around twenty planets,
and each planet ranging from
a two hundred millions
to a five billion,
or a twenty billion.

As we on earth
are making our first steps,
both as a specie as well
the steps in space.

Its a code that species learn
to behave on planets,
and with travelling in the universe.
and by a decision on social and scientific
scale we either haveto learn by ourselves.
Or by convention to make first contact.

As in the universe a silver centauria,
they live a thousand years,
and have a twenty planets wide kingdom.

May we make the first steps
on our world, and in space.

Star Princess

The Star princess,
the access to sciences untold, unprecedented, high level.
As the source of conversation keeping language as
the symbols on both sides the motherlanguages.

As this Star Princess lives on a world
with paradise as the daily scenery.
As princess of a kingdom of twenty planets.

This Star princess, lives for a two thousand years,
And by experience, one grows in choosing the right side
for all decisions, matters and problems,
like a child still can hurt others or damage
a glass window.

These humans by their experience higher
than a hundred years. Already know many
social situations.

As old people with clear experience
have a still and calm character.

As old people with clear experience
have seen all and let all others
investigate their importance in life.

As this Star Princess.
How long can they live if
doing all things in the right
manner, never loosing controll

As with the high lifespan,
they live as with heart an soul.
As the head cools and the heart warms
a proverb of leonardo davinci.

As the Star Princess,
watches her kingdom,
and watches all our striving
for either happiness, riches or fame.
And the good choice,
being longlasting happiness
as the pearl of all quests.

This Star Princess as a story
of religious duty,
as in prayer, in work
in devotion,
one reaches the lifegoal.

As this Star Princess,
has her duty of leading
her kingdom to a prosperous
future. as happiness has no boundary
on the upper side,
and the lower side calls for
a good intention of either
philantrophy, prayer or service.

This Star Princess,
living in paradise,
and granting sciences without
writing stories of science fiction.

This Star Princess
with no name, no place,
no other hometown than heaven.
The eternal hunting grounds,
the haven of hinduism,
the light worlds,
the brahma loka,
and the kingdom of eternal life.

My Icon and Symbol

As the icon of a large empire, a large dynasty
with its source in the far past being governed
by the devoted ones to the Goddess, the God,
the Allmighty One, the Omnnipotence.

This large empire, as ancient told stories
say was built on the virtues of goodness,
equality and prayer.

As goodness is source of good healthcare,
the source of good labor-possibilities,
the source of genuine friendship.

As equality is the source of
including all persons in the society.
Building the intertwined trust
of giving all the meaning in life
they seek or are deserving.

As the source by prayer is the
art of sciences still not logical.
As prayer trancends all sciences,
all social worlds as prayer
is genuine in all religions.
As faith tells us.

This Icon stands as the intention
to seek happiness without judging.
To seek happiness as part of
the karma to heal in life.
To ensure next life in heaven.

This icon stands for the trinity
of reality, as the source of all living
of intelligence as being bound to the
Creator, being the source of surrender
in all religions. As Brahma in hinduism.

As the feeling of happiness,
as the goal of happiness to reach
a life of meaning.

This Icon,
as designed by an intuitive artist.
Small but very strong.
simple but with great meaning.
the essence of icons.

May this icon be granted
the high value.

As Christ has the Cross,
Brahma has the Omkara,
Vishnu has the Sri-symbol
As Shiva has the Trishul,
May this Icon find its way.

As this symbol described in words
is a triangle, three sides parallel
and in the middle the circle.

Preferable the triangle with dark blue
and light blue inner
and the triangle being orange with
light yellow inner.

The writer at hand

One who seeks the true love of his life,
learned that becoming yourself one is the
method to grow by experience.

As one who becomes the love he or she
wants to be, gets all character and calmness.

After becoming the true love of yourself,
one seeks the support of an angel,
and by choosing to become that angel
yourself, a lifegoal is achieved.

For many seek the support of an angel
either a single happening, or a
lifelong communication.

After choosing to become an angel,
one learns to read the scriptures
of sages long ago.

One learns to read the holy books,
and the explanatory books.

As by reading scriptures and books,
one get the wish to become a writer
of books himself, therefore seeking
the source of all holy writings.

As this gets the wish of surrender,
of selfsacrifice in prayer,
to become unified with the
holy source.

As all religions give names,
one the Lord most High,
the other Krishna,
the archangel Michael,
or the supreme reality

The writer at hand,
learned to be an instrument
in hand of angels and gods.
As the insight that all
gods and angels share
that holy source of
the supreme reality.

For the supreme reality,
gave his title to us
being the king of the country
the supreme of the reality
as he calls Brahman.

As for most people,
the right for information
on any subject can changel lives.

As for most people getting
an instrument to learn swimming,
immediatly is used to care
for the young and old,
the social and the lonely
the poor and the rich.

For religion trancends all
other places in society.
to give a meaning
to become full of value.

The start of a journey
becomes the experience
of holy sources.
As being an instrument
of books and sites.
being a source for others
to read.

A citizen of blue sky

As the secrets told by many scientists.
As the invisible words written by inventors.
As the drawing of an artist of high discovery.
As the symbol of a king long forgotten.

As a citizen in our humble society.
As a citizen on earth with education.
As a citizen learned in the holy scriptures and books.

A citizen, by law as allowed to write about
all different subjects. from science
to story, from discovery to experience.

A citizen not bound by contract,
may write about all important subjects.
Without giving false information,
without giving forbidden information.

As a citizen travelling through the
universe. as star trek travelling
the invisible roads of quantum travel.

As the citizens-standpoint is
to write and draw about all things,
but yet no forbidden information.
as a citizen reads the encyclopedia,
as a citizen reads the public knowledgde
and designing a book or drawing,
around the subjects of other places.
the subjects of other worlds.

The citizen, of all worlds,
flying by the act of getting words
in the centre of the heart.
the love of the soul.
As words draw to stories,
as stories draw to books,
and as a legacy of strange insights.
being a source of new sciences.

A citizen bound by new sciences,
written in the hands of an author.
Who judges the words without meaning.
As form gets meaning in the hands
of all the readers.

A citizen, living on earth,
but yet writing as an insight
in th heart, never leaving
the grounds of earth.

Symbolism and Geometry

As the realms in space,
ever after a veil of noise.

The noise of achronic energy
the noise of asynchronous timecount.
As data without meaning.

The symbolism translated in
the geometry to describe language.

The symbolism, meaning of new
words, new drawings,the
source of all sources.

As with language one describes
both feelings, thoughts, intents
actions and interaction.

As with symbols, one communicates
by the use of genuine intents.

As our languages on earth,
all translate to geometry,
and the geometry to symbols.
By the sequence one makes
meaning to life, life of
interaction and being place
in a society.

As symbols used to describe
the need of the moment,
the food for daily nourishing.
And the words to new discoveries.

The symbols, in space,
either by source, by goal,
by process or by living need.

The symbols in space,
bound by the instruments
of writing, telling, drawing, communication
The instruments, our hands at will
bound by the intents of our soul,
the thoughts of our minds,
the feelings of our body.

To translate the message of across boundaries
of space, the trillions of miles,
the lights of long forgotten stars.

To translate a source long ago
alife with many words and symbols.
As to understand a civilisation.
The part of a living universe.

Will all the words given by
a writer, derived from symbols,
be from a living society in space.
The hundreds of planets part of
a large system.

The diseases and conflicts ended
in serenity, virtue and the cooperation
of all combined spirits.

Searching and seeking for a
space civilisation, brings
the door to words, choosen,
and translated.

As a space civilisation
caught in words, caught in meaning.
This story as a living addition
to the story of faith.

As all languages in the hands
of the bright ones, all speak
in their mother language,
and translated to a meaning,
in the hands of an author.
Giving words to a story
of science fiction.

The moment of time

As time in our hands is like a moment that evolves each
moment as a second. and the experience of the
now and here, the experience of reality
is like a small path, which is like
each moment a step on the path of time

As we experience the moment of a second long,
and the moment keeps for a hundred years in
a good life.

There are many beings with another
experience of time.
As they might experience
a moment of a day long at each time
or a moment of a century long at a time
or an eon at a time.

Another side of it
the moment as a unique being,
as being a human, an animal or
even a higher being.

As the moment can be a second long
or unto an eon long,
and the moment being a single body
as an instrument unto the
awareness of observation of a
whole universe at each moment.

As we with a moment of a second
and the single body of two metres
and eighty kilograms
are compared to a small ladybird or ladybug
and creatures with a moment of a century
are like a sheep of dog.
and creatures with a moment of an eon
are like humans and intelligent lookalikes.

As creatures with a single body are
like being a single cell of a bacteria
and creatures with the awareness
of the universe or a large part of the
galaxy are like humans consisiting of
many cells, if you say each star-system
is a cell.

As the moment is unfolding each
second, and the body of two metres
and eighty kilograms
The moment and the awareness
are created by the Creator,
and as other religions name
the Creator at the beginning of
time or the world, this Creator
giving each moment is the All-Creator.

The All-Creator giving each moment
to all creatures in their length,
form and awareness.

This All-Creator,
gives our moment of a second long
and others of a century or eon long
and a single body, unto a large
part of the galaxy.

As our human moment
is a single second,
and that second as the total
of body, soul and as possible the mind.

This All-Creator being the source
of both time, and awareness
awareness of space, body and visibility

This All-Creator,
some say he is above time as a whole,
some say what is above him,
as being aware of the Creating Principle
is higher.

Symbols hidden in the sand of time

As in christianity the cross of christ is a symbol
used for depicting the support of Christ
by living and by work.

As in hinduism the omkara and the trishul are
symbols used to depict the support
of hindu gods.

As many symbols exist as being
geometry in a simple or harmonious

As all symbols used for religion
are by the grace of the godheads.

In the sands of time are a lot
of symbols hidden, waiting to
be by prayer given as a piece
of art to a individual.

The meaning of all hidden symbols
when written, painted or projected
is by experience in the daily
fashion while living.

A hidden symbol gives the secret
or sacred support of a godhead.

As all godheads when in their life
achieved their status, choosen
their symbols to show as a living
sign of their mercy and grace.

Therefore in prayer asking for
a symbol, who knows what
meaning, value it has.

Hidden symbols in the sand of time
waiting by prayer to be found,
and drawed by the artisan.

Angels with no name

As all religions with their godheads and angels
give all their adepts their plight and mercy.

As the religions have their rituals and prayers
to give effect to their life.

As the highest godhead has no name
and the highest angels have no name.

As angels without name, choose
theirselves what to do,
whom to save, and whom to give a message.

As the highest angels, with no name,
are being rightious, and honest.

For they watch the world and when
they see needed give an impuls for
a better future for one or more.

Angels with no name cannot be
compromised or damaged in their interest.

As in hinduism the godheads,
all with their names, and as their partners
the blessing of their support.

As in hinduism the highest angels
with no name, are gathered under the
reverenced one of Brahman.

As these highest angels,
some have the power to
influence the whole world,
or even parts of the milky way.

As these highest angels in hinduism
get their tasks and plight as
the highest principle guides
their actions and their intents.

Angels with no name,
always have their personal
tasks to reach heaven already

Otherwise they would need
a name to either bless or be punished.

Instruments of Time

All individuals on a normal society
use their free will to get what they want,
to care for their closeby,
and to have a job to feel proud.

All individuals with each wish
try to reach it and to feel being
succesfull with it.

All individuals in the far past,
were part of a religion or a faith.

In Hinduism the godheads were given
their instruments by the individuals
who wished for a better life.

As the individual in prayer
saying to be an instrument
for a godhead.
like Christ, Vishnu, or Gayatri.

They become an instrument
as the godhead fill their lives
with all kinds of blessings.

Some start companies of good
intents to serve society and humanity.

Others write books full of insight
and wisdom.

As a third one implements social
laws and constitution in the
goverment or global democratic organs.

Instruments no longer follow their
own wishes, but are in service
to a higher goal.

As for instruments, governed
by their godhead, get rest,
get income, get work, and
all other things at the right time.

As the godhead they serve is
of higher intelligence,
the lives of them are
with precise actions and prayers

The instruments of godheads,
in christianity called angels,
or saints.
in hinduism called incarnations
mahatmas, paramahamsa as well as other titles.

Being an instrument is a
goal of a higher cause.

Mankind everywhere

As we live on our little earth
as a small garden in the kingdom
of a vast couuntry, bound by form.

As we live on earth,
a small garden from a modal man
being watching his garden
every day.

As on earth, humans from
many colors and postures.
From black, white, different
facial expressions, from
large to small.

As in all times on earth
we grew from large to small
and backward.

From being endowed with
large muscles to slimbuilt.

As the vision on a universe
filled with many gardens
filled with our human race.

Some live for thousands of years,
others the length of a hundred,
and bad regions not even thirty.

The question is not are
they existing everywhere
but when will we contact,
or be contacted by
the vast human race in the

As some have airplanes
like ours, others
have vessels of uncommon view,
as well gates of immediate travelling.

Or the movie stargates,
the movie star trek,
or the uncommon views of a small
artisan, not knowing to be important.

As contact with fellow humans,
will they talk a language
close to latin, english, spanish
or esperatno.

Will they translate their meaning
to our ears, and our words.

How will contact look,
the interchange of technology,
the leisure of a vacation.
The social bonds of partners
uniting over billions of miles.

Will we have quarantaine to
ensure health safety.
Will there be interplanatary
cooperations giving blessings
in the kind of wealth.

Will there be a
change of health and social
giving health and inclusion of all
being part, of a good silver universe.

Roles upperside

As a world far away,
with some features to us unknown.

The first, a very wealthy family
with riches beyond our understanding.

Each couple of generations,
a single member is born,
with the special gift,
not to search for the highest income,
and not to ask high interest at loans.

But to use the money and savings
in his or her hand to spend
at philantrophy and the care for
the lower parts of civilisation.

All the rich family members
with high profits and even
taking the bread out of the mouth
of many even normal citizens.

This rich member, interested
in good deeds, the selfless love
to others, is named by the term
of peacekeepers.

As a signal of a family its
sometimes used to happen
once in a couple of generations
or centuries.

These peacekeeper to say
gives peace with the world.

As rich families sometimes
think normal people lacking
of skills have no consciousness
or no mindpower, or
not the gifts.

These peacekeepers differ
because they respect
all the people.

As the second term is the

a group in society which
is able to implement
decisions of very wealthy people
as they buy a special kind
of influence,
and the honeymakers
make it happen.

As the gameplay of a
person, making able
the wishes of the very rich

the group not known
and not seen many times.

If you order a special

they make it happen.

Space time water

As travelling on earth is through air and space,
travelling through the ocean is by space and water.
As travelling through space is lacking of both air and water.
As travelling at other methods is not yet visible.

If one would travel through space, one
is bound by the speed of light.
But there is a method, to travel

By travelling through the waters of space and time.
As one enters like jumping in the ocean,
and slowly moving to the destination.
And the journey is like slowly moving through
water substance.

Except it feels as slowly moving,
but when appearing at destination,
one is only a second later,
even when the journe would take
more than a hundred years in lightspeed.

Its called the waters of spacetime.
And even the feeling of slowly moving
is only relative.

By travelling through the spacetime water,
one can reach at easy level all the
so called planets with their existence
in the milky way or universe.

The technology to use spacetime water,
is not yet invented, and is above
the usual level of inventing new technlogy.

As to enter the spacetime waters,
is at any place possible.
As with water as fluid
their can be positions where
the entrance is easier,
than at other places.

As well at every point you
can leave the spacetime waters
without being dependable
on any prerequisite.


On earth we think of heaven, hell and flat surface.
As in heaven the pleasure of happiness
and hell being a living with suffering and pain.

As on earth some say, hell is on earth,
not below in another realm.

As on earth of some is said to be angels,
by their kindness and fullheartness.

As the vision of flying through the universe

I saw a world with many technologies,
from houses in large towers,
and all cars flying alongside.
And the blessing of many

As it looked as a world in science fiction,
i saw a tower with a large space or room inside it
were living beings were held, to artificialy
get their life energy.
Those beings lacked the existence of normal life
being meeting loved ones, having hobbys and
to have work or job for a living.

They were held in cubes and simple said
harvested for life energy. as it was
a closed facility run by machines.

I understood that the highest planets
still have a place of hell just in their

This making all worlds being endowed
with heaven, hell and the normal world.

As even on our flat earth we know
of different regions on our world,
making a living being both
suffering, content or with happiness.

This making the sense of living somewhere
else not very attractive as even they hold
all three in them.

Birth form

As all living beings endowed with intelligence
have a name, a form a society to be part of.
As all living beings are called by their
name to be in communication.

All living beings, normally keep their
birth name and only special reasons
may change it by grace of the queen.

As all being have their birth name
they have a birth form too.
The form made by conception
and birth and grows to adult
in the years of nurture.

As its forbidden to change name
without permission of the queen
its forbidden to to change
your form, or be changed form.

Therefore it would be forbidden
to change from human to a different
visible appearance.

As this is a spiritual law,
and not yet implemented or
possible on our world.

Therefore if persons would
change form, by slow or fast
transgression, it would
activate a law in the hands
of angels, possible in
religious hands.

Therefore a spiritual law
keeping humans being human
keeping birth form being birth form.


Universele mythes zijn altijd een onderwerp
van verhalen, van ver in de ruimte
tot onder het zee-oppervlak

Van verhalen over andere dimensies,
tot de basis van werelden die nooit
bestaan hebben.

Universele mythes in oude talen
tot talen die in het hoofd
van de schrijver bestaan.

Een mythe over een sterrenconstellatie
is het gebruik van stargates
die in films uitgebreidt wordt gebruikt.

Een stargate een mythe, immers nog niet
bij ons bekend.

Zoals zenuwen de bron zijn van prikkeloverdracht,
zo kan een grote zenuw die in het
fabrikaat van de werkelijkheid zit
als basis voor een technologie te benutten

De star gate, die op alle uiteinden van zenuwen
te plaatsen zijn, en net als bij biologische zenuwen
een codering hebben om hun prikkels door te geven.

Deze zenuwen zouden dan, enerzijds een
biologische samenstelling kunnen verwerken
of een maximum grootte en gewicht.

Biologische gezien, zou het alleen
prikkels kunnen doorgeven die verwant zijn
aan de fabrikaat eigenschappen.
Een tweede mythe die niet veel wordt
gezien, is de predispositie van
verschijningen in de omgeving.

Zo heeft een deja vu een betekenis dat
je als iets gebeurt het gevoel hebt
dit eerder meegemaakt te hebben.

De uitbreiding hiervan is dat,
beschreven door mensen in moeillijke
situaties, ze een figuur of menselijke
verschijning zagen (normaal uitgedost)

Die als het ware een voorspelling geeft,
van iets in de nabije toekomst.

Bij analyse kunnen overeenkomende
kenmerken worden gevonden.
Zoals een overeenkomende
identiteitskenmerk (zelfde persoon,
andere tijde, andere naam)

Een derde mythe, als ruimtereizen
mogelijk zou worden, dat er
bepaalde vormen ruimteschepen,
als een mythe worden gezien.

Immers zoals engelen op aarde,
soms mensen redden,
ze erna de engel kunnen beschrijven.

Deze ruimteschepen net als
een bepaalde vorm hebben.

verbaal beschreven,
een radius met ronde vorm.
van bovenaf gezien
een cirkel,
van de zijkant de cirkel ook
een vorm van ronde buis.
met of Zeven plekken
rondom een extra bol, die het middelpunt
in de buis heeft.

Van dat ruimteschip wordt
gezegd dat ook als het geen
leven bevat, een complete
antenne zou zijn.
Met een frequentie die
materia en kracht kan bewerken.

Een antenne bij ons,
elektriciteit en frequentien
in het normale spectrum kan doorgeven.
dat ruimteschip de frequentie
van de materie en zijn bron kan veranderen

Levens elixer

In een oord ver weg, een planeet met andere
koninkrijken, en technologie waar wij
van dromen.

Een koningshuis die op de top van hun leven
een aanbod kregen voor een levenselixer

Zeven ampullen en na de zevende leeft
men biologisch gezien voor eeuwig.

De ampullen, iedere onderdeel werkt
als een soort vaccin tegen slijtage
en tegen biologische zwakheid.

De prinses die deze elixer aangeboden kreeg
was met medelijden naar het volk
een jongen van twaalf jaar met een
ongeneeslijke ziekte, die binnen een half
jaar fataal zou zijn verkreeg haar

Zelfs met een ampul van dit elixer
zou hij genezen en een goed leven kunnen

De prinses, zou met een ampul minder
niet eeuwig leven, en ook niet langer
dan een normaal leven.

Een moeillijke beslissing om
een ampul in te leveren
voor een jongen met een
ongeneeslijke ziekte.

Donkere materie communicatie

Zoals in de ruimte een grote verscheidenheid aan
soorten samenlevingen bezitten.

Zoals in de ruimte de ene samenleving een halve planeet
heeft en een andere honderd planetenomspant.

Zoals in de ruimte communicatie
via licht gaat maar toch langzaam is.

zoals in de ruimte communicatie
via elektronen kan maar toch energie vergt.

Zo is er in de ruimte een communicatiemedium
die beide zwakheden niet kent.

Dit communicatiemedium bestaat uit
een centrale bron van een zon of solar orb groot
die van een bepaalde materiele formule is

Zowel quantum als donkere materie als eigenschappen
heeft, en door deze bron de binding kan leggen
met alle items die willen commmuniceren.

Deze bron als materie die vergeleken met andere
communicatievormen een soort server is.

Iedere item, in fase kan trillen
en kan binden aan deze bron.

En zoals een server de boodschap opvangt
en naar een andere item stuurt.

Een item natuurlijk beide dezelfde materie
kent, maar ook verbonden moet worden aan de bron.

De technologie onbekend is,
maar wel bijna zeker bestaat.

Zouden wij op aarde een item hebben
zouden wij contact met vele rijken in de
ruimte kunnen hebben.

Een bron die zo groot als een ster of zon is.
en vele items die door deze communicatie
met elkaar contact krijgen.

America and Europe

As a country far away,
a sailing journey from europe to america
as a journey for months on sea.

A sailing journey with a destination
of a dream, a paradise filled with gold.

The sailing from a thousand miles away.
With a ship of a hundred men.

In the america ground,
a new folk awaiting.
a folk of green eyes and
red hair.

A new folk with a green eye
and a red hair, as all looked alike

They said, our green eyes share all
the same kind of mind and spirit.

And the red hair is we all share the
ground of our folk.

As they share the same mind,
they are all endowed with basic
personality, and with stable emotions
as both evil and vice rooted out.

As they have all red hair,
food is all healthy by their
inborn taste.

We sailed from europe to america
and found this new folk.

As their time of war is long forgotten
past, their defense was operated by
an automatic defense system,
being activated by voice.

as their time of war was long forgotten
they had the peace as little children have
as they are protected by parents and have the
spontaneity of early youth.

As the painting of a new specie,
our humans alike, and with human features
yet different by the other culture.
and the language not spoken


Een volk ver in de ruimte,
waar een beschaving ook de kenmerken heeft
die wij ook kennen, met enkele verschillen.

Zo wordt als er een nieuw kind wordt geboren,
gekeken of hij levenswil heeft.

Vanaf de geboorte kent een kind van dat ras
de handeling om levenswil aan te spannen
net als wij ons omhoog zouden houden
in de lucht.

Nog voor zij leren lopen,
leren ze de levenswil spannen.

Dat volk kent bij alle zogenaamde mensen
een extra vermogen. waarmee zij elkaar
kunnen beinvloeden.

De meest primaire uiting ervan is de levenswil
die de persoon in leven houdt ook bij slecht weer
of tegenstand van anderen.

Deze vorm van wilsbesluit of spanning
houdt ook in of ze een bepaalde mate
van openheid hebben, dat ook onvoorspelbaar
of zonder verwachting dingen kunnen gebeuren

of dat ze door hun wil erop te richten
kunnen bepalen hoe anderen reageren of handelen
Waardoor ze eigenlijk vooraf bepaald zijn
en niet groeien of open staan in onbekende mate.

Deze soort vanwege deze mogelijkheid,
kan dus hun omgeving beinvloeden.

Als voorbeeld dat als individuen in de omgeving
hun wil richten om diegene iets te laten doen
of erger nog een ongeluk moet krijgen
door de primaire variant levenswil
deze dingen kan voorkomen en afweren.

Deze wil kan natuurlijk als we hem vertalen
ook een vorm van telekinese inhouden
voorwerpen laten vliegen, veranderen
druk zetten en anderen aanzetten tot handelingen.

Als voorbeeld een mens kan een toetsenbord bedienen
zowel de tekens begrijpen, letters, als een volgorde intoetsen
om een bepaald resultaat te krijgen
een brief die gestuurd kan worden, per email.

Vragen we aan een aap om dat te doen,
die kent wel eenvoudige symboleen
maar kan hiermee geen brief sturen.

Zo is dit vermogen te gebruiken
door zijn manier van beinvloeding.

Een eenvoudige manier is druk zetten
telekinetisch om een hendel over te halen

En ingewikkeld om een computer telekinetisch
een reeks opdrachten te geven om zelfs
telekinetisch een brief in te voeren digitaal
en op te sturen. elektronishc gezien.

Deze vorm van telekinese en de mogelijkheid ertoe
kan dus van simpel tot ingewikkeld worden
en aanvoelen alsof het een leren fietsen is
zoals bij kinderen.

Zoals het vasthouden van de levenswil
het leven laat voortduren levend,
en het loslaten onvoorspelbaar
ook mogelijk het leven schaadt of eindigt

In het verlengde hiervan,
als ze deze telekinetische vaardigheid hebben,
het meestal op korte afstand is
zoals het communicerne en praten met
geliefden, familie of werk
en zoals het bellen met verre familie
of vrienden eigenlijk alleen als ze echt
veraf bekenden hebben. immers anders hebben
ze geen binding om dat te doen.

Dus doelbewust communiceren over verre afstand
is niet gebruikelijk en zou hee zeldzaam zijn.

Immers als mens stuur je geen postpakketje
naar een ander werelddeel als je geen bestemming
kent of hebt.

En zoals met alle bekende manieren van
communicatie zijn er regels.
Zoals je bij ons ook niet een produkt bestelt
uit het buitenland zonder import, btw en
inklaring van de doane.

Form Expression

An impression of a fairy tale of space
being a vessel not being used by persons
but as an atenna coping with the fabric
of space and reality.

As an antenna able to range all
frequencies from radio, light,
to matter.

A fairy tale as even when it has been
sighted all species in the universe
have no certainity of it.

A fairy tale being the source of
many myths as in the mouth
of the greek authors writing
about Zeus, Athene and the temples.

As the description of the form is
a circle made of a tube being
round formed itsef

With the spheres of round ones
being at four to seven sides.

With the ratio of the tube round
as being with four metres
and the spheres of three quarter metre.
and the diameter of the tube also
being half a metre

With the metal and hull looking as
being made of stainless steel

Preliminary steps

As children have to learn both the language and the other
fields of science.

As children are to be raised for acting selfdependent
and to be able to work and have a function in the society

As to ask why do they not get all answers to all
the exams they make, is to have them learn by heart
how to cope with science.

As the children on the playfield may do what they
wish to do, to relax and to get energy for education

Saying they ought to have the answers to all
questions in education, and at the playfield
they have to get very expensive toys and
even to play with costly cars and ships.

As we know children to learn at their own
pace and in their time. as well each
lesson is a small step in the growth
of their intelligence.

And to divert from it, is by insight of
the teacher and the insight of the
authors of all the schoolbooks.

As well when a child gets a bad
grade on an exam, you do not say
he may still continue at the level
because he likes it. no the grade
gives access to a higher or lower level.

As star trek is the theme that every specie
may grow at their pace and level, and not
to be intervened by visible star trek ships.

So this rule may be applicable to us
as humanity too.

To learn to have a peacefull society,
a worldwide working together
and a sciencefield open to all.
and no conflicts anymore.

We will have to learn to be
at entrancelevel before we get
contact with higher milky way.

We will have to reach the level
of education for mankind before
we are being contacted.

As well the problem of diseases,
we donĀ“t want to get contagious diseases
and to be protected the science
will have to develop before we would spread
ours to the universe.

As we are longing for the step to space,
we will have to learn to be independent.


Ik was in een koninkrijk ver weg en er zou een
nieuwe koningin komen.

De vorige koningin was zoals bij iedere troonwisseling
al op lange leeftijd.

Zoals de mensen in het volk de koning en koningin
vertrouwen vanwege de goede regering en bestuur.

Zo heeft iedere koning en koningin een speciale
functie en een speciaal vermogen.

Zo is de ene koningin begiftigd met
het vermogen om met grote precisie
als een soort voorzicht te zien
of iemand, een groepering of groter
een afwijkende wettelijke uiting heeft.

Dit resulteert dan in dat zij
met deze voorzicht de grootste misdrijven
voor was.

Een andere koning die zijn regeerperiode
met succes begon had een vermogen
om van alle zaken waar hij bij betrokken
was, kennis te verkrijgen.
Zelfs als er zaken toevallig op zijn pad
kwam had hij al de benodigde kennis
om er goed mee om te gaan.

Een andere koningin,
had als het ware de stemmen
van haar voorouders bij haar in de buurt
die ook haar de succesvolle rol
van koningin gaven.

Zo had in dat oord iedere koning of koningin
een speciaal vermogen waardoor zij boven
de wet mochten staan en het land een goede
richting op gaf.

Immers de ene koningin kon grote zaken voorzien
maar ook ongelukken voorkomen, bij voorbeeld
als een kind door vreemden was geroofd
dat soms door de koningin een toevallige redding

Zo heeft ieder koningshuis ook een andere binding
in religieus opzicht.

De ene koningin vroeg alles aan de prins der engelen
Aartsengel Michael.

De andere koning vroeg alles aan de almacht
en de derde vroeg bij alles Christus om raad

Zoals het alle drie landen waren die gelijkwaardig
waren, kende iedere bestuurder zijn eigen bron.

Form factor vessels

Decentraal ruimte-locatie

Zoals een gpsnetwerk vele auto's
van de vertrekadres naar de bestemming leiden.
gps bestaat uit een kaartensysteem en een
binding met locatiebron. zoals satellieten

Zoals een gps-netwerk ook gebruikt kan worden
om data afhankelijk te maken van zowel locatie
afstand en de kosten ervan.

Bedenk nu een apparaat van zeven centimeter
die zowel een locatiecomputer heeft,
als een signaalprocessor die met een geleide
laser straal een geometrische abstractie kan vormen.

Bedenk nu dat deze zeven centimeter ook een drie centimeter
kamer heeft, waar met de juiste ingredienten
de core kan worden gerepliceerd.

Deze spacelocator kan volgens
geleide random in de ruimte worden losgelaten
en met grote snelheid het ruimte-continuum doorkruist
Bij aanraking met objecten kan het materie
herkennen en hun ingredienten opvangen.

Deze spacelocator, door de laser en geometrie
de onderliggende ruimtekaart in kaart brengt.
En door de random route, altijd gebieden
in kaart brengt en als locatie vastlegt.
Om waar dan ook de ruimteschepen
door de abstracte kaart van elkaar scheidt
in zowel locatie,astand, coordinaat en richting.

Bij een ruimtekaart denk je aan de nul-coordinaat
bij tweedimensionaal als de x en y.

Aangezien dit een random route heeft,
en een ruimteschip zich wil localiseren
is het een decentraal locatiemiddel

Waarbij er geen nul-coordinaat is,
en ook geen vastliggende route,
of vastliggende rangorde.

Waarbij deze technlogie bruikbaar
is en door duizenden van deze apparaatjes
te verspreiden, abstract gezien

Een netwerk van locatie- in de ruimte.

small kernals

As the technlogy of small kernals is the summum of technology
both by size and by function.

A small kernal hava several function

They can fly at light speed because of their mass.
They can alter the fabric of reality by
the use of molecule bonding.

They can be used for both good and bad functions
as they have both action and awareness functions.

As small kernals can be used,
they have the size of an atom-kern.

As they are as big as an atom,
and might give light, they are only
seen by a dot, as all living beings
on earth and in the universe cannot
give a place to such an item.

As picturing a small dot on a
rembrandt painting. No one wonders
why or how its there as it looks
like a wrong dot of paint.

The small kernals can have function
to study worlds and planets.

As its the highest kind of technology
its not discovered with the eye
and even antenna's do not have it in

As these kernals by their size are
not dependent on energy, information
or algorithms on the places they investigate.

As these kernals are built they cannot be
damaged with the normal technology on
the planets they investigate.

As these kernals are as big as a
small core of an atom they are bound
only by the codes of their Creators.

As they are small enough not to be seen
they are not addressable by all civilisations
they appear in.

Photonic Life

As we always regard both technology, life and its uses
as being made from materials, from iron, to calcium and
the use of energy being electronic or gas or gasoline.

As living beings all have a body and functions
of moving, interpreting and either taking or giving.

As light being the source of vision, perception
and the coordination of the body and its features.

As light is to be perceived by the senses,
and by the eyes in the body.

Light itself is looked at being not-independent
not-intelligent and not-active.

As light can be a living being itself.
As one particle, as i name them photons
even when different than the photons
of scientific description.

One photon being intelligent,
as being endowed with both perception
and action.

One photon being a body and instrument
of a light soul.

One photon being the body of an
intelligent being.

As humans operate and live with
their body these photons do as well.

As these photons have a life as well
no one knows their purpose their
society their habits and uses.

As they exist they cannot be
comprehended by bodies far larger
than theirs.

force fields

As force fields on earth are not yet available
and the technology is still to be dreamt of.

As force fields are like having a barrier
but instead of rocks its from invisible matter.

As there are two kinds of forcefield
one the static one, being balanced and stable
by function in time and space

The second kind is dynamical and can
be altered by integration of operation.

The second kind is invisible by by
altering and giving a scheme it
can be operated as having like a
computer beamer with a projected image.

The force fields,
the static one can be used from having
a planetary shield to the use
for art as a mould or form factor.

And the dynamical can be used for
all kinds of applianced from
the door at your home being invisble
to the artisan having each creation
being unique.

The force fields by matter are not
yet discovered but for sure its
a step into the future of living.

Lingua Franca

As on earth many languages based on seven root languages
are used for communication.

Communication of life and happenings,
guiding every men woman and child
to be part of their society.

As some words look or sound alike in
different languages.

And etymology sometimes give
two words the same meaning.

As religiously said
Deus, Zeus, Deva
are more or less the same expression
but sound alike in different

To speak about a race capable of
speaking a thousand languages
use the kind of root language
making all languages appear as
speech or writing.

When the root language is learned
by heart, one speaks all languages
being derived of it.

And at the easiness of a
figure of speech one understands
all dialects and is able to
speak them at the right place.

As the root language,
on earth has seven roots
and able to form as dialects
a hundred ones.

By the same idea in space
one speaks a thousand ones
and with eaze can switch
between a many likes of it.

As one knows that deus zeus
and dewa sound almost alike
or are written alike
one by the use of the heart
understands all the languages
if the root language is learned

Learning on earth the root language
one can travel around the world
and everywhere understand all people
and is able to communicate
about every subject at hand.

A thousand languages,
a thousand messages
just to learn the stars
shining in space.

As the example of a
freudian expression
when one makes a error
in writing or speech
an intuitive lost memory
of a lost word meaning
something else.
in a language not known.

Vaucan the Billionaire

As the billionaire Vaucan made a
living library of all culture, tradition
and religion together with sciences.

As he collected all paperbooks
avaialable of all currentday writers
as well literature of the past.

As he collected all written sciences
with both examples and technology
guided papers, explaining how to make.

As he collected photo's of all artisans
and their creations, from rembrandt
to modernistic and simplistic art.

As he collected specimen of all
animals, with a dna sample ready
for inter-searching.

As he collected all sciences
with their written papers of
their inventors, as well a
the guidance to discover out
of ground or source.

As he collected all
expensive things being important
and gave them a place.

As he made a library
and divided in two pieces
one as a museum for the world
for getting an insight in
his search and seek for speciality

and the other piece he guarded in
concrete, steel and high security
for the upkeep for far future.

As to have a library of
living, life and past for
the far future is a signal
and sign for how life is
worth for all living beings.

This second library is somewhere
on our planet, and is kept hidden
by the tresury of a billionaire.

As the joke of today
many books, texts, are kept safe
for a desert in the future getting
a raincloud of wisdom giving
the flowers of Brahman their spring
fountain of silent meditation

Katvanger catcatcher

As on a kingdom far away they had no forcefields
as gravity there was not fluctuating which is the source
of the creatures ably to change gravity.

These creatures by fluctuating gravity,
as a selfdefense are able cancel or nullify

As these creatures looked like a reptile with
feet in round sphere as to see.

A katvanger as a technology is able to
immediately travel at lightspeed
and at touching an object uses its atom bonds
to delete all molecular bonds and thereby
destroying it without a large reaction.

These katvangers were used when longdistance
were opposing them.

As to see them being active were seen as
small light bulbs in the size of a baseball.

As its an automatic defense force,
its using a energy form that is onetime
and is replenishable.

As it looks like a softballbulb of orange
light and when it hits it takes the
opposing object away without any danger
of either damage or composits.

Children of Earth

As on earth living around 5 billion of people
and are spending their days with searching
to fullfill their wishes.

As those 5 billion are living of oxygen
water and matter.

As by gravity they are able
to both act and rest
to understand and to be in doubt.

As those people share the air
for living.

As we are called the children of earth
as all people able for language and
communication understand.

If we would travel to far away
leaving even the shine of the sun far
behind us.

As we escape gravity and air,
will we have intelligence,
understanding if we would not be connected
to the field and sphere of earth

As we are not connected to earth
will we have feelings, will we have intuition
And what meaning does instinct have when
not able to breath fresh air, see the sun shining.

A vivid doubt will intelligence be broken
altered or deformed when we loose our
contact with the solar system.

Children of Earth are depending by moment
to moment on this bond with Earth as Mother
and as Nurture.

As we know all animals are bound by the
intelligence of earth to their task and place
in the ecosystem and hierarchy.

As the birds fly thousands of kilometrs
and fish are by flock swimming in microseconds
in phase.

What is the human bond to have a society
a society with most of them a place
for living, work, relationship and the
quest for sunlight and a goal.

As human leave earth,
will they stall in their feelings.
Will they have war and conflict without the earthly gravity
Will they recognize others without the earthly consciousness

The children of Earth,
In deep space our source will change
And what difference wil it Create
in our life, body, goal and purpose.

And will intelligence without the symbolic
gravity change.

Children of the Sun

As on earth we all are Children of Earth.
and with our life we spend a purpose a new goal.

As we live and search our wishes to come true.
And we either get a job, a living or dependin on others.

We learn in youth to be part of society and to
fullfill all obligations.

As we learn about literature themes and how a life
is lived at certain ideals.

We learn about our society, history tradition
and the interest of the mighty ones.

As we learn about life-question and to read
about it in philosophy books.

We get an educational period to learn a job
or to earn a lifetask.

As Children of Earth our feet are on earth
and daily remembering us about life and its
hardships. and even with a party with its liqour
the next day we are back in life and its struggle.

Children of the Sun, are not only bound by body
but bound by soul. as its the force being
spontanious and being open minded.

As Children of the Sun we live as being
bound not by thought not by mind but
the life force coming to view as living
the instrument purely in reality.

The Children of the Sun live as
with heart and soul and spend their days
some as being without goal,
some as being without prediction.

The Children of the Sun,
as the view they look as normal people
as their face and beauty may be standard
or in range.

The Children of the Sun,
some are with Cum Laudde grades,
others are infame with low grades.

As The Children of the Sun,
their purpose is not bound by earth,
as well not by all the actions in total
But as with reason without reason.
As with purpose not described.

The Children of the Sun
Spontanious, Open hearted and with
a wisdom without figure or speech.

As The Sun warms society,
they by choice have a function in favor
of giving earth a warmness of the sun
not by light but by life.

Bouwheren van het Universum

De bouwheren van het universum die van planeet tot planeet reizen
Die overal net als bij de grondslag van de aarde
zowel licht als water zijn plaats gunnen.

Die de dierenrassen op de gron en in de lucht zowel het water
hun plaats bieden.

De planeert die door zijn straling al het levende vasthoudt.
De lichten des daags en des nachts vasthoudt
en zowel plant als prooi zijn periode gunt.

De klok van het leven dat generatie na generatie
het leven opnieuw voortbrengt.

De bouwheren van het universum, die van de eerste tijd en planeet
tot in het einde hun bouwstaf gebruiken om alles het bestemde
te geven.

De bouwheren die met de meetlat de planeten op volgorde leggen
en hun contact met elkaar verbroederd als een klok
die in de avond slaat.

De bouwheren, die met onbedachte vorm, en onbekend uiterlijk
hun werk doen, en soms nederig de tijden vragen hun
daden openbaar te maken en hun taal en rekenkunde in de
werelden te leggen.

De bouwheren die onze aarde ook in maat en meetkunde hebben
bereidt als de zeven dagen uit de bijbelse mythologie
en als de periode om leven uit een zaadje voort te brengen.

Alleen een kundig bouwheer kan uit een zaadje de boom
verkrijgen, immers het leven als een puzzel in elkaar past
en bij een fout al het schilderij niet meer tonen.

De bouwheren die van heel vroeger hun taak deden,
en geen naam kennen, maar hun daden als paswerk
in de universums inweven.

Maatschappelijk onlusten

Zoals op aarde we soms maatschappelijke onlusten hebben,
Als er ongelukken zijn met gediscrimineerde mensen
of als er opzettelijk een volksverzet plaatsvindt.

Als we kijken naar een fictieve wereld die allianties
heeft met andere planeten en allemaal zijn ze in oorsprong
begifitigd met intelligentie en door spraak ze toch
kunnen samenwerken en samenleven.

Nu is er een wereld waar er diplomatie is tussen
deze soorten, en een groep van dertig diplomaten

Omdat het gewone volk nogal snel opzettelijk
hun resentiment uit, en deze diplomaten
dus herhaaldelijk doelwit zijn geweest,
moesten ze zelfs door gewapende bewaking
steeds beschermd worden.

Wat dus op aarde soms gebeurt
en in de ruimte bij de verscheidenheid
van volkeren veel zwaarder kan gebeuren.

Maatschappelijke onlusten in de ruimte
bij meerdere soorten wezens dus veel
erger kunnen zijn dan alleen het op
aarde verschil van zwart, blank en rood
of andere kenmerken.

Human bodies

As on earth we have our human body
capable of living on earth
with oxygen, vegetable or meat food,
and the use of water to cleanse body
and to add to the body's needs.

As our human body lives
maximum at hundred years,
and needs yearly attendance
of medical care,
be it gp, dentist or other.

As to be suspected
we as humans have a cheap body.
Because of all vulnerabilities,
and because of our shortage of being

Suspect living beings in space,
to have bodies,
without diseases, without
needs of addiction.
With the use of regenerating
and curing all illnesses without

Suspect these bodies to be dependent
on life span of a thousand years or more.

Able to live on oxygen and some of them
living on sun or solar light.
like having a solar panel on their body

As in each life, when attending
the instrument in the right way,
healthy with good intents and care,
next life on receives a better body or instrument
with more happiness, less diseases wounds or alike.

For example capable of living five hundred years,

as when one attends in the wrong way
next life on receives a body only thirthy years
and each year quelled with many suffering.

A story about instruments.

As humans we have bodies,
as its a gift of mother earth to
the soul, who searches for god,
to have a chance of fullfilling
the quest.

Command Control Centre

We were a county from far away
the alliances of twenty planets
and three stars.

We were a county from far away
the silver rings of billions citizens
And the silver rings of factories
creating more than we use.

We were a county from far away
The rings around the solar orb
as habitable cruise ships
just for living a luxery life.

We were a county from far away
the rings each were guarded with a
command control centre

We were a county from far away
we used the centres as voice-operated
with command spoken to free from
unknown danger.

We were a county from far away
we lost memory of the times of war
we lost memory of the crude times

We were a county from far away
we have an alliance still to save
from peril of unknown origin.

We were a county from far away
we are the specie of long lines
and portals billions of travelling
the ships of the stars.

We were a county from far away
the command control centres
just to save from the things we
not foresee, not to foretell
As children we have our peace,
long forgotten the adult treats.

As chidren we lost our conscience
of war, danger, evil and vice.

As children we are protected
by the command control centres
operated by voice commands.

Toucend telepathy

We all stand on ground,
the groud of gravity, earth and air.

We all stand on ground,
as gravity pulls down,
our feelings merge with the soul of Earth.

some call her the goddess, the mother
or the source of intuition.

As mother Earth,
connected to our feelings,
merges our feelings with a small part
of het meaning.

As this layer of feelings,
not only the basic emotions
are able to give a kind of knowledge
as this feeling layer

sensed as information in a language
every being on earth understands.

sensed as information in a language
giving meaning to all subjects
given sight.

Telepathy through the mind,
opposed by information
of the feeling layer.

As this language spoken,
by those using the feeling layer.

As this language is about
society, about goverment
about virtue and faith.

As this language is about
how to have worldpeace,
how to care for the sick and elderly
how to give life to poverty
and to create the longlasting life.

This language, is spoken as a
receiver of information.
As its mother Earth giving
her sight as insight.

As its mother Earth governing
this layer of feeling.

As we humans are children
of both sun and earth.

The sun as source of the soul
and the earth as source of the human body.

we are not only nourished by food
but by the living awareness of
sun and earth.

The sun giving joy of life
Earth granting knowledge of life.

As the bond with earth and sun
shares the bond of every specie
with their homestead.

Energy compliant

I saw a light bulb travelling from the stars
about a light year in several forms
and the use of just one tennisball
in energy.

I saw the light bulb flying,
as a small dot of light
at distance a moving star
and from close by just a ball
used for playing.

This light bulb,
as a tennis ball big
a kind of energy given
to the destination
as a years vault of needs.

This light bulb flying at
light speed, and damaging none
while passing by.

It had a thousand kilovolts
and a million amperes
just to serve the energy needs.

It reached its destination
and served its goal.

To serve an alliance of planets
and an age of reason.

to give all planets,
their daily need,
and just one bulb
for a year of luxery.

This kind of energy
close by to invent.
a distant future
with all the needs met.

Energy dimension

I saw a dimension without visual proof.
I saw a dimension by the proof of symbolism.

This dimension as a two layered line
a flat surface filled with a painting of blue and red.

The blue color was just a repellant
and the red color was a line of holding energy.

As this dimension, held a spiders web of color
These colors making a universe of energy sources.

Above the universe with planets on all places,
and their composition on a spacemap of knowledge

We connected this dimension to its three dimensions
and at every planet we drawed a line, from red
to color red from the centre planet to
all those on the map.

The red line, was giving its energy as a canal
or river transporting water.

Even the energy moving at normal speed,
and the extra dimensions giving its radiance.

We draw a spiders web of red in the blue dimension
and all the red lines deliver energy at the planets
we had an alliance with.

This extra dimension a flat surface,
the source of all energy needss.
As a spring fountain through
pipes giving the need of water
to all the houses.

This dimension a spidersweb giving energy
To planets far away, with an invisible
kind, but just the proof.


There was somewhere on this little planet,
a couple of centuries ago.

A small hospital in a french speaking country.
It was a medieval civilisation and all were
working in the field of corn and wheat.

The small hospital, one child of nine years old
A small girl, who had a standard check up for an unknown
kind of disease.

As she wished for a device, to heal and to restore.
Health within a click on a device, in one minute being

As a nurse found the device ready in an unused room,
a locker for the things needed out of sight.

The nurse did not know of any computer, any device
as this world was in the veil of medieval kind.

The nurse found the device, the child saw her prayer
coming true. As the device was with a kind of
size and form, and when activated even hovered and floated
above ground about thirty centimeters.

The device was sixt centimeters high, and twenty wide.
This device capable of healing and restoring.

As this device, as with all precious things,
end up in a museum, a wealthy place, or forgotten
in a locker of a hospital.

This nurse, clicked and played with this device
and the small girl was in front of it.
As suddenly a beam took her intelligence
and made her retarded.

This device capable to bless and to curse,
As the girl was never heard of again.
And the nurse probable continued work.

As this device, as we dream of,
will it be in a home of a very rich person,
Will it be in the hands of a technology company
creating antidote's
Will it be in the hands of emperor,
restoring his power.

Peacekeeper II

There was on a world far away,
a large distance keeping the meaning away.

As this world,
may it be eons of travelling and
times of counting the billions of years.
The worlds were fame and glory were
the standard means. and the riches were
all to be, every day the glance
of gold to eat, silver to drink
the diamonds as streetsides.

There were rich families,
having billions of gold
and bank accounts with tens of
percentages of profit.

these rich families,
were not scared for their
existence, and were with might.
They had nothing to do,
except having the blessing
of an eternal party.

The nicest girls on the planet,
were pouring their drinks,
and were giving food.

As these nicest girls,
miss universes of all times
did the garden, cleaned up
and were ever polite.

These families existed for
a thousand years, and had no
difficulties in life.

As the word tells, a peacekeeper,
is a meaning only known to them.

As all these families,
built up their riches,
and used the creme of the world
for their satisfaction.

the word peacekeeper,
is a person born in one of these families
nurtured and grown up in the use of money
the bank accounts of billions,
and the nicest girls giving drink and food.

This peacekeeper as a single person,
having compassion with the world,
having compassion with those who fight
even for a penny a day.

This peacekeeper, not touched by
the riches and the gold,
but with not with envy to their own riches
and different as the golden heart
in the midst of the mighty.

This peacekeeper,
when reaching responsability.
when reachin the independence of life.

This peacekeeper,
granting a foundation the light of life,
the use of sharing riches with those in need.

This peacekeeper,
bought of all debts of the countries in danger,
thereby those countries were safe again.

This peacekeeper,
started a foundation,
world wide, to grant a small allowance for
those who had poverty.

This peacekeeper,
started a foundation,
building hospitals in the poorest
of all nations, just to grant healthcare.

This peacekeeper,
used his money wisely, to grant the world
a new time.

This peacekeeper,
a word only known when one arises.
And a word, for those in the richest families
creating a difference in a world full of
those fighting for their lives.

As one of the richest families,
was offered for a person a new life.
to carry the soul and spirit
to a new boy of three years old.

As this person bought with a billion
this new life, and was disappointed
as he hear his memory would get lost.

As he entered the new life,
he had no bond with life before,
therefore not being part of his own
family, was obliged to live
as a normal citizen.

Therefore buying a new life,
is not always giving the happy times
one is longing fore.

Peacekeeper III

As the third peacekeeper,
a nice novel about which to write,
a word to a new meaning as a myth from
far ago.

There was a child of space britannica,
a boy of four years old, as a young hero
asking for a mission far away.

A soldier first class with identity erased,
like a real agent on a mission.

He had to intervene the tsaristic regime
to ask threee questions the child of old russia.

As without identity he got lost,
no one heard of him, and the royal family
still searching.

The second a small child of space netherlands
he was very depressed and sad,
he said i am in grieve i cannot be part
of parties, luxery, not being a positive person
as these times, the blessing of enjoying life
is not pure. Religion even at young age
ask for a very serious time. As the queen asked him
to join the family, as to be part of his hereditary
the royal family and the times.

This prince stepping up in the car,
to join the families party.
And among the way,whichever reason or source,
left the car and was not anymore seen
This dutch prince, being sad, was lost as in
a car accident.

The third one was a space country
were the prince was left in a
place full of elephant bones,
and the two agents leaving him there
to die and to suffer.
As no one knows where this third prince
is living.

As gaudi on earht is a artisan of buildings
in space a esteemed king and ruler of a country
in wealth, a king of wisdom loosing his son.

As the prophecy is this son will be the emperor
of a new nation, of twenty planets and more.
As he is sought everywhere.

As some other stories

The prince in space wanting to
live the life on a medival world,
and was debating to have a little device
carrying the soul without the need of
windows or concrete to save the soul
as this soul was lost.

As well an agent used for living
in a virtual world to see when religion
would be effective, he would live
from ancient times of dinosaurs
to the modern world. and he in the skin
of the dinosaur, was not very happy as
when a life even in a virtual world
would be more than thousand years not very
good. As he was brought to a modern human world.

As well one prince at four years
heard the agents near talking about
an incident with this prince as victim.

As well another prince was
very verbally and herassed others
by speech, and was taken away.

Crop circles

An uncommon kind of artistic view on the surface of earth,
as crop fields are wherever grain feeds both the animals
and humans.

Crop fields, obvious with wheat, with corn, with all kinds
of grain.

We see crop fields in amercia, in england in the netherlands
as crop fields when its harvesting time,
some farmers see area's with bended grain.

When little airplanes fly over it,
they see geometrical figures and symbols.

As they fly over it, all crop fields
share a certain quality, making it possible
to see its as a complex geometry.

To make photo's as sometimes is done,
and to give it as a meaning at the internet.
both to show its geometrical beauty
and to show its scarcity.

These cropcircles, existing in cropfields
are more than just a artistic impression.

To see these crop circles as a kind of message,
if to know, they are on earht so possible
mother earth has a method of creating these.

These crop circle all are like the logo of
a company. as in our world all companies
both have a name, and a logo, the logo to
immediately recognize them.

As all these crop circles are like the logo
not of a company but a certain use of theme.

if possible the crop circle of the united nations
or the united nasa would be similar to their logo.

These crop circles are like symbols representing
the logo of certain theme's

As all theme's are not yet known, by their
purpose, possible influence.

To use these crop circles, pick one you like
and put it as art, (printed) in your home
or company. and watch the months going on.
And look what change in your life or life
of those nearby have.

Crop circles not as random art, but as
a choosen form of letting geometry give
its radiance.

Instance Journeys

As we on earth when we travel
is by foot, by bicycl, by car or
by train.

As well we travel by boat or airplane.

As we can plan a trip from start
to finish, destination
by looking up in a worldmap,
roadmap or the use of a
navigator in the computer.

We as we travel and arrived
is easier to do the trip again
as we know the road,
the scenery and the decisions on
the way to it.

Now suppose we have a astart and finish
and when we arrive make a image of the place.
as well of the start.

Now next time, you sense the image to
the computer, and by a portal you
immediately arrive.

Now this without portal but
as easy as a thought, you
can travel this kind.

All images you have in your memory,
by travel of your own,
are usuable for travelling.

As we travel by this kind,
we would never after the first trip
need to travel again.

As the difference of travelling by foot
all the villages and cities nearby,
and changing the vehicle to
the train and bus.

This kind of travelling as
easy as thinking of the destination,
and travelling without timelapse.

As this kind of journey,
needs a technology not yet known
but will in the far future be possible.

As it needs unknown science,
there is no dat or year when it
would be available.